Not to mention the Bai family, Wei Kunlun had to die even if he turned out to be the Heavenly Emperor!

Luo Tian didn’t care about anything while a raging fire was burning in his mind.

Luo Tian wouldn’t care even if he was calm without a burning rage inside him. His personality has always been to kill all those who deserve to die!

However, there was a sudden change just when Luo Tian had wound back his fist.

Wei Kunlun moved away the Heavenly Plume Shield and started laughing. “Luo Tian, go ahead and kill me! You will die, too! Hahaha… The Bai family will definitely not let you off. This daddy will wait for you on the road to hell!”

The thirteen sects of Martial Mountain City were technically affiliate sects of the Bai family.

Even though the Heavenly Plume Sect was a bronze level force that was declining, the Bai family wouldn’t care because they could use this chance to demonstrate their authority in Martial Mountain City.

They would definitely send people to hunt down Luo Tian.

Killing Wei Kunlun and killing Bai Xuan on the stage were two different scenarios.

With Bai Xuan’s death, the Bai family couldn’t find any proper reason to vent their anger. They had to hold back even though this matter pissed them off.

But Wei Kunlun was the Sect Leader of the Heavenly Plume Sect, and Luo Tian was an outsider. Interfering with the matters between members of the Heavenly Plume Sect was equivalent to interfering with the matters of the Bai family. The Bai family will not let go of this point. No matter how down and out the Heavenly Plume Sect was or how much of a scum Wei Kunlun was, it still wasn’t an outsider’s turn to punish them!

This was touching the Bai family’s bottom line.

This matter will not end well for Luo Tian!

Wei Kunlun knew he was going to die but still wanted to make a last-ditch effort. There was a small chance that he could frighten Luo Tian and make him retreat if he knew what was good for him.

But a human figure suddenly landed nearby.

Behind that figure was a group of high ranking martial artists assembling.

Within Martial Mountain City, only one person had that kind of force behind him. The Dongfang family of the Gambling Pavilion, Dongfang Shuo!

Dongfang Shuo was frowning while shouting, “The Bai family dares to act presumptuously with this?! If I kill you, the Bai family can come and look for me!”

Dongfang Shuo took a step forward after saying this. He also glanced at Yao Hai lying in a pool of blood and started blaming himself.

He thought that something bad had happened to Luo Tian at the Beyond Heaven Restaurant, so he didn’t follow Yao Hai back to the Heavenly Plume Sect. He went searching for Luo Tian instead. If he had followed Yao Hai back, there wouldn’t be so many bad things happening.

Dongfang Shuo was feeling really frustrated.

He had seen what happened to Yao Hai’s family and then investigated what happened. The anger inside him exploded and rushed into his head before killing intent surged out like crazy.

When he was standing next to Wei Kunlun, he shouted, “He cannot kill you, but what about me?!”

Wei Kunlun had reached the bottom of despair.

“You… you… Dongfang family… Dongfang Shuo, don’t forget the rules of your Dongfang family. You cannot interfere in the affairs of Martial Mountain City. Once you break the rules of the Dongfang family, they will definitely not let you off.”

He was making a last-ditch effort.

A man’s quest for life was the strongest the moment before their death.

With Dongfang Shuo’s arrival, the Bai family wouldn’t dare to even fart if he killed all thirteen sects of Martial Mountain City. Now that he was the only person dying, they will definitely not make a peep about it and might even say it was a good kill!

But Wei Kunlun was unwilling to give up like that.

All the people in Martial Mountain City knew about the Dongfang family’s rule of not allowing their clan members to interfere with a city’s affairs. Otherwise, they would be breaking the law of the clan.

“You dare to threaten this daddy at a time like this?!”

