997 Another Battle?

"I accept," said Yin Gen directly, focusing all eyes on him.

"Oh, I'm surprised. I thought you would be one of the people I needed to convince," said Wang Wei.

"I have reached the limit in the body refining path.

If I want an opportunity to grow and improve, I will not hesitate to take it."

Wang Wei understood. Yin Gen was unlike him in that his body-refining path still had plenty of potential to tap. In Yin Gen's current situation, progress must be extremely difficult and slow, so he did not hesitate after receiving this opportunity.

As for his obsession with creating the best body-refining technique and defeating the Desolate Emperor? To Yin Gen., ascending to the upper dimension and accessing their resources was the perfect step to achieve his goal.

"I'm glad you can make this choice."

"I still have some worries," added Yin Gen. "I walk the path of pure body refining. Will that be a problem?"

"No, on the contrary, with your talent, it will make you more valuable."

"Can I ask why?"

"Pure Body Refiners have a short lifespan, but it's an exchange for a rapid cultivation rate. If a pure body refiner is talented enough and has enough resources, they can quickly open the Gate of Power and reach a cultivation level compared to Empyreans⌜€“the next cultivation realm.

"Most people do not have the talent, so they died of old age before opening the gate. However, with your talent, as long as you can convince the revolution to sponsor the resources you need or maybe secretly get it from your sect in the upper dimension, you can quickly become one of the most powerful people in the revolution."

"Is that so?" muttered Yin Gen, feeling his decision was correct. Wang Wei saw his reactions and swiftly warned him:

"You should be careful. As I said, Empyreans are the core of this movement, so not everyone is willing to see foreigners become so powerful so quickly. So, you should consider the political aspect of this movement."

"I understand." Yin Gen was not stupid, so he understood not to trust these people too much since they were mainly in a cooperative

relationship. He also understood the concept of not putting all his eggs in one basket.

"I also accept," said Jian Wushuang, and Wang Wei looked at how excited he was and secretly smiled.

He understood the main source of his excitement⌜€“his father's new sword path.

Jian Wushuang probably thought he might have a chance to acquire the destiny for this new path and spread it in the upper dimension, taking advantage of Wang Wei and Wang Tian's absence.

'This guy is too naive,' analyzed Wang Wei. The current situation of the upper dimension left no room for such improvement. Furthermore,

spreading the Ultimate Sword Path in the upper dimension was a thousand times harder.

Countless swordsmen have followed the Extreme Sword Path for millions of Yuan Epochs if not more. How could these people easily abandon their path, which is part of their core spiritual beliefs? Even if it were abundant to them that this new path was the trend of Heaven and Earth and the best of the two, these Paragons⌜€“who disdained all things in the universe⌜€“would rather destroy the world than accept they were wrong.

In the mindset of these people, they were correct, and Heaven and Earth were wrong. Since that was the case, they'll change Heaven and Earth.

Without the proper strength and terrifying background, the only fate awaiting Jian Wushuang is death. Of course, Wang Wei does not know how powerful the Sword Casting Villa is in the upper dimension, so he cannot comment on this aspect.

However, he knew it was futile for the current Jian Wushuang to spread this new path, even if he became an Eternal Emperor.

"I also accept the offer," said Jingwu Hua; this was the perfect opportunity to see and help his father.

"Are you sure? Your father might prefer it if you stayed in the lower dimension?" asked Wang Wei.

"I'm sure."

"What about you?" asked Wang Wei, looking at Yang Guowei.

"I don't know what to do."

"Your situation is indeed special," nodded Wang Wei. All accounts showed Yang Guowei's father, the Nine Suns Emperors, had succumbed to the parasites. Maybe the latter is just pretending, but there is no proof of that yet. So, the revolution will have reservations about training him. Plus, it did not help that he did not have a high background in the upper dimension.

"I will give them my words to reassure them.

However, you should understand your fate if you make me break my words?"

Yang Guowei's body trembled as he immediately knelt, "I promise not to humiliate you."

