989 Strange Deal

Wang Wei looked at the man opposite him. He was burly, displaying his overground muscles. At first, the man's eyes indicated he was the king of people who only used his muscles but not his brain. However, upon closer observation, Wang Wei could tell the cunning, almost devilish light flashed deep in his eyes.

"How may I address you?" asked Wang Wei after a few seconds of observation.

Pei Lang did not immediately answer as he also observed the person who wanted to contact them. The communication was long distance, separated by dimensions, but his senses could tell how powerful he was.

'Probably between 60 to 65% Grand Dao Source or maybe more,' he thought, slightly surprised despite not showing it. It was not easy for people to reach more than the 6-Fold Battle Realm, let alone do it in the lower dimension.

Most people who can reach more than 7-Fold are Great Emperors who have re-established their Dao Foundation to be on par with Nine Extremity and also have access to countless resources and Source Techniques.

Pei Lang did not expect the person who wanted to contact was an unparalleled genius who broke all common sense of the upper dimension.

'How talented is this kid?' he thought, trying to remain calm.

"You may address me as Empyrean Jimin."

'Jimin? The characters for this word can mean many things, like swift, nimble, and clever. Is his Dao related to speed or maybe an assassin or spy?' analyzed Wang Wei.

"The name is Emperor Wang, from the Dao Opening Sect."

Wang Wei did not dare say his Emperor Tile since his current self cannot bear such a title. In the lower dimension, it's fine if he's arrogant and claims he has dominated fate, but he won't say such a stupid thing in the upper dimension until he's at least a Paragon; better yet, until he reaches the peak of that realm.

As for his Heavenly Emperor Title, he also did not want to reveal it to this person lest it spread. After all, according to his calculations, the Earth Emperor should be very interested in the Heavenly Emperor's Karmic Position.

As such, although he wanted to have a good relationship, he had to worry about the possibility that this person was not trustworthy or there might be spies from the eight parasites amidst the Revolutionary.

"Emperor Wang? You're from the Wang Clan?"

"It should be," replied Wang Wei, and Empyrean Jimin became slighter and more serious. The Wang Clan is considered one of the most blessed families in the Eternal Ascension World because of their two ancestors⌜€“Qiyuan and Heaven Opening.

One clan has given birth to two [Primal Paragons], beings capable of killing pinnacle Boundless Paragons, beings who have truly reached the limit of the Paragon Realm without much or any room for improvement.

Fortunately, the Wang Clan was divided; otherwise, the title of the most powerful clan would belong to them.

'With this kid's displayed talent, once he has the opportunity, he should be the third,' thought Pei Lang, sighing deeply internally.

"It's an honor to meet Fellow Daoist," said Pei Lang with a smile.

"I cannot accept such a title, Empyrean Jimin. Moreover, my family's honor and glory have nothing to do with me currently," replied Wang Wei as he shook his head. He knew his limits and when to respect powerhouses. The feeling this person gave him was that he could easily kill him with one finger, and even if he entered the Taboo Realm, the result might be the same.

'Has his strength reached 89% Grand Dao Source?' analyzed Wang Wei, thinking the latter was a peak Empyrean. 'No, he might be even more powerful.'

There should be a second bottleneck between 89 and 90% Grand Dao Source, just like the one between 69 and 70% Grand Dao Source⌜€“and this one should be even more difficult to overcome.

However, after taking into consideration the political situation of the upper dimension, Wang Wei realized it was possible for some people's understanding to be higher than their cultivation.

Empyreans do not only need to comprehend 90% of their Grand Dao Source to enter the Paragon Realm; no, that's only the first step. Their soul must reach that level, along with the luck level, Dao Heart, Immemorial Tribulation, and other things.

Only with these things could they experience a third Grand Dao Source Baptism⌜€“similar to the ones when they become Great Emperors⌜€“to become Paragons.

However, without these other things, it's possible for someone to continue to comprehend the Grand Dao Source to 91, 92, or even higher percentages. The process will be extremely slow compared to even if they enter the Paragon Realm, and they will not be able to control their powers without a Paragon Soul, but it's still possible.

