"There's one last throw," Manela said as she took out one of her bigger spears again.

The next moment, she lowered her arm and threw the spear from her hip.

The power seemed to be nearly as strong as the Stand Throw.

"This throw is interchangeable with the Stand Throw and is called the Hip Throw. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages."

"The Hip Throw is just as strong as the Stand Throw but is even faster. Even more, if you are in the air, for some reason, the Hip Throw is also much better than the Stand Throw. Additionally, you don't need to assume as obvious of a stance as with the Stand Throw."

"The problem is that aiming is much harder, and you also can't control the power as well. If you have space and time, performing the Stand Throw is always preferable, but if you don't, you are almost forced to perform the Hip Throw."

"The Hip Throw is mainly used if you are actively battling someone that is charging towards you."

"Someone that wants to get into your melee range is going to zig-zag and approach you rapidly while you are trying to retreat. In that case, you have to use the Hip Throw since the Stand Throw is just too obvious."

"Although, since you are also training in fist weapons, you might not even use the Hip Throw that much."

Nick nodded. "Probably not."

"For now," Manela continued. "I am going to teach you the Full Throw. Going through the most extravagant throw first will make it easier to learn the other ones later."

For the next couple of minutes, Manela taught Nick how to perform the Full Throw, which wasn't very difficult.

After all, it was just throwing an object.

Every human has thrown objects before.

Nick kept practicing the Full Throw for the next three hours, but compared to Manela, Nick didn't take off.

One had to remember that Nick's spears were designed to be thrown with much more power.

With Manela watching, Nick couldn't throw the spear properly.

With a Full Throw, Nick could barely throw his spear for about ten to twenty meters.

It was just way too heavy.

Eventually, Manela left, and Nick could actually try the Full Throw.

Since he wasn't that exhausted today, Nick decided to continue throwing spears with his ability.

Nick took a couple of steps back, lifted his spear, and performed a Full Throw.


The roof below Nick shuddered as he threw his spear into the distance!

Nick watched with satisfaction as his spear traveled further and further.


Suddenly, the Ghost Wire on Nick's right wrist became taut, and Nick felt himself get pulled forward.

The force was enough to pull Nick over the edge of the building, and he was just about to fall towards the sewers.

However, even though Nick had been surprised, his training with the Ghost Wire kicked in, and he pulled on it even more.

Nick was pulled away from the big building and landed on a smaller building further away just as his spear reached him again.

'Huh,' Nick thought. 'That went way better than I anticipated.'

After retrieving his spears so many times and after running across the entire training ground so many times, Nick had become extremely familiar with his environment and his spear.

The way Nick had simply pulled himself forward to land on a small building while easily catching the spear looked almost beautiful.

Nick had barely learned how to throw a spear properly, but he already looked like someone who had been using spears for years.

This made Nick realize one thing.

'Manela is an amazing teacher,' he thought in surprise and awe.

When he first appeared in this training ground, he felt unsure due to the weight of his spears and the destroyed grates and buildings everywhere.

The thought of throwing his spears in such a place had made Nick anxious and nervous before.

But now, it was easy.

The broken ground might as well not exist since Nick knew exactly what below him at any given moment was, and he could easily move across the air without losing his spears.

In just four days, Nick had become very confident in using his spears.

Eventually, Nick returned to the tall building and continued practicing Full Throws with his ability active.

Sadly, he had to stop after just half an hour.

The three hours of throwing had already exhausted his arm.

However, Nick still didn't leave.

'I think I can eat later. This training ground is too good, and I haven't properly exercised the rest of my body today.'

So, Nick decided to run and jump across the rooftops while carrying all of his spears.

With his ability active, this task was no longer a problem.

If Nick were to do his warmup routine again, he wouldn't even need a minute, which was why Nick wasn't doing that.

Instead, he threw his spears around in the air, pulling him from one side to the other.

Nick wanted to get familiar with how to move in the air.

Humans generally weren't good at moving in the air, but with the throwing spears, Nick had somewhat overcome this weakness.

After a bit more than an hour, Nick became exhausted and returned home.

'I'm excited for more training in four days,' Nick thought while eating.

'But first, I'm going to learn about fist weapons tomorrow.'

'I can actually see myself becoming stronger!'

'My goal is actually not impossible to achieve!'

However, when Nick had that thought, his good mood vanished.

For the past four days, Nick had managed to put on a mask that had even fooled himself.

It was a mask that said that nothing was wrong.

But now that Nick had remembered his true face, the mask had become visible again.

In the end, Nick could only take a deep breath.

'I can't get lost in this excitement.'

'All of this is only a means to an end.'

'And I can't forget that.'