A day passed, and the last day of throwing spear training was taking place.

This was already Nick's fourth day of training with throwing spears, and today, he would focus on actually throwing spears.

But the best thing was that Nick didn't fear messing up his throws anymore.

He could travel everywhere with his spears, and if he threw it somewhere he didn't want, he could just tug on the Ghost Wire to get it back.

The first thing he had to do was to run to the five spots again, but this time, Manela didn't throw his spears away.

She just wanted Nick to get to the five spots while carrying all of his spears.

That made things different, but Nick still managed to complete the task in about ten minutes.

And then, it was time for the actual training.

"There are many ways to throw a spear," Manela said as she took out one of her own spears.

After that, she lifted it with one hand and took a couple of steps forward.

She pulled the spear back and took a couple of steps forward before throwing it.


The roof of the building the two were standing on shook as Manela threw the spear.

Nick just watched in awe as the spear seemed to shoot into the horizon!

One second, it had been there, and the next, it seemed to have traveled into the sun.

Of course, the spear didn't actually reach the sun.

"Watch," Manela said as she lifted her hand.

Then, she pulled back.


And Manela suddenly also flew into the horizon!

Nick's eyes widened in shock.

Manela didn't fly as fast or as far as her spear, but she still flew for probably over 200 meters.

In the distance, Nick could see Manela catching her spear again, and that was when he realized what had just happened.

Manela had gathered an incredible amount of power and threw her spear with all of it.

Then, she tugged on her extremely long Ghost Wire.

With her power, she managed to completely stop the force of her throw and even put in so much that the spear started to shoot back at her.

Of course, the force of the throw had to go somewhere, which was why Manela's body had suddenly shot into the distance.

In the end, her spear returned to her, and she simply landed on a roof.

Surprisingly, the roof didn't collapse.

A couple of seconds later, Manela returned to the roof of the tall building.

"That was a Full Throw," she explained. "As the name suggests, a Full Throw is a throw that uses all of your power."

"The tricky part is to deal with the force when you have a Ghost Wire attached. Without it, it's just a normal throw, but with it, things get tricky."

"Imagine you attack someone with a Full Throw who is only 30 meters away, and they sidestep it. If there's no building within the next 70 meters and if your throw was strong enough, your Ghost Wire will pull you forward, right into your enemy's arms."

"But as you have seen, that can also be used to traverse great distances. I can jump high and far, but not that high and far."

"Of course, if I had actually wanted to go as far as possible, I would have jumped forward after throwing my spear."

"When facing an enemy, you will rarely be able to make a Full Throw. The preparation is long, and the enemy will most likely hear your loud steps. You can only use it when you are very far away from the enemy or when one of your allies is distracting the enemy."

Nick nodded.

"Next," Manela said as she lifted her spear again.

Then, she performed the same throwing motion but without taking steps.

The spear didn't fly as fast as before, and Manela was only pulled forward by about 20 meters when she tugged on the Ghost Wire.

Naturally, the power of this throw couldn't possibly compare to the one before that.

"This is a Stand Throw," Manela said after jumping back to the building. "This is most commonly used when your enemy doesn't see you, and you're not far away. In your case, that would mean about 30 to 70 meters, assuming you had an appropriate level of power for your spears."

"The throw is very silent, but it still needs some preparation. After all, you have to assume a throwing stance while also pulling your arm all the way back."

Nick nodded.

There wasn't much to say about the Stand Throw.


Suddenly, Manela's body shook a bit, and Nick saw a spear shoot at Manela from a distance.

Manela easily caught the spear and showed it to Nick.

"That was a Hidden Throw," she said. "This one is not relevant to you yet, but I still want to show it to you."

The next moment, Manela slowly showed what she had just done.

She stood in front of Nick with her arms crossed, and she slowly angled one of her wrists backward.

Nick saw one of the small spears in her sleeve come out, stopping at the tips of Manela's fingers.

Manela pulled her wrist backward more, pulling the small spear with it.

An instant later, one end of the small spear pointed at Nick.

And then, she just moved her wrist rapidly forward.


The quiet sound of something solid hitting something solid rang through the air, and Nick saw the center of the spear rapidly coming closer.

One had to remember that the tip of the small spear had been pulled into the shaft, but now, the tip was rapidly extending.

An instant later, a long spear shot past Nick's head before getting pulled back again.

"Now, I'm doing it with real speed again," Manela said.


Nick didn't even see Manela's wrist move before her spear shot past him again!

"The throw is not very strong, but still strong enough to kill someone on my level if they don't have their Barrier active," Manela explained.

"Since you don't have Hidden Spears, you can't properly use the Hidden Throw."