When Nick came home, his muscles ached all over.

It had never been this bad before.

Nevertheless, Nick forced himself to get some food before falling into bed.

This time, he slept over nine hours, which was quite a lot for him, and as soon as he woke up, Nick's body had already completely recovered.

Nick still remembered that his body had been sore for several days before he had become an official Zephyx Extractor.

If things were still like back then, Nick's muscles would have ached for up to a week, based on the pain he had been feeling.

And yet, it had only taken a couple of hours for them to recover.

Although, it might not be that surprising.

Specters could recover from fatal injuries within just a couple of days, and Extractors became more powerful by using the same kind of powers as the Specters, which was the Zephyx.

In a way, it was to be expected that the recovery rate of a Zephyx Extractor also increased.

Maybe, at some point, it was even possible to recover lost limbs without having to resort to Restoration Liquid?

After finishing his work, Nick walked towards the training area again.

This time, it was much easier since Nick had already created a pathway to get to his goal. Additionally, he had become a Peak Newbie.

In the end, he arrived ten minutes before the training was supposed to start.

Surprisingly, Manela was also already here.

"Since we ended early yesterday, we are going to start early today," she said.

Nick nodded.

Without saying anything else, Manela grabbed Nick's five spears and threw them toward the same location as yesterday.

"Less than 20 minutes, go."

Nick nodded and immediately started.

Since he was fully recovered, he was much faster than yesterday, and he completed everything in barely 15 minutes.

Nick's breathing had already quickened, but he wasn't close to being exhausted.

Sure enough, this just counted as a warmup.

"Today, we are focusing on this," Manela said as she held an empty hand in front of her.

Nick just looked in confusion at her empty hand.

"On what?" he asked.

Manela swung her hand around a bit, and Nick felt like something had suddenly hit his cheek.

However, the thing that had hit him was extremely light.

That was when Nick remembered that he had seen an almost invisible wire when Manela had thrown one of her spears the first time he had seen her.

After focusing on her hand, Nick could actually see a tiny wire.

"Take it," she said as she put the wire in Nick's right hand. "Look at it."

For a while, Nick just inspected the wire.

It was extremely light.

It was so light that he almost couldn't feel its weight.

Yet, it was extremely durable.

Nick didn't use all of his power, but he used quite a lot, and the thin wire didn't seem to get damaged in any way.

Even more, the tiny wire was actually beginning to cut into Nick's hand!

It was so bizarre that something this insanely thin could be that durable!

"It's called a Ghost Wire, and it's used for many different things," Manela said after a while.

"No normal material can be that durable while being that thin, which makes the origin of this wire obvious," she added.

Nick nodded. "It comes from a Specter."

Manela nodded back. "The Fear Queen is a normal-sized black widow that likes to put as much fear as possible into her victims. She usually restricts them with her silk and injects them with many different poisons that can cause extreme fear and extreme euphoria."

"This wire is a couple of her strings of silk rolled up into a single form. As an Adult Specter, the Fear Queen is very powerful, and her silk is just as powerful."

"You can keep that one and these four," Manela said as she took out another four stacks of wire.

Nick looked at them with surprise. "That sounds expensive," he said.

"Your boss paid for them. They are officially yours," Manela said.

Nick didn't feel comfortable with Wyntor giving him even more stuff.

He felt like Wyntor was giving him way more than he was giving back, which made him feel a bit guilty.

Nick almost felt like he was taking advantage of Wyntor.

But in the end, Nick could only sigh. "Thanks."

For the next three hours, Manela taught Nick about the Ghost Wire and how to use it.

There were many different things that Nick could do with such a durable wire.

For example, he could hang it between two buildings at neck height, and nobody would notice it before they ran straight into it.

However, the most important thing for Nick was the Ghost Wire's ability to act as a retrieval tool for his spears.

He hadn't noticed it before, but there was a very thin hole at the side of his throwing spears.

This hole was specifically made for Ghost Wires.

By putting the Ghost Wire through it, Nick had essentially created a long and invisible leash for his spear.

Each Ghost Wire was around 100 meters long, which meant that Nick could essentially retrieve his spears as long as he didn't throw them further.

If he wanted to throw them further, he would just have to let go of the Ghost Wire and retrieve the spear the traditional way.

For today, Nick kept dropping his spears from the house and retrieving them with the wire.

It was surprisingly difficult to make the spears shoot back at him without hitting anything on their way back.

But eventually, Nick managed to retrieve them consistently without any issues.

When it was almost time to end training for the day, Manela told Nick to retrieve his five spears once more.

Naturally, she detached the Ghost Wires before telling him to do that.

After Nick got the first spear back, he quickly attached the Ghost Wire, which didn't even take ten seconds, and after that, everything seemed to change.

He no longer needed to consider how to retrieve a spear after throwing it since he could just retrieve it with the Ghost Wire.

That made everything so much easier, and Nick's movements became far more fluent.

In the end, he barely needed nine minutes to complete the course.