Chapter 5189: The Wind Blows

Jian Wushuang was a person outside the influence of major powers. He had no significant background, except for the Emperor in the Great Si Region, Zhen Wuyang.

However, he had chosen the wrong side, aligning himself with the Chishui Hall, while Zhen Wuyang joined the Eternal Tower.

Now, his connections were primarily with the Tongtian Buddha Realm. In the future, he would need to visit the Tongtian Buddha Realm to settle the karmic calamity in his body and seek their help.

Since advancing to the Six Revolutions, the karmic debt and calamity on him had gradually increased. Although it didn’t affect him at the moment, it had to be resolved before he merged the Dao.

He managed to befriend the monks within the Great Desolate Wilderness, which seemed to be the universe’s favor toward him. If he were to become enemies with the Tongtian Buddha Realm, he didn’t know how to resolve the karmic debt in his body.

Hu Qing had become skilled in the Ultimate Dao and his strength had greatly increased. After becoming a half- step Emperor in the future, he would definitely receive attention from the Tongtian Buddha Realm. At that time, his status would be very high. Jian Wushuang could seek help from Wuliang Buddha through this relationship to resolve his karmic calamity.

However, all of this had to wait until the trial of the Qishen Temple ended.

Only one-tenth of the first step, the Original Planet Trial, had passed. Everything was still far away.

He didn’t know where those Emperors were. Countless Yan Immortals had been plundered there.

They, the Grand Yan Immortals, were just a part of it, and everything was still unclear and confusing.

Jian Wushuang held his breath, focusing his mind, and hurriedly replenished his energy. Infusing Thought power into One Thought Universe had overdrafted his abilities significantly. Fortunately, the power of the Original

Universe was formidable enough to prevent any damage to the origin source.

“Kill!” Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrows, and the nine auras, enhanced once again, burst forth in a myriad of illusions. Comparable to the killing power of a extreme-level Grand Yan Immortal, they shattered countless mountains and headed straight for Prince Mi Luo.

Originally having the upper hand, Prince Mi Luo, now suppressed in strength, was managing against Hu Qing. However, he had to be on constant guard against Jian Wushuangs sneak attacks, making him utterly miserable.

Although his treasures were perfectly attuned to his being, their quality paled in comparison to God-Emperor MO Longs. The combined power of all the treasures on his person was still inferior to the components of the Blood Jade Palace controlled by God-Emperor MO Long.

Faced with this life-threatening situation, he had no hidden cards for protection; he could only endure the onslaught!

“Pay no attention to MO Long; help me kill this little bald donkey!” Mi Luo was starting to falter, directly calling out for assistance from the other two Princes.

However, the situation had just turned in favor of the others. The blood shield had been shattered, and although the two of them had sustained minor injuries, it didn’t significantly impair their abilities.

At this moment, God-Emperor MO Long, now without the protection of the

Blood Jade Palace, looked somewhat desperate. Being besieged by two peak Grand Yan Immortals at full strength, his situation was even worse than that of Prince Mi Luo.

“MO Long, today you will die. The treasures on your body will belong to the two of us!”

Every time MO Long was severely injured, the two of them became even more frenzied in their attacks, not hesitating to harm themselves in the process, exchanging injuries for injuries to deal with MO Long.

If they could obtain the supreme treasure of God-Emperor MO Long, even if they didn’t advance in the top 1,000, they wouldn’t suffer losses. The treasures of God-Emperor MO Long were enough to make even an Emperor covet!

No matter how powerful Qishen Temple was, and no matter how many benefits it had, they couldn’t possibly bestow such treasures upon the two of them!

They attacked insanely, paying no attention to Mi Luffs shouts!

Originally, Mi Luo was the main force, and they only had to restrain. Of course, the benefits they received in the end were also the least because their strength couldn’t match Mi Luo’s might.

But now, with the constant exchange of power, their strength could rival both the suppressed Mi Luo and MO Long. Such a golden opportunity, how could they possibly let it slip away?

As for Mi Luo, they couldn’t care less. Once they seized MO Longs supreme treasure, they would no longer fear Mi Luo.

“Kill him! Don’t give him a chance to catch his breath!”

Two separate supreme treasures couldn’t suppress them at all. MO Long fled in a sorry state, trying to escape the boundaries of the universe of a single thought, but the imperial sons of the Daluo realm didn’t give him that chance.

“Damn it, all of you deserve to die!” MO Long gritted his teeth in anger and roared, “You’ve all been deceived! Once Mi Luo falls, we’ll all die! Hurry, go help Mi Luo kill Hu Qing. He embodies the Ultimate Dao, and Jian Wushuang also embodies the Ultimate Dao. If you don’t go now, there won’t be another chance.’


An incredibly sharp flying disc tore through MO Longs physical body, directly piercing him, causing significant damage to his divine body.

“Unbelievable, a single slash damaged one percent of my divine body!” MO Long completely lost his composure.

These two madmen had started burning their origin sources. Weren’t they afraid of leaving hidden injuries?

“Junior Brother, I burned one-tenth of my origin source just to break through one percent of his divine body. His defense is too strong. 1 need to find an opportunity to severely injure him and then burn my origin source again; otherwise, I won’t be able to defeat him.” The white-haired Prince from the Daluo Realm spoke with a hint of malice in his eyes.

“Good, you endure for three breaths, and I’ll deal him a heavy blow!” The young Prince laughed manically.

Were all the Princes from the Daluo Realm like this?

Jian Wushuang sneered, his Thought power trembling. Now he was just like them, burning his Heart and Thought power to enhance his One Thought Universe. It was a matter of who could endure longer.

“Since you’re all so crazy, let me help you a bit more!” Jian Wushuangs Thought power moved, using One Thought Universe to enhance the strength of the two men by 30 percent.

This was his limit, boosting the strength of Hu Qing and the two Princes from the Daluo Realm, suppressing the peak powerhouses who could rival extreme-level Nine Revolutions Grand Yan Immortals.

“Haha, Senior Brother, I feel my origin source has been strengthened!”

“Me too!”

“Quick, take advantage of the enhanced origin source and kill MO Long in one fell swoop!’

MO Longs pale purple skin turned even whiter with anger. He had been beaten so badly that he was starting to lose his sanity, muttering to himself, “Fools, fools, all must die!”

Countless rotating flying blades, under the enhancement of their origin sources, kept harvesting MO Longs divine body. He had no choice but to burn his origin source to resist.

Mi Luo barely dodged Jian Wushuangs illusory sword again, his mouth dripping with blood. He roared in fury, “You deceived me!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

He dodged one sword but couldn’t avoid the remaining eight. Mi Luo screamed wildly as several illusory phantom swords pierced his body, causing him unbearable pain. Not only was his divine body damaged, but his origin source was also being consumed rapidly.

Jian Wushuangs figure approached, his Thought power moved, and nine phantom swords were instantly pulled out. Along with the swords came not only bright red blood but also a large amount of origin source energy.

In the instant they were pulled out, the Thought power contained in the phantom swords began to devour the origin source power within Mi Luo’s body.

Jian Wushuang was overjoyed. With a movement of his psychic power, he said, “Devour!”


Following several wounds, the phantom swords continued to devour the origin source power inside Mi Luo’s body. Meanwhile, Jian Wushuang remotely absorbed this origin source power to replenish himself.

Originally heavily depleted and injured, he almost instantly restored his peak strength. Controlling his One Thought Universe was no longer difficult; instead, he became adept at it.

The power he devoured once again allowed him to be reborn from the dead..