Chapter 5105 Digging Out a Disaster

In a thin, purple robe, Da Ban’s head lowered. His voice was steady. “Your Highness, you are the heir to the throne, and these shouldn’t be the concerns of an heir.”

The voice of the Young Emperor suddenly rose. “Then what should I be concerned about, the internecine struggles among the Princes?”

He fell silent, then spoke after a moment. “I cannot dictate Your Highness’s judgment, but Your Highness should consider the future.”

“Fine, I understand,” the Young Emperor replied impatiently, a hint of loneliness in his eyes.

Jian Wushuang continued, “Your Highness, do not overly rely on Jian Wushuang. You should be aware that he does not depend on you. He has his own purpose, and I believe he won’t be bound by any celestial constraints. Once he finds his own path, he will not be far from leaving.”

Unable to contain himself any longer, the Young Emperor exclaimed, “Enough, leave!”

But he did not depart. He continued, “To prevent Your Highness from continuing down this path, I have already met with the Emperor and arranged for a high-ranking Heavenly Official to be sent to Your Highness. They will arrive shortly.”


The Young Emperor shattered a window in frustration, standing in the warm chamber, his anger reaching its peak. “What did you say? Have my father send me a high-ranking Heavenly Official? Don’t you know that my Heavenly Official is Jian Wushuang?!”

The skinny purple-robed figure remained calm, “Jian Wushuang is not willing to be Your Highness’s Heavenly Official, and he has not The skinny purple-robed figure remained calm, “Jian Wushuang is not willing to be Your Highness’s Heavenly Official, and he has not received the Emperor’s bloodline blessing. Therefore, he cannot be considered Your Highness’s Heavenly Official.”

“Very well, I’ll see how long this new Heavenly Official can survive under my rule!” With these words, the Young Emperor left the chamber.

The purple-robed man turned slowly, his gaze filled with determination.

In the boundless wasteland, beneath the impenetrable boundary barrier.

At this moment, within the chasm-like gap that resembled an abyss, a square roadblock had already piled up, comparable to millions of divine mountains stacked together. The sheer enormity of it was beyond imagination.

But just like that, compared to the border barrier, it all seemed as tiny as dust.

In the center of the crack in the border barrier, on the countless Immortal bones, piling high like a mountain, sat a figure exuding a carefree aura.

He was Jian Wushuang.

In an extremely short period, he had filled the edge of the border crack. Although it might not be much, it was quite commendable.

Staring at the still unimaginable crack, Jian Wushuang contemplated how he could seal it as quickly as possible.

If he continued to cut out Immortal bones from the road as pieces and use them to fill the gap, it would probably take a thousand years to completely seal the border crack.

“How should I go about this to quickly mend the rift? Should I try using the Wushuang Sword Dao?” Jian Wushuang muttered silently, but soon dismissed various ideas.

In this desolated wasteland, it was impossible to generate Yan power, which meant he couldn’t draw Yan power from the void.

Moreover, the Wushaung Sword Dao consumed Yan power excessively, and if his Immortal body couldn’t recover the losses, he would be in a very passive situation.

Jian Wushuang never took such risky actions, especially in this unknown and desolate border of the Great Desolate Wilderness.

No one knew what existed here, especially beyond this border barrier, where the Great Desolate Wilderness stretched endlessly and dangerously.

So Jian Wushuang continued to act according to his previous method.

With a downward stroke of his sword, a thousand Sword Intents surged forth. Each Sword Intent seemed to gain sentience, cutting the road of Immortal bones at the fastest speed.

Then, Jian Wushuang shook the ground, stacking pieces of road, each resembling a mountain, into the border crack.

Perhaps even he himself had never imagined that one day, the Sword Principle of the Wushuang Sword Dao would be used for such things.

Blocks of road, like divine mountains, had been piled into the cracks at the border. And these blocks were actually the bones of Yan Immortals.

Countless bones of Yan Immortals eventually lay in the great wasteland, becoming a part of the ancient desolation.

Jian Wushuang finally understood. Clearly, the Yan Immortals had already transcended the order of the heavens, becoming Immortal beings, so why were there so few Yan Immortals in the Great Si Region?

It turned out that those Yan Immortals from ancient times had long turned into dry bones, discarded in the Great Desolate Wilderness.

Mending the border in this great wasteland was extremely dull, and Jian Wushuang had thought he might encounter some challenges. However, to his surprise, there was not the slightest disturbance in this vast wilderness.

If nothing unexpected happened, he wouldn’t encounter any great difficulties in just a thousand years.

But as Jian Wushuang repeated the process of laying bricks, something unexpected suddenly occurred.

Under the excavated bone road that had already formed deep grooves, the pure Sword Intent of the Wushuang Sword Dao was unexpectedly unable to dig deeper, as if it had touched some kind of restriction, making it impossible to advance even a little bit further.

Jian Wushuang furrowed his brow slightly, and a sense of foreboding welled up in his heart.

He knew better than anyone how formidable the Sword Intent of the Wushuang Sword Dao was. It was precisely because he knew that this sense of foreboding became even stronger.

“Could there be something hidden beneath this road of Immortal bones?!”

Jian Wushuang swiftly descended from the void to the edge of the deeply excavated pit.

Through layers of Yan Immortal bones, his gaze reached the deepest part of the pit.

But at the same time, a thick black smoke, impossible to ignore, surged out from the deepest part of the pit like a black dragon.

The energy that erupted in an instant, even Jian Wushuang could not ignore it.

The black smoke billowed out, covering the sky and plunging the void into even deeper darkness.

Due to the surging of the black smoke, vortexes appeared once again above the void.

The more violent vortexes spun and resonated with the black smoke, as if they were brewing a supreme punishment.

Jian Wushuang muttered, “This doesn’t look good.” Without hesitation, he released the Invisible Sword and slashed towards the black smoke column like a tearing of silk.


Like tearing apart silk, the black smoke was forcibly severed and ultimately dissipated into the void.

However, Jian Wushuang did not relax his vigilance. He did not believe the black smoke would just disappear like this.

What could be emitting the black smoke? Was it some kind of restriction?

It was important to note that this bone road in the Great Desolate Wilderness had been jointly created by Zhen Wuyang and Yu Chang during that Ancient Era. Its age was unimaginable.

If there was indeed some kind of restriction beneath this bone road, it was likely that once it emerged, it would cause a catastrophe here!

Jian Wushuang furrowed his brow deeply. He had never imagined that digging this road would unearth a great disaster!

Following this, the black smoke that had been severed unexpectedly surged forth once again, carrying an unimaginable aura and shrouding the entire road of Immortal bones.

This was undoubtedly a calamity!