988 Leader

"I will give you some time to talk. Please don't take long,"

said Wang Wei before disappearing. The Golden Crow Emperor knew the world's current situation, so he understood the latter's caution.

"Father, how are you?"

"Now, I'm fine. With that fellow Daoist's seal, I should be able to return to my peak," he replied with a smile. "Don't worry about me. What about you? How are you doing?"

"I'm sorry, Father, I've failed again," she replied, looking at her shoes.

"It's okay, honey. As long as you don't give up, you will eventually succeed."

The Golden Crow Emperor was not worried about his daughter's ability to prove the Dao. The Emperor Bone he left her is not something anyone can refine, and he only succeeded due to a fortune encounter he has.

After absorbing her, her strength would definitely break the barrier between mortals and immortals. With such strength, why would she worry about proving the Dao?

The fact that she lost this time proved she was unlucky and met some crazy genius.

"Really? You're not mad or disappointed?"

"Why would I be?" replied the golden creature. He knew his daughter and guessed she probably did not perform at her best because of her worries about him.

'The girl's talent should have drastically improved, but her state of mind still has plenty of room for improvement,' analyzed the Golden Emperor.

"Plus, it's not necessarily good for you to ascend."

"What do you mean?"

"All you need to know is the upper dimension is experiencing turbulence, and with my current strength, I don't even know whether I can protect myself⌜€“let alone you."

"Father, is something going to happen to you? Can you run away?" They were just reunited, so Jingwu Hua did not want anything to happen to her family.

"Unfortunately, no one can run away from this chaos," replied the Golden Crow Emperor with a sigh.

"But don't worry, I still have my method."

He knew the only way for him and his clan to survive the upcoming storm was for the clan's Paragons to return from Limbo. Otherwise, with their current strength, they will soon be turned into cannon fodder for the upcoming chaos.

"That's good," nodded Jingwu Hua, not doubting her father in the slightest. The two chatted for a while before Wang Wei returned, announcing it was time.

"Honey, don't worry about failure. Find a way to temper your Dao Heart and state of mind, seal yourself, and try again," advised the Golden Crow Emperor, and his daughter nodded her head obediently.

"Your Excellency, how do I contact you once I find them?"

"Give them a drop of your blood and activate the bloodline resonance with your daughter. I will then open the communication link."

After hearing this, the Golden Crow Emperor frowned; he had just been cursed, so he was not pleased with letting strangers access his blood.

"I know what you're thinking, but this is the only way I can initiate communication," said Wang Wei, showing he had no choice. He used Jingwu Hua's bloodline because it was connected to his father and because these two had a profound and unbreakable bond. If their relationship were not so solid, his technique would not have worked so easily because of the vast difference between the upper and lower dimensions.

Of course, the main reason for his success is his talk or deal with True Heavenly Dao.

"Very well," said the Golden Crow Emperor. Now that he was already in so deep, there was no point in hesitating.

After the communication ended, the golden crow contemplated whether to discuss this meeting and his future involvement with the [Revolution] with the entire clan.

However, he remembered his analysis that there might be traitors in the clan: spies who had become the dogs of the Blood Dragon.

'Let's keep things a secret for now.'

The Golden Crow Emperor then contacted his most trusted follower to get some information before contacting someone from the Revolution.

Earth Emperor's Territory, Great Chu Divine Dynasty: "Prime Minister, when is Your Majesty returning?" asked a bunch of civil servants, forcing all eyes on the middle-aged man at the center dressed in a black and white robe and a pointy beard that was more than 10 centimeters and gave the feeling it would be enjoyable to play with. The man had a scholarly feeling, yet simultaneously, he gave the vibe that he was extremely lazy.

Prime Minister Pel Lang held a fan in his hand, slowly airing his face. After hearing the question, he took over five seconds to respond, and his speech pattern was slow and monotonous.

"The invasions from outside are still ongoing, so his majesty will not return anytime soon. All you must do is continue working to ensure nothing goes wrong in the dynasty."