'Many peak Empyreans cannot cast their Paragon Soul or survive the tribulation because of fear of being killed.

However, despite the extreme difficulty, they can still continue comprehending their Grand Dao Source.'

Wang Wei could picture the upper dimension more clearly. Factions under the parasites do not dare to continue comprehending their Dao out of fear their cultivation level will garner the eyre of their leader.

Meanwhile, other people do not dare to enter higher realms but continue their comprehension so that once they have an opportunity for a breakthrough, their cultivation will be much higher.

Pei Lang was not surprised by this answer. As an Emperor bred in the lower dimension, such a mindset of not relying on his family's name and glory was normal.

"Regardless of how you feel, it is indeed an honor to meet a junior of the Wang Clan who lives up to their ancestor's glory."

Wang Wei smiled calmly, "Empyrean Jimin, let's get directly to business since our communication cannot last long."

"Yes, let's get to business. You contacted us. I wonder why?"

"I want to make a deal."

"Oh, I'm listening."

"Your cause should be in need of talented individuals, correct?"

Pei Lang gave him an odd look, wondering where he was going with this, "That's right."

"In my generation, many geniuses with Eternal Level Talents have failed their battle. How about I send them to fight for your cause in exchange for certain rare upper-dimension resources?

"That's... a strange request, to say the least."

"From my understanding, the upper dimension does not lack Heaven's Will, and that's exactly what these talents need," explained Wang Wei. "Furthermore, many of these talents are descended from powerful factions in the upper dimension. If you use them correctly, your cause could garner the secret funding of these factions."

Pei Lang, with his massive arms crossed, did not immediately answer. With a frown, he took a few seconds before asking, "A few questions. First, why not directly contact the faction behind them?"

"You should understand that they have too many eyes on them⌜€“even more than your revolution."

Pei Lang had to agree with this statement. Compared to their cause, these rulers were more scared of these ancient factions, believing they were the biggest threat to their reign. As such, they forced them to seal themselves while closely watching them.

If these factions suddenly received Eternal Emperor Level geniuses and those from the lower dimension, the moons might immediately attack them.

Pei Lang gave Wang Wei a look.

'This person has a deeper understanding of the current situation than I anticipated.'

"Second question: will these people be willing to fight for us?"

"It's a trade. I will tell them the cause and effect and have them choose."

"That would be the best."

Pei Lang knew the worst-case scenario was to force these geniuses to their cause, so it would be ideal if they chose to participate.

"Final question: are you sure you can send people and receive items from us?"

"Yes," replied Wang Wei calmly, and Pei Lang frowned.

Numerous thoughts flashed in his eyes.

'In this situation, only one of the suns and True Heavenly Dao could allow for such an exchange. If it's the latter, then this kid has great connections, and it's also a sign that the divide between the two suns has reached a breaking point.

'If it's the former, then this kid is the one with the destiny to end this era.'

Pei Lang's eyes lit up as he finally understood why the destiny of their movement changed so drastically. He controlled his thoughts before continuing:

"Our cause indeed values those geniuses."

Pei Lang knew True Heavenly Dao had a special inkling for Great Emperors from the lower dimension, especially Eternal Emperors. It would bless them and ensure they can reach their peak.

According to a statistic he knew of the old era, the percentage of Eternal Emperors who fail to become Everlasting and Boundless Paragons is much higher from geniuses in the upper dimension than those from below.

During the Golden Age, the majority of Primal Paragons originated from the lower dimension.

So, he knew in this upcoming chaos, if True Heavenly Dao continued to bless them, it would be possible for these geniuses to follow Emperor Kong's path and become Empyreans and even Paragons in the shortest time possible, allowing them to rise in the upcoming era.

'With their destinies added to our cause, our chances of success will drastically increase, and I can take this opportunity to become a chess player in the next era.'

After realizing the benefits, Pei Lang immediately agreed to this deal and negotiated the price of these geniuses with Wang Wei. Then, they choose a drop place to deliver these people.