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Chapter 1578 - Outperforming

The clouds opened, and the moon burst through.

The moon was particularly large, hanging in the sky like a silver plate, leaving the place even brighter than daytime.

The demon city shook, and the buildings swayed. The demonfolk all rushed onto the streets, gazing at the moon in shock. This sight truly was rare.

Li Qingshan stood on the ruins, grasping the ancient bronze sword in a reverse grip in one hand as he clutched a broken arm in the other.

Even a lion would use its full strength to catch a rabbit, not to mention he was facing a Heretic God, even if he just looked like a pig.

Even a vicious tiger would not dare to be careless with a wild boar from the mountains.

He did not hold back at all, striking to kill right from the beginning. He understood the power of the ancient bronze sword the best. If Heretic God Baitun had responded just slightly slower, all that remained now would be a pig’s head.

“Sure enough, Heretic Gods aren’t that easy to kill.”

He casually tossed aside the arm, except Qian Rongzhi caught it conveniently. “Don’t just throw it away. This is a Heretic God’s arm.” Afterwards, she took a bite and sweet blood filled her mouth.

“Apart from the customs clearance documents, is there any other way?”

“There is, but you better deal with this pig first!” Qian Rongzhi buried her head in the pork trotter as she pointed at the sky.

Li Qingshan followed her finger and gazed out. Heretic God Baitun hovered above the moon. His pig face was extremely twisted, gazing at Li Qingshan and the ancient bronze sword in his hand resentfully. His face contorted again and again, unable to disguise his fright.

“Who exactly are you!?”

Actually, Heretic Gods and Human Immortals were the same. Their strongest aspect was their understanding and usage of laws. Even if they could not control a certain law as they pleased like true god and True Immortals, it was enough to completely separate them from regular cultivators.

And Heretic Gods in the Demon domain were like Battle Gods in the Asura realm. They received the blessings and protection of the world, so their battle prowess far surpassed Human Immortals. Even the Six Ding, the Six Jia, and the sangharama guardians did not dare to venture deep into the Demon domain alone.

However, in that instant of the clash, the demonic heavens had abandoned Heretic God Baitun, this proper Heretic God and son by blood, placing all of its blessings on this man of unknown origins, even suppressing his senses against him, where he only noticed the life-threatening danger in the final moment.

Even with how chaotic and wicked the will of the Demon domain had always been, something like this was simply inconceivable!

“You’re actually not running,” Li Qingshan said in surprise.

The slash earlier had already determined the outcome of their battle. Even if he failed to cut off that pig head, the severed arm would not be growing back.

Heretic God Baitun had sensed this as well. In the past, a wound like this would be absolutely nothing. He could even directly control his severed arm, which would be even more powerful than an arcane treasure. Yet right now, he was unable to sense the existence of the severed arm at all, forced to watch helplessly as it was eaten.

Qian Rongzhi greedily slurped up the flesh on the remaining little finger, praising towards the sky, “This truly is sir Heretic God Baitun’s ‘hand’iwork. It’s delicious!” As she said that, she even burped.

She was not mocking him. Perhaps because Heretic God Baitun’s flesh had absorbed the essence of nature, it was extremely delicious and possessed a tremendous amount of energy.

Originally, she had been reduced to skin and bones from the feast, yet after eating the pork arm, she actually plumped up like she had been pumped full of air, becoming a great, fat woman. Her thin waist had become the thickest part of her body, almost two metres across. Even her lower half, the snake body, became round.

And, the blessings from the demonic heavens became even heavier, confirming that she was the officiator of this sacrifice.

Heretic God Baitun was absolutely furious. He had accumulated that power through hard work, amounting to at least ten percent of all of his powers, yet it had just been taken away like this. It was all the man and the strange sword’s fault!

However, when he gazed at the ancient bronze sword, his beady eyes became filled with greed again. As long as he obtained the sword and offered it up to Demon God Taotie, he would definitely be compensated on fold.

With an idea, he cleared his throat. “Hmph hmph, this is my demon city, so why would I run?”

“If you’re not running, then come and fight!”

Li Qingshan lifted the ancient bronze sword again and also felt rather troubled inside. He had failed to butcher this pig earlier. If the pig suddenly scampered off, devoting himself to playing hide-and-seek with him, killing him really would not be easy. However, if he just let him be, he would probably tail them, leading to countless problems and preventing him from infiltrating Qingqi mountain.

After all, the higher their cultivation, the more difficult it was to kill them. Even when he possessed an absolute advantage, he could not end them so easily, unless he threw out another mountain, but it would just be for dealing with someone like him. It was not like before when he was faced with the Unadorned Ghost Immortal’s sneak attack, where their cultivation differed by an entire major realm. He really did not find it worth it. He felt like all of his cultivation had been for nothing.

“Hold on!” Heretic God Baitun said confidently, “You’ve come to pledge yourself to the Demon domain, haven’t you?”

In the history of the Demon domain, many Human Immortals had entered the Demon domain to escape from the cycle of rebirth, becoming Heretic Gods. To many cultivators, all living creatures were ants. There was no such thing as good or evil. Everything was for the sake of survival. Survival was everything.

As a result, Heretic God Baitun thought Li Qingshan was the same. That was the most logical conclusion. Otherwise, there was no reason for him to venture so deeply into the Demon domain. The entire Ming cult and this woman were probably all chess pieces he had cast out, using this special method to obtain the blessings of the demonic heavens so that he could completely become a Heretic God. If that was the case, everything made sense.

Pigs were not actually stupid. Instead, they were smarter than most animals. However, this “tiger” could not be understood with regular logic.

Li Qingshan thought of an idea too and said without showing anything, “So what if I am?”

“Regardless of your past identity, hmph hmph, you all have to start from scratch in the Demon domain. I am your senior.”

Li Qingshan was unfazed. He even wanted to laugh a little. “Just a pig-head like you is my senior?”

Heretic God Baitun said proudly, “I am the greatest Heretic God under Demon God Taotie’s command. Hmph hmph. Sir Taotie could abandon everyone but me. Do you think I have the right to be your senior?”

“Cu the bullshit. You’re not fighting or running, so what do you want?”

“Sigh, do you know just how great of a crime you’ve already committed? I only need to go to the Jinyun Food hall and report you…” Heretic God Baitun wanted to clasp his hands at the sky, but he realised he was missing an arm, so he lowered his other arm awkwardly. “Sir Taotie would never spare you!”

Li Qingshan’s expression changed. “Demon God Taotie!” Within his frantic expression was a hint of fear.

Qian Rongzhi was unable to watch for any longer after a single glance. Their acting was simply horrendous.

Heretic God Baitun advised him. “As long as you offer up that sword and then hand over that woman, I’ll spare you. I’ll even put in a good word in front of great god Taotie for you, so you’re accepted under the banner of the Jinyun Food hall. How’s that?”

“Not the woman!” Li Qingshan said firmly. Otherwise, why would he have run all the way here to save her?

Heretic God Baitun acted like he considered it. “Alright, then just the sword! This isn’t for me. You’ll be offering it up to sir Taotie as a meeting gift.”

Li Qingshan acted like he was conflicted. “Alright then!” He offered up the ancient bronze sword with both hands, but he thought, This time, I’ll definitely cut off that pig head!

Heretic God Baitun descended from the sky slowly. A smear of complacency flashed through his beady eyes as he thought, Let’s see what you’ll use against me without the sword!

In their eyes, they were already dead men respectively, or more accurately, a dead pig and a dead tiger.

Qian Rongzhi just shut her eyes, refusing to watch their horrible attempt to outperform each other. Her face was filled with disdain.