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Chapter 1579 - Heaven’s Sword

Li Qingshan silently tightened his grip around the ancient bronze sword, ready to launch a lightning-fast strike and end this for good.

Heretic God Baitun descended slowly. His aura as a Heretic God spread out, blanketing the surroundings and obscuring the moon. The hundred million demonfolk all knelt down on the ground when they sensed this aura.

This was the dignity of a Heretic God, only second to the twelve Demon Gods, above the lives of billions.

Qian Rongzhi smiled. In her eyes, he was just a pig, a wild pig that feared the violent tiger and tried his best to bluff. She communicated to Li Qingshan, “End it quickly.”

With a pork bone, she turned around and dove into the underground system. As long as she digested this Heretic God’s power and completed the ritual, offering up a pig head to the demonic heavens, the blessings she received would be enough to pave her path to Heretic God.

That was unless Li Qingshan fell in battle, and she would have to die with him. However, this was the Demon domain. The demonic heavens probably did not even show as much care towards the twelve Demon Gods as him. This definitely was not some Heretic God’s homeground.

Heretic God Baitun descended half-way and suddenly stopped. “Toss the sword over.”

“Hmm? Why?” Li Qingshan furrowed his brows, expressing his confusion.

“Cut the nonsense. I told you to toss it over, so toss it over! Otherwise, I’m leaving right now and reporting this to Demon God Taotie in the Jinyun Food hall!”

Heretic God Baitun threatened seriously, but he was clearly putting on a front, afraid to get too close to Li Qingshan. If he entered the range of the vicious tiger again, he would probably be losing much more than an arm.

Li Qingshan shook his head with a smile. “No, I can’t toss it over. This sword is extraordinary. You have to come and retrieve it yourself!”

Heretic God Baitun said furiously, “You think I’m an idiot?”

“Dear gosh, you haven’t checked yourself in the mirror before?” Li Qingshan gasped in surprise. This pig face had nothing to do with cleverness no matter how he looked at him.

Heretic God Baitun’s face contorted as he held back his fury. “I think you’re up to something else. Hmph hmph, are you going to toss it over or not?”

“I won’t!”

“Young man, you need to give to gain. Hmph hmph, if you can’t even give up a mere sword, how will Demon God Taotie accept you?”

“I’m afraid I’ll be feeding it to a dog, no, a pig, and I’ll lose it for good!”

“If that’s the case, hmph hmph, then I can only leave.”

Heretic God Baitun acted like he was about to leave. Li Qingshan suddenly said helplessly, “Alright, alright. I’ll give it to you. Catch.”

As he said that, he threw the ancient bronze sword up in the air as hard as he could.

Heretic God Baitun thought he had succeeded, holding back his great joy. You fool, it’ll be your turn to die soon!

He spread his fingers and reached towards the incoming ancient bronze sword, except it passed through him. He had clearly caught it, but he caught nothing. His heart fell through as well.

When he looked at Li Qingshan again, he was still standing where he was, sneering away. “You pig, you have a huge head and a thick neck and you’re trying to pass off as Zhuge Liang?”

TL: Zhuge Liang is a very famous strategist from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Under Heretic God Baitun’s gaze, his surroundings rippled.

Now that all of the innate abilities of the Spirit Turtle Tranformation had melded together, the once-great innate ability, the Watermirror’s Image, became even more powerful, real and fake, fake and real, impossible to distinguish between.

“Oh no!”

“Eat my sword!”

A bellow rang out from behind Heretic God Baitun which possessed a tiger’s roar, leaving him numb and fear-stricken. A pair of scarlet eyes suddenly lit up in the air, gripping the sheath in one hand and the hilt in the other, drawing out the sword.

However, he did not see the sword’s edge or flash. Even Li Qingshan’s figure vanished. A wondrous sensation of tranquility overcame him.

Only the bright moon peered through the clouds, sprinkling down with light that banded together in a single streak, falling on his huge pig head.

The world hid the sword. The sun, moon, and stars, and the mountains, rivers, and trees, were all swords.

The name of this sword was the Sword of the Moon.

With a flash of inspiration, Li Qingshan struck out conveniently, but it naturally conformed with the laws of the Demon domain, or perhaps in other words, the laws of the Demon domain conformed to his will.