“Wei Kunlun, do you really think I would be afraid of breaking the rules of the Dongfang family? Then you are looking down on me, Dongfang Shuo, too much.” There was a fierce glint in Dongfang Shuo’s eyes as he said this, and he was about to stomp on Wei Kunlun’s head. But he held back briefly and looked at Luo Tian, “Little Brother Luo, let me handle this. Go to the side and rest. I am going to make him die a very miserable death.”

The Bai family didn’t dare to do anything to him, but the Bai family would not let Luo Tian off. If Luo Tian really was the one to execute Wei Kunlun, then…

Dongfang Shuo wanted to protect Luo Tian.

If they followed his plans, the Bai family would have no excuse to move against Luo Tian. And with their close relationship, the Bai family would not even try to come up with anything to blame Luo Tian for coming here.

But Dongfang Shuo’s plans depended on the person. Luo Tian was grateful to him, but he only smiled coldly at Wei Kunlun. “Do you really think I’m afraid of the Bai family? Wei Kunlun, you are overthinking things. Even if the Heavenly Emperor shows up here right now, I will still dare to kill you!”

“Threatening this daddy?”

After saying this, Luo Tian stood up and stomped down with a shout, “Let me destroy your family jewels first!”



The first was a tearing sound and then the explosion of the two eggs.

Wei Kunlun’s body was curled up while his arms were cupping his crotch. He was in so much pain that blood had drained from his face. He couldn’t even scream. His eyes bulged out as he glared at Luo Tian, not being able to understand why this guy still made a move.

Why would he dare to make a move?

How can a newcomer newly arrived at the Ancient World dare to offend the silver level Bai family?

He doesn’t want his life anymore?

“Does that feel good?”

After asking that, Luo Tian brought out his sharp Mountain Wolf fang. He held onto Wei Kunlun’s shoulder and slashed, “I will chop off your right arm first!”


“Now for your left arm!”


Blood spurted out like crazy.

This time, Wei Kunlun screamed in pain. The sound, similar to a pig being slaughtered, shattered the night sky of Martial Mountain City. The sect leaders of the other thirteen sects were actually all paying attention to this. Wang Huan, the Sect Leader of the Spirit Gathering Sect, had a cold smile on his face as he said to a disciple, “Immediately report this to the Bai family. Tell them the exact truth of what happened to the Heavenly Plume Sect.”

“Order received!”

“Luo Tian, weren’t you very arrogant?”

“Killing Wei Kunlun and destroying the Heavenly Plume Sect. I want to see how many lives you have for the Bai family to kill. Even Dongfang Shuo won’t be able to protect you this time. You just wait and see, hahaha…” Wang Huan laughed internally.

He never expected Luo Tian to be so dumb.

He dared to personally kill Wei Kunlun? This was practically challenging the Bai family to their face. A newcomer acting like that was equivalent to courting their own death.

“Chop off your right leg!”


“Chop off your left leg!”

“Wei Kunlun, you enjoy screaming, right?”

“Scream louder for this daddy!”

Luo Tian was like the God of Death, coldly staring at Wei Kunlun. Wei Kunlun almost shit his pants in fear. He was so scared of dying that he could only blankly stare at his arms and legs before him. He wanted to continue screaming, but Luo Tian didn’t give him the chance.

He reached out with his right hand and grabbed Wei Kunlun’s head. He then shouted, “Go to hell and scream for King Yama!”


Wei Kunlun’s head was ripped off by Luo Tian and then sent flying with a kick.

This was the first time Luo Tian had killed someone in this fashion.

It was because he was too angry!

Whenever he thought of the tragic scene of Yao Hai’s family, the raging flames inside him surged out to the point where they couldn’t be suppressed!

Dongfang Shuo was dumbstruck while standing off to the side.

Seeing how Luo Tian was acting crazy like a demon, the slowly flowing cold blood inside him had been rekindled. He started laughing internally, “What’s there to be scared about in life? From today onward, I will act just like him. Do what your heart tells you, and do whatever you like without fear!”

Luo Tian stood up, covered in blood.

At this time, there was a system alert.