995 Potential

The Steward walked into the room with countless eyes on him. He bowed politely to the Demon Suppression Emperor, showing the properrespect and etiquette. His actions elicited a smile from almost everyone in the room.

The Steward remained calm during the entire ordeal. He understood that because of this world's history, they value things like respect and dignity more than others. So, if his actions could facilitate a better negotiation situation, why not do it?

"Welcome, fellow ambassador," said the Demon Suppression Emperor. "Lord Wang Wei was a benefactor⌜€“someone we admire dearly for what he has done for us. So, since you're here on his behalf, we will also treat you with the utmost honor."

"Thank you, Your Majesty, for your kind reception," replied the Steward.

"As long as you feel welcome," she nodded. "Now, let's get down to business. Can you tell me the reason for your visit? Is our benefactor in trouble of some kind and needs our help? If so, please do not hesitate to tell us.

"We, humans, pride ourselves in our benevolence and righteousness. So, if you need anything, feel free to ask."

"I appreciate your kindness, but this is not the reason for my unannounced visit," replied the Steward. "My sect master would like to see you."

Last night, the Steward realized Wang Wei's fame and glory in this world, so he decided the latter showing up would be the best way to negotiate.

"Our benefactor is coming here? When?"

"Right now is fine."

The Demon Suppression Emperor frowned; she secretly used her Divine Sense to scan the entire world and outside of this world, but she did not detect anything. Afterward, she secretly communicated with Chancellor Ke.

"In that case, let us prepare to receive him with the utmost honor."

The Demon Suppression Emperor waved her hand to create a second throne opposite her. A few ministers frowned at this action but did not say anything. A few minutes later, everything was ready.

"We're ready."

The Steward nodded before uttering, "Sect Master, you can show up."

As soon as his words finished, someone was standing in the room. No one knew how he appeared; it was as if he was here long ago. All the ministers held their breath as every ounce of their being warned them that this was a scary being and should display the utmost respect, even when saying his name.

Wang Wei garnered everyone's attention, but his eyes did not focus on too many people in the room.

He first looked at the Daoist Green Heart.

"It's been a long time, fellow Daoist."

"Lord...I mean, Your Majesty, it has indeed been a while."

"What about the others?"

"I'm...I'm the only one left."

"That's unfortunate," uttered Wang Wei before finally focusing on the Demon Suppression Emperor. "Luckily, all my hard work was not for nothing."

"Benefactor, it's a pleasure to meet you," said the Human Emperor, who forcefully controlled the shock and fear in her heart.

"Likewise," nodded Wang Wei. "How may I address you?"

"My title is the Demon Suppression Emperor, but you can call me by my name: Hong Wa."

"Hong? That's a beautiful name."

"Thank you," replied Hong Wa before motioning for Wang Wei to sit down opposite her. The latter had a natural feeling as if he could blend into any environment.

'No, he's not blending into the environment; the environment is changing to fit him,' analyzed Hong Wa. While she was observing and analyzing Wang Wei, the latter was doing the same.

'An Eternal Emperor, but barely one similar to Emperor Kong. She most likely receives a boost from Heavenly Dao and the manifestation of human destiny and suffering.'

His eyes seemed to contain all the truth in the universe, and for a moment, Hong Wa felt naked, as if all her secrets were seen through.

'The cultivation world is still primarily patriarchal, so it should not be easy for her to lead the human race while being a woman; this could also explain her title along with other things.'

Wang Wei glanced at the two weapons next to her:

'Her 1-Fold strength is probably because of these two weapons. When fighting against a Demon Emperor, she might have no trouble surviving against someone with 2-Fold Strength.'

Despite how weak the Demon Suppression Emperor was, Wang Wei did not belittle her as he understood her circumstance. The former Demon Supremacy World did not have the ground to cultivate any powerful Eternal Emperor. The fact she was an Eternal was a miracle in itself, most likely a last resort attempt of Heavenly Dao to change the world and not allow it to return to the backward step when the demon race reigned over.

'Plus, she has potential,' he concluded. Hong Wa held the Karmic Position of Human Emperor.

After making the human race the protagonist of the world, it was the perfect time to acquire that position and ensure the peace and prosperity of the world. Her situation was similar to the Human Emperor from the Myriad Emperor World, except she did not have to manufacture the situation to get the position and was just born at the right time and place.