The strike was like a heavenly tribulation, unavoidable and inescapable.

A sliver of realisation came to him. So this is the true power of this sword! I’m too weak. If it wasn’t for the will of the world’s cooperation, I’d be completely incapable of wielding this sword. I’m basically wielding a legendary weapon as a beating stick. I’ll probably have to reach Merging the Void with the Dao in order to unleash all of its might! Who exactly was the man draped in bear skin?

At this moment, it did not even seem like he was wielding the sword, but the sword drawing the laws of the world and pushing him on. It did not take any effort from him at all. He even could spare the effort to become lost in his thoughts.

Even he would struggle to fend off a strike like that. In his eyes, Heretic God Baitun was already a dead pig.

However, Heretic God Baitun refused to just die here. He let out a shrill squeal, and a pair of long tusks extended out from his mouth. Layers upon layers of black hair sprouted on his back and neck as he charged forwards without any regard.

The hairs were his strongest defence. Regular arcane treasures would struggle to leave a mark. Even if True Immortals attacked him, they would struggle to kill him if they struck his back.

However, the moon hung high above with its light pouring down like water, endless, unstoppable, and all-permeating.

His bristles were shed as they rustled. The moonlight silently penetrated his thick hide, seeming into his bones and soul, filled with deep coldness.

This sword was the Sword of Supreme Yin.

Wherever Heretic God Baitun went, the moonlight followed him.

No matter how grand and extravagant, regular swordsmanship would always encounter moments when it was not enough.

However, this strike seemed to be endless. The efforts of man could run out at times, but the moon always hung above. Moonlight was endless, so when did it ever run out? The laws of the world constantly revolved, never coming to a halt.

Everything in the world was for him to use.

Heretic God Baitun squealed, “You forced me to do this! Come, my slaves! Give me all of your power!”

Under his order, the hundred million demonfolk prostrated on the ground and chanted his name loudly.

At that instant, hundreds of thousands of columns of red light rose into the air.

He was also a god, while this was his land. There were thousands of temples throughout the Demon domain that enshrined his statue, accumulating a tremendous amount of power of belief.

This power did not belong to him himself. From a certain perspective, he was only managing it on Demon God Taotie’s behalf. If he used it and failed to replenish it, he would definitely face punishment. However, now that he faced death, he could no longer care so much anymore, mobilising it all for a battle to the death with Li Qingshan.

The columns of light surged into his body, making him swell up madly and fending off the moonlight. Even his severed hand condensed again through this power.

The gathered will of the populace could trump the heavens. Only the will of the people could stand a chance against the laws of the world. It was no different in the Demon domain.

“I’m going to butcher you!”

So is this the case?

Li Qingshan had a thought, which was as clear and cool as the moonlight. He suddenly recalled the half-human, half-dragon man from the scene of the Battle of Mending Heaven and understood how he felt.

The living creatures were all ants. There was nothing pitiable about them. He seemed to coexist with the sun and moon, looking down from an extremely high altitude. The colossal demon city was like an ant nest. Its existence was completely meaningless. Even if he stepped over it, it was nothing.

With a thought, the moonlight on Heretic God Baitun suddenly dispersed, turning into thousands of strands that rained down on the demon capital.

Between the skyscrapers, tens of thousand demonfolk gathered on a main street, constantly prostrating and praying. Moonlight swept across the place.

All of the worshipping demonfolk froze at that moment as if time had stopped.

In the next moment, they all collapsed on the ground, leading to a series of thuds. Corpses littered the land. They were all dead.

The moonlight gathered and dispersed. A few strands would be gathered sometimes, freezing those statues in the temples before separating and clearing the foundations of the faith, or in other words, demonfolk.

Heretic God Baitun was dumbfounded. He trembled. “I-is he going to kill all of these demonfolk?”

Even though he had grown accustomed to slaughter, such a ruthless sight where he just cleaned them up coldly still made him tremble. It made him understand that he was not as vicious as he imagined himself to be.

He swung his newly-condensed arm, wanting to fight back, but what was he supposed to fight back against? The moon? Or the demonic heavens!

Li Qingshan vanished, present everywhere once again, moving with the laws.

At that instant, he was the heavens!

There were no gods under the heavens.