Chapter 5201: The End of Nine Revolutions

“Fellow Daoist, you’re too kind. These rumors were shared with me by a fellow cultivator in our group who had visited the Feathered Continent before. It’s not just about achieving the Perfected Nine Revolutions; even in the earliest days, millions of cultivators at the Nine Revolutions level did the same.

Unfortunately, they all eventually perished,” the fair-faced scholar said with a tone of regret.

“They still had hope. The Nine Revolutions cultivators had it much worse. Most of them have already perished, and the few remaining ones are mostly hiding in the mountains,” he continued.

Jian Wushuang nodded in agreement. The Nine Revolutions cultivators were indeed the most tragic group. A million of them were slaughtered on the Feather Continent, unable to withstand the formations formed by the Perfected Nine Revolutions cultivators. In the end, they could only fall in despair.

After a moment of shared sorrow, Ren Yinjiu felt it was enough. He spoke up, “Brother Wushuang, the people we summoned are almost here. It’s time for us to set out.”

Unbeknownst to them, they had been talking for several hours.

With a movement of Jian Wushuang’s Thought power, he sensed that several other powerful cultivators were heading their way. It seemed their group had indeed gathered a few Grand Yan Immortals who had recently emerged from the mountains.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

After a few short breaths, seven or eight top Grand Yan Immortals appeared directly in front of the two of them.

“Brother Ren, you’ve been here for so long and only recruited one person? And his strength is so weak?” Just appearing, a muscular top Grand Yan Immortal with a fierce look glanced disdainfully at Jian Wushuang and said.

The others were relatively polite, albeit slightly embarrassed smiles.

Ren Yinjiu’s expression changed, suppressing his anger, he diplomatically said, “Brother Kuishan, this fellow Daoist has top-level strength too; there’s no need to be so harsh in your words!”

Inwardly, he was already harboring thoughts of killing Kuishan. Kuishan was someone he had recruited the other day, and it was his first time going to the Feather Continent. However, Kuishan’s strength was extraordinary, ranking among the top even among top experts. Ren Yinjiu couldn’t afford to neglect him.

After all, it was Ren Yinjiu’s team. In the end, Kuishan merely snorted coldly and sneered, “Fine, since Brother Ren personally recruited him, if he lags behind, it’s your responsibility to cover for him!”

Jian Wushuang frowned and his face was filled with anger. However, he thought that this person should not be in cahoots with Ren Yinjiu. He did not know that this person was a hothead who had appeared out of nowhere and was not even aware that he had been betrayed.

Jian Wushuang furrowed his brows, his face angry, but inwardly, he wondered if this Kuishan was not on the same side as Ren Yinjiu. He had no idea how this inexperienced youth had ended up being deceived so easily.

“Don’t blame him, Fellow Daoist. Kuishan has always been like this,” Ren Yinjiu awkwardly chuckled. He immediately changed the subject, discussing the route to the Feather Continent.

“Dear Daoist friends, the Feather Continent is at most a three-hour journey from here. However, along the way, we’ll pass many dried riverbeds and lakes. There are quite a few hidden experts in those places, specifically targeting isolated Grand Yan Immortals or weak small teams.’

“Haven’t you said this before? Just tell us the route,” Kuishan said impatiently.

His strength was not weak; he was dominant in the mountains and ranked among the top ten thousand on this original planet. The reason he chose to team up for the journey to the Feather Continent was because there were several strong individuals in the team. He hoped to attach himself to them.

However, Ren Yinjiu had recruited Jian Wushuang, a seemingly ordinary top Grand Yan Immortal whose strength was considerably weaker than theirs.

Everyone wanted to recruit powerful teammates, and he didn’t know what Ren Yinjiu was thinking. Especially since the other strong individuals recruited by the team were just average, not much different from his own strength. Only he had recruited a powerful Grand Yan Immortal, which was the reason he dared to mock Jian Wushuang in front of Ren Yinjiu.

“Well then! Actually, I’ve already planned the route. We just need to…”

The route Ren Yinjiu had set bypassed the western mountains. They would enter the Feather Continent from the north because the western region was in chaos due to the influence of Hu Qing. Many peak-level Grand Yan Immortals had sought refuge there, causing disorder in the outskirts of the west.

After everyone expressed no objections, they nodded one after another. Without further delay, they tore through space and left, cautiously avoiding the western region and entering the outskirts of the southern continent.

They passed numerous dried-up riverbeds and lakes, remnants of battlefields visible everywhere on the earth. The original planet was neither too big nor too small, but as they approached the Feather Continent, the battlefields beneath grew larger. After all, it was the place where millions of Grand Yan Immortals had fought.

Along the way, Jian Wushuang also observed these people. There were eight of them in the group. Three individuals had a similar aura to Ren Yinjiu, while the remaining four, apart from him, were all powerful individuals among the top-tier Grand Yan Immortals. The strongest among them was a black-robed old man, whose strength rivaled that of Luo Hao.

The arrogant Kuishan, who had spoken disrespectfully before, stuck closely to the black-robed old man, flattering him all the way.

On this journey, Ren Yinji had not spared any praise for their plan to reach the Feather Continent.

He spoke of forming a top-notch Grand Yan Immortal team of around 20

members upon reaching the Feathered Continent, reinforcing the team, and setting up an array capable of slaying peak-level Grand Yan Immortals.

Everyone, except the black-robed elder, eagerly anticipated these words.

However, they were uncertain if they would survive to enter the Feather Continent.

Even though their strengths posed no threat to him, Jian Wushuang remained cautious, his habit of constant vigilance ingrained. His thought power extended over a radius of a hundred thousand miles, perpetually on guard.

Ren Yinji dared to play games in the original planet; the force behind him was far from ordinary. He himself had mentioned that the entire western continent was in chaos, with peak-level Grand Yan Immortals beginning to flee. If there was a peak-level Grand Yan Immortal supporting him, Jian Wushuang had to be careful.

As long as it wasn’t a peak-level fight, he faced no real threats. He had fully mastered the sixth layer of the Ultimate Sword Dao. He could handle top-level

Grand Yan Immortals without needing his Illusionary Sword Trial; his

Heartsword World alone could deal with ordinary peak-level Grand Yan Immortals.

The Heart Sword Trial had the power to face peak-level Grand Yan Immortals, but he didn’t need to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut against top-level Grand Yan Immortals.

However, he was still lacking a suitable divine sword. Although he had obtained many innate divine treasures from God -Emperor MO Long, he didn’t possess an innate divine longsword. He only had an exceptional divine treasure with good appearance but lacked an innate divine treasure’s power.

After the benefits brought by these breakthroughs over the years, his hidden cards had accumulated. He was no longer as stretched thin as before, relying on desperate breakthroughs. Now, with the Eye of the Beast God, he could deal with peak-level Grand Yan Immortals, the One Thought Universe against extreme-level Grand Yan Immortals, and his Illusory Sword Technique could even threaten extreme-level Grand Yan Immortals.

Additionally, his strongest ‘Transcendent Immortal Formation’, while still inferior to Hu Qing, but he was now still only a Six Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal!

Looking across the universe, along the entire River of Time, it was challenging to find a Six Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal who could slay peak-level Grand Yan Immortals and rival extreme-level ones.

Jian Wushuang was content with his strength, steadily climbing step by step.

Until he reached the peak, both the Dao Merge and Emperor were his goals, but not his endpoint.

On the path of cultivation, the endpoint was the end of life; as long as he didn’t die, he would keep walking..