Kuma-san watched over Fina as the 4th Round Started

“Fina, it looks like it’s about to start.” (Tirumina)

Tirumina-san says, looking at the venue.

Preparations for the fourth round were about to be finished.

“Okay, I’m off then.” (Fina)

“Good luck.” (Tirumina)

“Good luck, Onee-chan.” (Shuri)

“Fina-chan, good luck.” (Shia)

“Fina-chan, I’m rooting for you.” (Ellelaura)

Each one of them gives a word to Fina.

I didn’t want her to be overworked, but I knew that the only words I could say to her would be, “Hang in there,” which would only be a burden for her.

While I was thinking about what to say to Fina, she waited for me to say something.

“You’ve come this far, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, so just give it your all.” (Sanya)

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.” (Fina)

I didn’t have much to say, but Fina nodded and went down to the contest grounds with Sanya-san.

“Twenty people left! Only 10 will remain for the final!” (Master of Ceremony)

I looked at the hall and felt sad; there were nearly 100 people there, but only 20. There were only three women, including Fina.

One was an Adventurer’s Guild employee named Eliza, and another woman raised her hand at the same time as Fina’s. Unfortunately, Claire, the adventurer, lost in the third round.

Fina should be proud to be one of them.

“If you made it this far out of more than 100 participants, I hope you will do your best to make it to the finals. But the number of people who can remain is down to the best 10.” (Master of Ceremony)

It really was a fierce competition. Not even Fina was one of the best during the Wolf round and was able to make it into the top 10.

For the Horned Rabbit, in the second round, she dropped even further down the rankings and made it through the second round because only 40 would be selected…

The monsters to be dismantled from the third round became more difficult, and some of them had never dismantled a gator before. Moreover, they were able to get through the third round thanks to those who were in a hurry to dismantle them.

Given that, the situation depends on the monster theme revealed in the fourth round, but the situation was unknown.

“Then, I am sure that everyone has calmed down. Now, please carry the monsters to be dismantled in the fourth round.” (Master of Ceremony)

The master of ceremony announced, and they were carried on a dolly by the attendant.

Like the gator, the cart was covered with a cloth.

It appeared to be the same as the gator or slightly larger.

If possible, I would like to see a monster that Fina had not dismantled before. But if it was a monster that she had not dismantled before, she would have to work hard to dismantle it, and she may even end up losing. That would also be frustrating on a different level.

Even if she loses, I want her to fight back.

There would be nothing more painful than not being able to fight and having to admit defeat.

I wish.

Even if it was just once, I would like to see a monster that Fina had not dismantled before.

“Well then, I’ll announce it. For the fourth round, the monster will be a Scorpion! A monster that lives in the desert, a bit rare in the royal capital, but in desert areas it is a common monster to encounter. They are rarely dismantled in the royal capital, but they do appear from time to time, so if you are a guild employee, you might have been given a chance to dismantle one. If you’re an adventurer who has been working for a while and worked in various places, you’ve probably at least defeated one.” (Master of Ceremony)

But the reactions were mixed.

Those with dismantling experience were silent. But some who have never dismantled anything responded.

“I don’t have any experience encountering them. I don’t go to the desert.” (Participant)

“Adventurers are free! You can go anywhere you want. If you’re an adventurer, you should go there at least once. It will broaden your knowledge. Besides, those who have made it to the fourth round should be adventurers of great ability. Don’t be satisfied with just Wolves and Horned Rabbits, but be diligent and grow day by day.” (Master of Ceremony)

“…” (Participant)

The adventurers who complained would not be able to say anything if they were called “incompetent”.

The fact that they’ve stayed this long means that they were promising young adventurers. It means that they have defeated and dismantled a good number of monsters.

Otherwise, they would not be able to acquire the skills to dismantle them.

Besides, if I deny that they have the skills, I would be denying the word “talented” to them. What those other guys need is experience in dismantling.

But if the monster this time was a scorpion, Fina had experienced dismantling it before.

Maybe, just, perhaps, she might be able to deal with it… and then the monster was unveiled from its cover.

“This will be the next target for dismantling… a Scorpion. Now then, there are probably those among you who have no experience dismantling this monster, so those who wish to withdraw, please step forward.” (Master of Ceremony)

At the master of ceremony’s words after the reveal, three people offered to withdraw.

That brings the total to 17. That did not mean that the best of the best withdrew; Fina would have to make it into the top ten.

“Well, then, it seems everyone is ready. Then, let’s begin the fourth round.” (Master of Ceremony)

The master of ceremony signaled the start of the fourth round, and they all started moving at once.

Fina also grabbed her knife and prepared for dismantling.

“Three declined; a 17-person contest started. As usual, Deed-kun and Garde-kun were still dismantling Scorpion with great dexterity. Is there anyone who can stop these two!” (Master of Ceremony)

Quite right, they were the two candidates for the championship.

The veteran adventurer party and the promising party consisting only of youngsters seem to have dismantled Scorpion before, and they dismantle it faster than anyone else.

