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Chapter 1580 - The Divine Dragon Transformation

In the pitch-black sewerage system, a giant snake curled up as her scales shone with a gorgeous sheen. The blessings from the heavens poured into her like a river that had burst its banks. The giant snake swelled up and shed its scales, such that even the colossal drain was almost not large enough for her.

The scale of the ritual this time had far surpassed her expectations. It was no longer just limited to the Taotie parlour. The entire demon city became a sacrificial altar, with a hundred million demonfolk as offerings.

Tsk, I just received a small share of the benefits as the main offeror. If he was willing to become a demonfolk, would becoming a Demon God be difficult at all with the blessings from the demonic heavens I would receive?

The main offeror was just as the title suggested. They hosted the ritual and dismembered the offerings, praying for protection from the heavens. They were like a junior entertaining a senior, a servant sucking up to their master.

The son of the heavens, or more commonly known as the son of heaven, was still a son after all. That was why the son of heaven always needed to make offerings to heaven through the ages.

At this moment, Li Qingshan had truly become the existence of “heaven”. He was the one who received all the offerings. He was the one that the entire ritual was devoted to.

However, his body did not possess a demon heart, so he was not a demonfolk, which made it impossible for him to accept the blessings. All he wanted to do was win this battle with the laws of the world and the sword in his hand.

Heretic God Baitun continued to struggle, trying all sorts of methods and using various kinds of techniques. All of them possessed tremendous might, enough to move mountains, yet they seemed so useless now. His face was twisted viciously, unable to hide his fear.

He gazed at the sky and suddenly condensed all of his power in his mouth, shooting a dark-red shockwave at the moon in the sky.

It was not a random act. He had found the tracks that the laws followed, attempting to intercept the might of this sword.

And he succeeded. The moonlight dimmed as a result. The moment he demonstrated ravishing joy, the moonlight brightened again.

It was possible to cut through water, but it would only continue flowing. Even if he could sever rivers, how could he stop the interchange of the moon and the sun, the cycle of the four seasons?

Li Qingshan even ushered the laws casually. The dark-red shockwave rose to the very top before suddenly turning around and hurtling towards Heretic God Baitun.

This power originally belonged to him, so under the guide of this connection, it was completely unavoidable. Heretic God Baitun took it to the face.

With a great boom, he was smashed into the ground. Several hundred buildings were flattened by the resulting shockwave as a mushroom cloud rose up in the city.

Heretic God Baitun vomited up blood. One of his long tusks had been snapped off.

It was just like how when people spat at the heavens, the spit would land on their faces in the end.

Heretic God Baitun despaired. He was like a pig tied to the sacrificial altar. No matter how he struggled and squealed, it was useless. The source of his power, the foundations of his faith, were being rapidly destroyed.

In a single instant, several tens of million demonfolk had died. Even the losses from the two world wars of Li Qingshan’s past life were only so much.

And as time flowed and the moon shifted, the number continued to rise.

Regardless of their age or gender, regardless of their moral alignment, everything occurred under the will of nature, but Li Qingshan was completely unfazed as if they were just a number, just ants.

He did not have to act like he was punishing the wicked either. There was no so-called fury or hatred. It did not even have anything to do with the qilin’s path of nature. He only wanted to win this battle. That was all.

Li Qingshan suddenly heard a sound. It was indistinct and ungraspable.

He remembered what it was. It was a dragon’s cry! It did not come from the outside world, but the depths of his soul, which was where the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine resided.

Out of the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, apart from the unknown transformation, there were a total of four divine transformations and four demonic transformations. He had comprehended three of each, with one remaining for each.

He had guessed a long time ago what the final divine transformation would be. Unfortunately, he never came across the opportunity to comprehend it.

“Perhaps now is the time!”

Li Qingshan fished out the dragon pearl he had obtained from Lin Xuan and ingested it. The dragon’s cry immediately became much clearer, but it was still broken, not enough for him to truly comprehend it.

“What else is missing? Is my comprehension not enough?”

Then he used the letter of wind he had obtained from the Wind-coursing Great Sage to enter the attainment of Neither Perception Nor Non-perception. This state depleted his powers severely. Even a Human Immortal could be drained dry after a short while.

However, he was currently one with the world. The blessings of the demonic heavens were endless. He was unable to convert it into his own power, such that it would dissipate once he departed from this state, but just like the power of belief, it could all be used.

At that instant, the laws of the world became extremely clear. How the sun and moon interchanged and how the seasons cycled were all laid out right before his eyes, within arm’s reach.

He was already near the state of true gods and True Immortals. The only difference was he had not truly grasped the laws of the world. He could only wield them through the ancient bronze sword and the blessings of the demonic heavens.

Knowledge could not be directly converted into power, but knowledge was the source of all power.

By now, Heretic God Baitun no longer had much fighting spirit. He erupted with a bloody mist, using the Blood Escape Shift to pierce through space and shift over to the Jinyun Food hall.

He even left behind a threat. “The Demon God won’t spare you!”

However, Li Qingshan clearly saw how the laws of the world operated when he used the technique. It did not primarily depend on his own power. Instead, it was similar to a remote control from his previous life, where pressing a button would transmit a signal, making the television change channels. People who had never seen TVs before would basically find it absolutely wondrous, completely unable to understand how he managed to do it.

If the world was a huge television with its internal structure billions of times more complex, then the so-called technique was finding a signal that could respond to it and pressing down gently.

Li Qingshan extended a finger and interrupted the signal.

Heretic God Baitun’s figure blurred before clearing up again. The threat he left behind even still echoed in the surroundings, but all that remained in the heart of the person who issued the threat was deep fear.

At this moment, the hundred million demonfolk were all dead. The temples had all been destroyed.

All that remained was the final offering.

Li Qingshan lifted his arms again, and the sky full of moonlight gathered together. The moon was startlingly large as if it was falling out of the sky.

Heretic God Baitun collapsed. He knelt down and banged his head against the ground. “Spare me, great immortal! Spare me!”

Li Qingshan waved his hand, and the moonlight draped down as a sword’s edge. The pig’s head fell to the ground. The ritual was complete, and the blessings descended.

Heretic God Baitun died, dying no differently from a regular demonfolk.

Before the heavens, Heretic Gods were ants too.

A large snake burst out of the ground and swallowed the head and body in a single gulp. She said to the sky, “Taotie will be here very soon!”

Li Qingshan did not seem to hear her. Having dealt with the trouble, he could finally place all of his focus on himself, concentrating on the dragon’s cry.

The dragon’s cry was still extremely soft. In the blink of an eye, it rang through the entire small world, and the figure of the dragon appeared, rising and transforming, roaming around in there, except it still was not particularly realistic.

He desperately tried to capture it, but he always failed.

Suddenly, he recalled the grand scene of the Battle of Mending Heaven again. He moved his gaze away from empress Nüwa, concentrating on the half-human, half-dragon man.

If empress Nüwa was a loving mother, then he was like a strict father. He did not seem to particularly like that child of his, humans, but he loved all members of the Dragon clan.

I too am an heir of the dragon!

All of the sensations melded together into a strange feeling before turning into a sentence that he could understand.

The Divine Dragon Treads the Heavens, Understanding the Fortunes of Nature!

With that, the final divine transformation suddenly came to him!

At that instant, the mighty dragon’s cry boomed through the world.

Li Qingshan had finally comprehended the last divine transformation, the Divine Dragon Transformation.

Its cultivation method was called the Divine Dragon’s Path of Qian Yuan.