987 Communication

Wang Wei looked at the auspicious signs around the world. He noticed that people who use alternative methods of proving the Dao do not have large visions that cover an entire World Community.

However, such a minor fact did not change much. On the contrary, he was glad it was as such. Otherwise, some people might have already detected all the visions originating from the Myriad Emperor World.

The world was still in a state of recovery, so Wang Wei wanted it to remain anonymous for a while.

Tong Ruobing's sermon was about to begin, so he did the same thing he did for Xu Shi. He disconnected everybody from the Dream World and left a clone to listen to the sermon. He also used his power to allow people like Origin One and Wang Ju to listen to the sermon while they were far away. Meanwhile, his actual body continued training in the Qi Room.

The sermon lasted three years before Tong Ruobing stopped. Afterward, she headed to the Great Talisman City to leave a clone while she returned to the Star Beast World.

Heavenly Court:

Wang Wei's clone opened his eyes and exhaled. "I've finally completed the new version of the Origin Cultivation System."

After listening to all these sermons and along with a few other ideas from people in this generation, he finally finished updating the cultivation system.

'Should I reveal it now or wait until the next court meeting?' pondered Wang Wei for a moment before shaking his head. 'Let's deal with the current issue at hand.'

He directed his gaze toward the Emperor Enlightening Academy, but as expected, there was still no response from Emperor Kong or anyone from the upper dimension.

'There is still one year left, so let's wait.'

Wang Wei continued his retreat, and one year passed. He woke up again and contained Xu Shi. Sadly, the result was the same, so he could proceed with his Plan B.

Without wasting time, he summoned Jingwu Hua⌜€“the former Heaven Chosen of the Golden Crow Clan. Wang Wei waited for the throne, feeling the result of his training. In just five years, his strength increased by 1 Fiendgod Infant Force, reaching a grand total of 75.

He nodded in satisfaction with such progress despite knowing it wouldn't remain as fast as he became more powerful. A few minutes later, Jingwu Hua appeared in the throne room, followed by an Insurgent from the Golden Crow Clan.

"I only need to talk to her, so you're dismissed."

The Insurgent bowed before disappearing.

'It seems she has somewhat repaired her relationship with her clan,' thought Wang Wei. Before the final battle, Jingwu Hua had trouble in her clan because of her father's Emperor Bone.

'However, it makes sense since the world is about to enter an era where geniuses are even more valuable than they used to be,' analyzed Wang Wei before concentrating on Jingwu Hua.

If he could describe her current appearance, he would use the words [distress], [worry], and [thinning].

"I have seen Your Majesty the Heavenly Emperor," saluted Jingwu Hua, her melodious voice slightly hoarse.

"Be at ease," said Wang Wei as he released his soul to soothe her mind and reduce the fatigue visible in her eyes.

"Thank you, your majesty."

"Have you contacted your father?"

She paused before shaking her head, "No matter what I try, he won't respond."

"In that case, let me help you," continued Wang Wei. "Give me a drop of your blood."

She did not hesitate as a drop of blood forced out from the tip of her finger and rushed to Wang Wei. As he held the blood before his palm, a karmic thread connected to it rushed into the sky. His mind followed the thread, and he soon discovered a blockade. However, an unknown force allowed him access, so he reached his destination.

An image soon appeared in the room. Wang Wei and Jingwu Hua saw a large golden crow lying on the ground while in terrible shape. Its feather had lost its gilded luster, and the left wing had turned into bones while a black substance corroded the right wind.

The crow was missing two of his two legs, and he had a bright red flame fighting another black flame around his body.


Jingwu Hua's voice echoed through the karmic thread in that dark chamber, but the crow did not move or even react.

"Father! Father! Can you hear me?"

"Calm down," said Wang Wei with a frown, and Jingwu Hua finally regained her bearings. Wang Wei pointed at the karmic thread, sending his power of Life and Death through it.

A few seconds later, the crow's body trembled before slowly opening his eyes. The creature looked around in confusion while wincing in pain. However, he seemed groggy as he could still not respond to this environment.

'A curse? And a terrifying one at that,' thought Wang Wei before sending another string of his power through the karmic thread, this time sending a powerful seal based on his wife's technique.

Nine magical circles appeared around the crow's body before surrounding the black flame and substance on his body. The curse tried to resist, but the attempt was only momentarily before they became rune tattoos on the crow.

Immediately afterward, clarity appeared in the creature's eyes. Then, the Golden Crow Emperor finally saw the screen before him showing Wang Wei and his daughter.


"Father, can you finally hear me?"

"How can you be here? Have you ascended? You should not be here," the crow said, still confused. However, he was still a Great Emperor, so it did not take him long to figure out the situation.

"Thank you, Your Excellency, for saving me," said the Golden Crow Emperor with a hint of reservation in his tone. He knew what kind of strength was needed to save him from that curse. More importantly, he could tell this person could manage to communicate with him from the lower dimension despite the recent blockade.

'Such a person is scary and should not easily get involved with,' analyzed the Golden Crow Emperor.

"How did you get in such a dire situation?" asked Wang Wei, not minding the latter's caution.

The Golden Crow Emperor hesitated for a while before explaining, "Internal strife amongst the demon race."

"Internal strife? Yes, the rise of the Blood Dragon and the Five Feather Phoenix should have shifted the political situation of the demon race. So, it would make sense that there was internal trouble."

"You know?"

"It's not hard to deduce."

The Golden Crow Emperor smiled wryly, "All the upper echelons of many demon races disappeared, leaving a power vacuum. After my ascension, I realized I was one of the few Emperors of the Golden Crow Clan, forcing me to take a leadership position.

"However, the subsequent fighting reduced me to this current state."

Wang Wei frowned. According to his previous

deductions, Jingwu Hua's father did not respond to her because he was seriously injured or isolated from somewhere else. However, his analysis was that the latter suffered because of his involvement in the revolution movement.

'It seems I was wrong,' thought Wang Wei before looking at the excited Jingwu Hua, who seemed to have a million words to say to her father. He pondered for a moment before deciding to take a calculated risk.

"I won't take too much of your time. I wonder if you have any connections with the Revolution?"

"These people?" asked the Golden Crow Emperor. The Revolution was considered a useless and pointless cause for many years until recently. For some reason, the seven moons are busy and barely manage the world, allowing these people to cause chaos worldwide.

The oddest thing is none of the two suns⌜€“the real supreme leaders⌜€“did anything to prevent their actions.

"Yes, them," nodded Wang Wei. "I need to contact them, preferably someone with some power. If Fellow Daoists have a way, please inform me."

The Golden Crow Emperor did not immediately have an answer as he pondered. Although severely injured, he would gain consciousness occasionally, and the clan would report the latest news to him.

According to their analysis, a great change was about to occur in the world, and the source might be from the revolution. Some elders even predicted the end of the current Seven Moon and Two Suns Era.

Because of their current weakness, the Golden Crow clan did not want to get involved in the chaos, but they might not have a choice.

'Such a momentous change in the world cannot be easily avoided. However, the clan must also be cautious about who to get involved with, and this person might be a safe bet.'

The Golden Crow Emperor felt that since this person was still in the lower dimension, his involvement with the Revolution would be limited, and such involvement was perfect for the clan to test the water before committing a hundred percent to the cause.

If something happens before then, they still have some level of plausible deniability that can save their races after sacrificing a few people.

'The sacrifice will most likely be me, but that's fine,' he thought. When this person contacted him through his daughter, his fate was already intertwined with the Revolution.

Furthermore, he did not want to risk the possibility of the latter using his daughter as a hostage.

"I can find a way to contact them for you," said the Golden Crow Emperor.