The eyes of the audience are drawn to the two, cheering them on and getting excited.

“Eliza-chan, who works for the Adventurers’ Guild, is also dismantling. The guild employees may have the advantage? No, the other remaining adventurers are also dismantling. They are indeed the best of the best who have made it this far.” (Master of Ceremony)

Fierce young men, but not young enough to feel bad about being called those words. I think they would continue to be diligent in the future.

I just hoped they would not fight recklessly.

Being an adventurer was a dangerous job.

“In such a situation, surprisingly, the youngest girl, Fina-chan, is also dismantling Scorpion with a sense of familiarity. Have you ever dismantled a scorpion before!”

“Go for it, Onee-chan!” (Shuri)

Shuri cheers, not to be outdone by the two candidates for the championship.

“The three remaining women among the 20 are Eliza-chan, Amie-chan, and Fina-chan. It is sad to see the beautiful flowers fall. I would love to see them remain among the 10!” (Master of Ceremony)

But these three have never been in the top 10 before coming to this third round. Not in the words of the master of ceremony, but they were the ones who remained this far, and they were the ones with the right amount of talent. It may be difficult to think of them that way.

“But it is hard or time-consuming for the women to remove the Scorpion’s shell. Especially Fina-chan, who is small, seems to have the most difficulty.” (Master of Ceremony)

When she dismantled the scorpion before, Gentz-san helped her to remove the shell. But now she had to do it all by herself.

“I am tempted to offer a hand to Fina-chan.” (Master of Ceremony)

The coordinator made a gesture of extending his hand.

“That may be the same feeling for everyone in the audience.” (Master of Ceremony)

“Being small is a disadvantage, after all.” (Shia)

Shia muttered as she watched Fina use her small body to remove the shell.

Fina slipped a knife into the gap between the shells and tried to remove the shell.

“But, looking at Fina-chan’s handiwork, she must have dismantled a scorpion before. What do you think about that, Guild Master?” (Master of Ceremony)

The master of ceremony turned to Sanya-san, who was at the commentary table.

“To tell you the truth, I am also surprised because I didn’t know that Fina-chan could dismantle so much. I had only heard about Fina-chan from other people.” (Sanya)

You mean Ellelaura-san.

“I see, I thought you were familiar with Fina-chan since you recommended her. Fina-chan was an unexpected surprise for the Guild Master, but here the difference in physique was becoming a handicap for her.” (Master of Ceremony)

If only Fina could use the skill that could make Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear bigger or smaller. Or if she could use magic to turn her into an adult.

“Mom, can’t Onee-chan work on that?” (Shuri)

“You need strength to hold heavy things, right?” (Tirumina)

“Yes.” (Shuri)

“Likewise, it takes strength to remove a Scorpion’s shell. That’s why it’s hard for Fina, who is still a child.” (Tirumina)

The more strength you have, the easier it would be to remove the shell. Inevitably, being a woman and a child, Fina would be at a disadvantage compared to an adult male.

“Onee-chan…” (Shuri)

Shuri looked at Fina with concern.

“But she’s doing her best, so let’s make sure we support her.” (Tirumina)

“Yes! Onee-chan, keep up the good work!” (Shuri)

“Good luck, Fina-chan!” (Shia)

Shuri cheered, and Shia followed her lead.

There was a big difference in physique when it came to handling the sword. Anyone with a bigger body size would have the advantage if the skill level was the same.

If the arm was even one centimeter longer, the tip of the sword would reach the opponent faster. If your legs were longer, you could step closer to your opponent.

When it comes to running, if the movement speed was the same, the difference would widen as the number of steps taken increased.

The difference in physique between children and adults could not be bridged.

I wish she could make up for it with knowledge, but she couldn’t. The only people who have made it this far have also acquired a solid understanding of the competition. The more I think about it, the more I feel Fina could not win.

However, Fina worked hard to remove the shell and dismantle the scorpion using her petite body.

Fina, hang in there.

My hands tighten.

“Then, let’s see the others.” (Master of Ceremony)

The master of ceremony took his turn talking about the event’s progress and other things.

Those who remained here were of the highest caliber and did not withdraw from the competition.

But some of them were having a hard time.

“After all, like Fina-chan, Eliza-chan is also struggling; she is more powerful than Fina-chan, but she is a woman. This tournament has never been won by a woman in the past, and I wish Eliza-chan the best, but the two candidates for the championship are too strong!” (Master of Ceremony)

The two examples were as fast as ever. While everyone was struggling, more and more, the scorpion shells were being removed.

At the words of the master of ceremony, the speed of the other participants’ dismantling increased.

“Scorpion shells are used for armor. It is strong and light, so it is very popular as a protective gear. So, everyone, please dismantle it neatly. If you dismantle it in a hurry, and it looks dirty, points will be deducted.” (Master of Ceremony)

The master of ceremony’s words slowed down the hands hurriedly trying to dismantle it. It was interesting to watch.

Even in such a situation, Fina kept her own pace and dismantled Scorpion without fail.

By the midway point, the gap between the top and Fina was quite wide.