"But the situation has aggravated recently. Our territory has been attacked more than five times in the past hundred years."

"Yes, these rebels are becoming more and more rampant."

The general sentiment was the same as all the ministers reported the recent chaos. As smart as they were, they understood the signs of chaos when a dynasty's luck had run out.

The last thing these people wanted was for something to happen to the Great Chu Divine Dynasty. Although they could not reach a higher realm of cultivation, they have been enjoying wealth, resources, fame, and women for too long, so they could not allow anything to happen to their power.

Prime Minister Pei Lang did not immediately give a suggestion, but he looked at the crown prince:

"Your majesty, what do you think?"

"You can do whatever you think is best, Prime Minister,"

replied Crown Prince Shi Shunyuan, not caring in the slightest. Pei Lang gave him a look before continuing: "Deploy our best divine legions to our core territories to prevent chaos. The Yellow Embroidered Guard should do their job and find traces of all the rebels," said the Prime Minister, looking at the commander of the Yellow Embroidered Guard. As the Earth Emperor's shadow, these guys have become useless recently.

"Our main objective is to calm down the situation until the Emperor can free himself from the constant invasion in Primordial Chaos. Once he returns, all our troubles will be dealt with."

"It would be best if we had an idea of how long it will take before the Emperor returns," commented a minister, making people secretly give the Prime Minister a look. If anyone knew such a thing, it would be him.

Unfortunately, the only response they received was the Prime Minister breaking etiquette by shrugging his shoulders. However, who dares admonish him for his actions?

As a peak Empyrean and the man the Emperor trusted the most, he had more power than even the crown prince.

"That's it for⌜€“" Pei Lang paused as he looked in the distance. Then, he continued without any explanation, "Now. Let's end today's meeting. If something new occurs, we will meet again."

Everyone looked at each other before secretly shaking their heads. They waited until the Crown Prince left the courtroom before everybody exited. Pei Lang did the same, slowly walking home; his pace was slow but steady, showing no signs he was in a hurry.

Close to an hour later, he finally reached home and went through the normal procedure of returning after the court. He met his wife and two children and ate together.

After checking their cultivation progress, Pei Lang headed to his cultivation room.

As soon as he sat on the cushion at the center, numerous invisible formations activated, turning this area into a place that even Paragons could not spy on.

Pei Lang's demeanor changed, becoming more heroic and full of energy. A screen appeared before him, showing him an elderly.


"Old Ma, did something happen recently to our movement?"

"What do you mean?"

"I sense a great change in our destiny. So, something must have triggered it."

"Leader, many things have happened recently, so you must be more specific."

Pei Lang frowned as he took a moment to calculate the source of the changes he felt. The result was a little blurry, but he did find something.

"It should be related to the Golden Crow Clan," he said.

"Let me check." A few minutes later, Old Ma's eyes lit up: "Found it. Someone from the lower dimension wanted to get in contact with us, and they used the Golden Crow Clan as a proxy."

"The lower dimension is closed, so how did they contact us?" asked Pei Lang.

"That's what got our notice," replied Old Ma. Not everyone can contact the Revolution, let alone deal with core members. However, this anomaly is what made them interested in contacting the lower dimension.

"Let me deal with the situation."

"Is this a good idea?" asked Old Ma. "The situation is tense, and it's not worth the risk of revealing your identity."

"It's just a shell. If necessary, I can abandon it," replied Pei Lang calmly, not caring in the slightest about all the power and honor that came with his current position.

"Even so..."

"The world is experiencing a drastic change of era. If we don't take this opportunity to rise, we will be left behind once the new era begins."

Pei Lang understood clearly what the current chaos represented⌜€“the fall of the eight moons. However, this was just the prelude, as the real era will involve the return of these mythical characters from the Golden Age and the battle between the two suns.

As for their revolution? They are nothing but pawns in this larger game. They can become chess players or important pieces in the next era if they play their cards correctly. If not, they will be swept by the tide of the time.

"Since you insist, I will send you the contact method, "

Old Ma said with a deep sigh.