Chapter 5199: Monster Monk

The first layer of the Transcendent Immortal Formation was perfected, tripling the power of the sword formation. Originally, with nine phantom illusory swords, he could threaten a peak-level Grand Yan Immortal. With Hu Qings restraint, he managed to kill Mi Luo.

Now, his power had tripled. Facing a peak-level Grand Yan Immortal alone should not pose much difficulty.

However, he set a deadline for himself – 20 years. He had to return to the mountain range after 20 years of conquest. 20 years later, with only three to four years left until the trial ended, the various Dao Lords would definitely settle scores with them.

The ranking on this original planet alone didn’t prove anything. They had to strive for a higher overall ranking.

Of course, this was just Jian Wushuangs speculation.

Whether there were any hidden rules inside the Qishen Temple, no one knew. But everyone wanted to perform well in front of the Qishen Temple. Jian Wushuang put away the scrolls in front of him, stood up slowly, and activated the treasure that suppressed his aura. He became virtually undetectable, with no trace of his presence discernible to the naked eye.

“You’re lucky this time. I’ll spare your life,” he said.

Madman Yang seemed to understand something. A glimmer of light flashed in his dazed eyes.

“Oh, right, when you enter the Feather Continent, you must join an organization. It’s highly beneficial.”

Jian Wushuang raised an eyebrow. Join an organization?

He hadn’t thought about that. With his strength in the Feather Continent, he had reached a point where he didn’t need to team up with anyone. He didn’t need to ally with anyone and be restricted by others.

“Why?” Jian Wushuang asked lightly.

“Three years ago, in the western part of the Feather Continent, a monk suddenly appeared. His strength was incredibly formidable. He single-handedly wiped out several top-tier squads. However, he didn’t kill anyone; he just took their identity tokens without even seizing their treasures.”

Madman Yang spoke with a quivering voice. “This monk leader is known as the Monster Monk. His power rivals the extreme-level, and he keeps getting stronger. He has reached the level of Dao Lord, and even the peak Grand Yan Immortals in the Feather Continent are banding together. The Monster Monk is terrifying; he rampages through the domain of the five Dao Lords, sweeping through with the efficiency of a Dao Lord and the strength to match.”

Madman Yangs voice trembled as he spoke.

Their squad had once watched from afar as the Monster Monk swept through peak-level Grand Yan Immortals. With a long staff, he caused the heavens and earth to change color, defeating several extreme-level Grand Yan Immortals effortlessly.

“Monster Monk?” Jian Wushuang furrowed his brows and quickly took out his identity token to check.

Participant: Hu Qing

Rank: 16

Jian Wushuang inhaled sharply, hardly believing what he saw.

When he and Hu Qing had parted ways, Hu Qings strength was comparable to a Grand Yan Immortal touching the threshold of the extreme-level. How did he become a Dao Lord so quickly?

Hadn’t he just broken through the Nine Revolutions?

Even if he was a Grand Yan Immortal with the Ultimate Dao, at most, he would reach the strength of an extreme-level Grand Yan Immortal. Could it be that he had achieved the Perfected Nine Revolutions level?

Jian Wushuang bit his lip. He knew Hu Qing harbored a great secret, but he hadn’t expected him to be this powerful. He had become so formidable right after Jian Wushuang left.

In just three years, he had made it into the top 20. Hu Qings goal was probably to reach the top 10, maybe even seize victory from the Dao Lords.

However, if he had truly achieved Perfected Nine Revolutions, it would be difficult for him to strive for first place. If he remained at the level of a Nine Revolutions, his chances were significant. After all, he could obtain double the achievement points just by fighting above his cultivation level.

“Where is he now?” Jian Wushuang couldn’t help but ask.

Although they were peers in cultivation, Hu Qings sudden breakthrough was different from Jian Wushuangs steady progress toward the peak.

Even though Hu Qing had practiced for 30 million years, he had not reached the Grand Yan Immortal level before entering the Great Desolate Wilderness. In the end, during his battle against Xiang Bingyun, he had erupted, stepping directly into the Dao, directly challenging the Perfected Nine Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal.

At that time, his path was still uncertain. Now, it seems he has completely mastered the Ultimate Dao, which explains his extraordinary power.

Jian Wushuang was different. He had endured trials in life and death for over 20,000 years, progressing from weakness to strength. He walked the path of gods, annihilated god dynasties, received assistance from Xuan Yi, and eventually entered the Great Si Region, receiving many gifts from Emperors.

He barely managed to become an extreme-level Grand Yan Immortal. This was the result of his efforts over two millennia. After entering the vast Great Desolate Wilderness, he awakened his Heart power, practiced in the starry sky for millions of years, mastered the Extreme Dao, and truly took off after that.

He constantly broke through, and within a decade, he possessed the strength of a peak-level Grand Yan Immortal.

But all of this was built on the foundation of over 20,000 years, combined with the special place he practiced in the starry sky for millions of years.

Now, Hu Qing, with just a step or two, had surpassed him significantly, making it difficult for him to accept.

Could it be that Hu Qing had also entered the starry sky at some moment and practiced for millions of years?

The likelihood of this was very low. If Hu Qing had entered the starry sky, he would have at least mastered the Extreme Dao. Yet, Jian Wushuang did not sense any similar aura from Hu Qing.

Apart from these possibilities, only one remained.

Hu Qing was the chosen child of the Qishen Temple!

Qishen Temple was secretly nurturing Hu Qing. The thought left Jian Wushuang even more puzzled.

In all fairness, his talent was not bad. Why didn’t Qishen Temple nurture him?

Or was it that his ability to awaken Heart power and master the Extreme Dao was all because of Qishen Temple?

Jian Wushuang fell into contemplation.

Unbeknownst to him, the true spirit of the Qishen Temple had already pronounced his fate, deeming his future short-lived and not worth investing


Indeed, the temple held greater hope for Hu Qing. Among all the Grand Yan Immortals, Hu Qings talent ranked among the top 10, making him a key candidate for the temple’s nurturing.

Jian Wushuang and others were merely stepping stones for these chosen successors!

Hu Qing was averse to bloodshed, but the others were not. For the sake of these successors, it seemed likely that 90 percent of the Grand Yan Immortals in the entire universe would have to be sacrificed.

Grand Yan Immortals were not Emperors. With each era passing, new Grand Yan Immortals would rise like mushrooms after rain.

Emperors might require more time, but for the Qishen Temple, these matters were inconsequential.

Having comprehended the temple’s intentions, Jian Wushuang involuntarily emitted an aura of malevolence.

The true spirit, despite his formidable strength, was still just a true spirit. They viewed the inhabitants of the Original Universe as creatures to be cultivated, and Jian Wushuang could take this opportunity to transform himself. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement.

If Jian Wushuang were to perish in the end, the true spirit would cheer in victory. Even if he managed to survive without perishing, they could still absorb him into their peripheral forces.

No matter how one looked at it, the true spirit had everything to gain.

However, it all depended on whether Jian Wushuang agreed or not. In the next moment, Jian Wushuangs form reversed, and the malevolent aura transformed into black lightning that surrounded him. It occasionally collided, producing crackling sounds.

This aura filled Madman Yang with fear, forcing him to retreat involuntarily.

Jian Wushuang pierced through the rocks, his gaze penetrating the entire original planet. With a swift movement, he disappeared into the depths of the mountain cave.

At that moment, Madman Yang, left behind in the same spot, regained his senses..