Wang Wei nodded; he controlled the source of karma, so Yang Guowei's words were enough for a binding contract. If the latter truly betrayed them, the revolution does not need to do something, and he will suffer.

"You can get up." Wang Wei needed to use Yang Guowei to find his father. His grandfather's Dao Heart still needs to be completed.

"What about the rest of you?"

"I agree," replied Xiao Songxi blandly. After losing his battle, the Baishe Clan abandons him, resulting in his mother and sister almost dying.

"But I also have a request."

Wang Wei motioned for him to continue.

"Please take care of my family for me. Once I return, I will repay my gratitude to his majesty."

"That's fine," nodded Wang Wei, and Xiao Songxi felt relieved. Crazy light flashed in his eyes as he became more somber. Wang Wei glanced at him before focusing on the others.

"I accept the offer," said Zhen Biyu. Her enemy was in the upper dimension, which was the perfect opportunity to eliminate Emperor Five Heart's shadow and sublimate her Dao Heart to the highest level. Then, there is also the unique weapon in the latter's hands; she also wants it.

"That only leaves you too," said Wang Wei, and Lin Fan side-glanced at Su Ya.

"I accept the offer but must also discuss it with my family first."

"That's fine, but you won't have much time," nodded Wang Wei before focusing on Su Ya.

"I'm sorry, but I have to reject."

"Can I ask why?"

"I want to sit on your throne and be praised by all sentient beings as the Heavenly Emperor," replied Su Ya truthfully. Everyone looked at her, but they understood her choice. Many of them previously hesitated for the same reason but ultimately decided that the position of Heavenly Emperor was the legacy of Wang Wei⌜€“their former competitor.

If they compete for it in future generations, they will forever have his success, accomplishment, and stigma lording over their heads. So, the best way to continue remaining "peers" and "competitors" is to start over somewhere else before restarting their rivalry.

"That's a bold, ambitious, and yet, understandable choice," uttered Wang Wei. Unlike most of the others, Su Ya had already given up in this generation, so she was not as affected by the competition. As such, he understood her choice.

Jian Wushuang was similar to her, but he woke up early and saw the final battle. Adding to his misguided ambitions, he made the same choice as the others.

"Are you sure about this? You are now a mortal enemy of Lin Fan. By the time you ascend, who knows how powerful he will be? Aren't you worried he will take revenge?" asked Wang Wei with a smile.

"I'm not."

"And why is that?"

"Background," she replied. "No matter how talented Emperor Kong was, I do not believe his foundation in the upper dimension is better than my Yin Moon Palace in such a short period. So, when I ascend, I can rely on my seniors for protection."

Lin Fan clenched his hands after hearing this, but Wang Wei laughed out loud.

"You have a point, but I think you've underestimated Emperor Kong's abilities," said Wang Wei with a weird smile. Lin Fan saw hope while Su Ya frowned slightly.

'Does this guy know something?' However, Su Ya did not focus too much on this aspect; she abides by her choice and remains confident in her ancestors.

"I respect your choice," nodded Wang Wei as he waved his hand and she disappeared.

"As for the rest of you, be prepared for my call and always be in the best state."

Wang Wei was about to end this meeting when someone else had something to say.

"Your majesty, I have a suggestion," suddenly added Lin Fan.

"What is it?"

"How about a battle between us before we ascend? A small-scale Heaven Will Battle, if you will."

"That's not a bad idea," said Wang Wei.

"Competition is the best way to push yourself to the limit. This method would also activate your luck and destiny and even push it higher. We could also broadcast the battle to the world through the Dream World, preparing people for the upcoming list competitions. How do you guys feel about this suggestion?"

These people immediately agreed. Such a battle was the perfect farewell to the world and also the best way for them to stay in the best condition possible.

"Excellent. You can leave to prepare. Once this battle finishes, I will send you to the upper dimension."

Everyone immediately left. They needed to tell their factions about this development while also preparing for this upcoming battle.

(AN: I will not write this small Heaven Will Battle except for one or two battles. However, I might not even write one of them. The previous volume almost killed me due to the stress of writing so many consecutive battles and thinking of so many techniques.)