"Alright, that's about enough," Reynold said as he pulled Nick back by his shoulders.

Nick's breathing had become extremely labored and heavy, but his eyes glared at the house with pure hatred and aggression.

After a couple of seconds, Nick's body sagged, and his breathing became deeper.

"There we go," Reynold said with a smirk as he let go of Nick, who fell onto his knees in exhaustion.

"You did good, Nick," Reynold said with a laugh. "You really fucked that house up!"

Nick slowly turned to look at the house.

It was half collapsed.

The front had completely collapsed, but the back was still at its original height.

Nick had punched the house for half an hour, and this was the result.

It had been extremely exhausting, but Nick got quite far.

"How's it feel?" Reynold asked, squatting beside Nick.

Nick thought about it for a bit as he looked at the house.

"Good," he said.

Reynold laughed loudly. "That's the way we like it!" he shouted as he slapped Nick's back, who started to cough.

"Nick," Reynold said with a quiet voice, for his standards, "we are not thinkers."

"We are not planners."

"Our power doesn't come from here," Reynold said as he pointed at his head.

"It comes from here," he said as he hit his chest with his fist.

"Our brains might make us move smarter, but our feelings make us move faster."

"Someone that needs to get home to protect their family from a threat will run much faster than normal."

"Someone that's filled with hatred and anger will attack much faster and with more power than normal."

"Our weapons are the fastest, and the best way to take advantage of that is to make them even faster."

"Punch faster and faster until nobody can defend anymore!"

"So what if an enemy sees our attack and blocks it? We just continued punching and kicking, and eventually, their foresight won't be of help anymore."

"What good is their intelligence and perception when their bodies can't move fast enough to defend?" Reynold shouted with a loud laugh.

Nick listened intently to Reynold's words.

The things Reynold was teaching Nick were very different from what Manela was teaching him.

Manela was very methodical and planning, while Reynold went all out.

One was the epitome of control, while the other was the epitome of chaos.

"Break's over," Reynold said with a smirk before shoving Nick forward. "Come on! Fuck 'em up!"

Nick took a deep breath and cracked his neck.

Then, he ran straight into the building violently.

He had thrown all the caution to the wind and decided to just go crazy, doing whatever his body was telling him to do.

"Come on! Do it! Fucking do it! Just do it!" Reynold kept shouting.

The house kept shaking under the impacts, and debris was falling from the house as Nick kept demolishing its insides.

20 minutes later, Reynold pulled Nick out again.

Nick nearly puked from exhaustion.

Manela's training was also extremely exhausting, but that kind of exhaustion was different from this one.

At the end of Manela's training, Nick felt like his body had been abused to its fullest extent, and it basically hurt everywhere.

But here, Nick felt like he was about to lose consciousness and die.

With Manela, it felt like Nick had exhausted his body.

With Reynold, it felt like Nick had exhausted his energy.

Another difference was that Manela never gave Nick any breaks, while Reynold forced Nick to take breaks several times.

"Look at that beauty," Reynold said with a smirk as he looked at the house.

Nick also looked at the house.

It had turned into rubble.

It was just a small hill of broken metal.

'That was me,' Nick thought.

'I did this.'

Nick still remembered how big and intimidating the house had been.

It had been a huge structure made of metal.

Now, it had turned into manageable pieces of rubble.

"Next, you gotta kick and punch the pieces so hard that they stick in the edge of the arena," Reynold said as he pointed at the edges of the arena.

When Reynold had destroyed the first two houses, he had kicked the rubble to the side with so much power that it got stuck in the surrounding houses, essentially creating a makeshift wall.

Nick realized that this would be very different from what he had done up until now.

Destroying the house had required a continued explosion of power, but throwing and burying these things in the surrounding houses required short bursts of power.

"Come on! Get to it!" Reynold shouted as he shoved Nick forward.

Nick took a deep breath and charged at the rubble.

He immediately kicked one of the pieces with all of his power.


Sadly, the plate hit the building with its flat side and slid down.

Nick wanted to go forward and retrieve the plate.

"Forget it!" Reynold shouted. "You're thinking too much! You only have to bury them in the houses!"

"You don't have to throw from a distance!"

"Just keep punching and kicking at the hill of rubble until it's gone, and when some pieces are still at the edge of the arena, just stomp them into the buildings like they're a shitty stamp!"

"Come on! Faster! Stronger!"

Nick had already continued to attack the hill of rubble, and soon, many different pieces of debris were essentially flying everywhere.

Some of them were landing in the arena.

Some of them hit a building and slid down.

Some of them got buried in a building.

Nick just kept punching and attacking the rubble.

This time, there were no breaks.

Nick's breaks were between kicking the debris.

After all, he was now attacking many small pieces instead of one big piece.

That required many small explosions of power instead of one big one.

"Faster! Faster! Faster!" Reynold shouted.

"Fucking do it!"

"Fuck it up!"

"Kick the fucker!"

Under Reynold's constant shouts of motivation, Nick kept going at the hill of debris.

He didn't even notice the time passing.