'Once she also acquires the position of Heavenly Emperor, her potential will skyrocket with these two Karmic Positions. Is she about to become the Qin Emperor's competitor?'

Wang Wei secretly smiled as he knew this was not possible. The three karmic positions of Human, Earth, and Heaven Emperor do not belong to one race, and only one person holds it.

The Qin Emperor was the official owner of the Human Emperor Position, and Hong Wa's position in the lower dimension is more of a branch⌜€“not the main one. It's the same for Wang Wei's Heavenly Emperor Position⌜€“unless he can acquire it in the upper dimension and have it acknowledged by True Heavenly Dao.

"I want to reiterate again how honored I feel to meet you," said Hong Wa after seeing her guest was well situated.

"I accept your praise, but there is no need to put me on a pedestal," said Wang Wei calmly. "Back then, the young master of the Hell Tiger Clan offended me, so I came here to eliminate him.

"Although my actions were also guided by the misery of the human race in this world, my primary goal was still revenge and eliminating a potential threat."

Hong Wa nodded; her teachers told her the truth, so she was not surprised. "Regardless of your motive, it does not change the fact you've saved us from a terrible fate."

Wang Wei calmly accepted her gratitude before getting to the topic at hand, "I came here because of a recent change that is about to occur in the Endless Void. Before the chaos begins, I want to gather some trustworthy allies."

Wang Wei explained the situation with the Heavenly Emperor, including its creation and spread, and the need for their alliance. Hong Wa was immediately excited after hearing everything.

Her instinct warned her that the Heavenly Emperor Position was very important to her.

She almost immediately agreed to the alliance request. Luckily, Chancellor Ke coughed in time to remind her to control herself.

"If you have any concerns, you can address them," reassured Wang Wei.

"We do have some questions. How do I put this?"

Hong Wa was slightly awkward. Normally, she was valiant and heroic, but the previous excitement and Wang Wei's strength messed up her mind a little.

"If you're worried about me influencing your court, don't be. You will decide all the positions.

However, I do ask you to leave a small position for my ambassador, and I will do the same for yours."

"That's good," she nodded in relief. "Another is regarding the situation of our world."

She knew their world would become even more valuable after establishing the court. Everyone would want a bit out of a world without Immortal Sovereigns, a few Immortals and Insurgent, and the precious position of the Heavenly Court.

"I know your situation, and I will help," replied Wang Wei. "But you should understand that you need to be able to pull your weight in this alliance."

"I understand. Our human race has always been about self-improvement and self-reliance. We only need an opportunity," quickly replied Hong Wa.

"Very well," nodded Wang Wei. "So, this is what I'm going to do. I will seal this world, preventing any outsiders from entering. I will also place a Time Acceleration Formation around the entire world, giving you enough time to become stronger and develop your world.

"The seal won't last long, but I hope by the time it's removed, you have become a worthy partner of this alliance."

Hong Wa was shocked, and all she could think about was whether he could do such a thing.

"Pardon me for intervening," said Chancellor Ke, who stepped up. "I don't mean to be rude, but how much should we be reassured by that seal?"

"I won't say no one can enter, but the number of people capable of breaking through it in the lower dimension can only be counted on one finger."

Chancellor Ke's lips twitched, and he almost wanted to say this man was a liar. However, his intuition and the aura he felt from Wang Wei were telling him it was true.

"That's excellent news. Can we leave the seal before it expires?"

"Yes, you won't be protected outside of it," replied Wang Wei, and the chancellor was alright with this result. Although the Lower Realm will probably suffer in the meantime, it won't be an issue once the Human Emperor increases her strength along with the entire world.

"There won't be any problem accessing the Source Qi Space?" he asked, wanting confirmation.

"No problem."

"That's all I wanted to know." He bowed politely before stepping back amongst the crowds of ministers.

'Dao of Wisdom? An interesting Dao,' thought Wang Wei as he looked at this chancellor. He removed his gaze and looked toward Hong Wa: "The world is about to enter an age of chaos and prosperity. Your world is naturally weak, which is both a downside and an opportunity," declared Wang Wei. If the world were not so weak, it would not be so easy for someone of Hong Wa's strength to establish the Heavenly Court.

"I understand," she said, and Wang Wei chatted with her briefly before disappearing. The next step was signing the contract for the alliance and the details. Once everything is finished, Wang Wei's power that he left will be activated, placing the seal and formation.