The doctor left.

Dongfang Shuo was sort of distracted before revealing a self-deprecating smile. “I didn’t expect that I, Dongfang Shuo, would be so useless. I can’t even save a friend of mine. I’m really useless… really useless…”

He was blaming himself.

Dongfang Shuo clenched his teeth and almost shattered his own teeth from clenching so hard.

Luo Tian’s heart sank when he looked at Dongfang Shuo. He then asked, “Big Brother Dongfang, is the Lunar Divine Grass really that hard to get?”

Dongfang Shuo smiled bitterly, “Difficult is an understatement. No one here really knows where the Lunar Crescent Valley is, and the Lunar Divine Grass only grows on the edges of the Lunar Crescent Springs. It won’t grow anywhere else. No one here knows their exact location and only knows it is in the depths of the Martial Mountain Range.”

“The depths of the Martial Mountain Range, right?”

Luo Tian frowned and said to himself, “The tragedy that happened to Uncle Yao Hai’s family was all because of me. The injuries he received are also because of me.”

Luo Tian was blaming himself for the unfortunate events that happened to Yao Hai’s family.

If he hadn’t given Yao Hai a choice and just entered the Heavenly Plume Sect, then all these things wouldn’t have happened, and Yao Hai’s family wouldn’t have died such a tragic death.

However, what Luo Tian didn’t know is that even if he agreed to join the Heavenly Plume Sect, Yao Hai wouldn’t agree to it.

Dongfang Shuo said, “Luo Tian, you cannot blame yourself. Even if you weren’t here, something like this would eventually happen. A scum like Wei Kunlun has always wanted a chance to get rid of Yao Hai. Your appearance was just an excuse he needed.”

Luo Tian looked over at Dongfang Shuo and asked, “Big Brother Dongfang, can we heal Uncle Yao Hai’s knees no matter when we find the Lunar Divine Grass?”

Dongfang Shuo replied, “Yes. The Lunar Divine Grass contains a divine healing ability. Even after a long time passes by, it can still heal one’s injuries. What are you planning on doing?”

Luo Tian said, “Everything started because of me. I want to find the Lunar Divine Grass and heal Uncle Yao Hai’s injuries.”

He had already made up his mind.

Dongfang Shuo said in shock, “You can’t do that! Your cultivation is only at the Four Elements realm. Demonic beasts roam freely in the Martial Mountain Range, and it’s way too dangerous for you to go to the depths. You are not allowed to go!”

Luo Tian spoke out his heartfelt words, “When I arrived in this world, Uncle Yao Hai was the only person who helped me. If it wasn’t for his help, most likely, I would be killed off by Ah Si already. The tragedy with his family and the injuries he suffered are all related to me. I have already made up my mind, and I will be going there.”

“Also, I entered the Martial Mountain when I was only at the Spirit Martial 1st rank. Now that I’m in the Four Elements realm, I naturally will be able to protect myself better.”

Demonic beasts roaming about freely?

This was Luo Tian’s playground, so he would naturally not be afraid.

Dongfang Shuo furrowed his brow before taking out a porcelain vial from his pocket. “There are ten Primary Spirit Pills here. It’s a tier 2 healing pill and should be very useful to you in the Martial Mountain Range.”

“Luo Tian, I cannot stop you from going if you are this determined, but you need to be very careful about it.”

Luo Tian felt extremely grateful once more and took the small porcelain vial. “Thank you, Big Brother Dongfang. I will take care of myself.”

“I shouldn’t delay this anymore. I will immediately go to Martial Mountain to look for the Lunar Divine Grass. I will come back as soon as I can, so please tell Uncle Yao Hai about it. I will definitely come back very quickly,” said Luo Tian. He didn’t go into the room to look at Yao Hai. He just wanted to find the Lunar Divine Grass quickly so that Yao Hai’s kneecap could be healed sooner rather than later.

A martial artist who cannot cultivate is equivalent to giving them a death sentence.

No one wanted to lie in a bed for the rest of their life.

Some people might even lose their will to live.

Dongfang Shuo spoke in a grave tone, “Don’t worry; you don’t have to worry about the matter of taking care of Yao Hai. Even if the Bai family’s patriarch comes over, he won’t be able to touch a single hair on Yao Hai!”


“I am relieved to hear that.” Luo Tian let out a relieved breath of air.

Dongfang Shuo said, “Go look for Old Li for whatever you need. He can provide you with some resources.”

Luo Tian didn’t waste any time and left the courtyard.

At the exit of the courtyard, an old man was standing there waiting for Luo Tian.

After half an hour, Luo Tian left Martial Mountain City in the dark and rushed off in the direction of the Martial Mountain Range.

He was using his max speed!

Under the bright moonlight, a black figure was shuttling through the area at high speed.

Gambling Pavilion, Yao Hai’s room.

Yao Hai was standing up!

Apart from him, there was the previous doctor, Dongfang Shuo, and the elderly steward, Old Li.

Based on the Gambling Pavilion’s power, healing shattered bones was simply too easy. Yao Hai was already standing by the time the doctor left the room in the beginning. They all had to act that way just to put on a good show!



“Little Brother Luo definitely never expected that we would trick him! Hahaha…” Dongfang Shuo was bent over from laughing so much. Just thinking of Luo Tian’s serious expression made him feel that tricking him was the best course of action.

Such a good kid like him cannot die in Martial Mountain City!

Yao Hai said with a smile, “It’s going to be tough on him.”

Dongfang Shuo replied, “There was nothing else we could do. If we hadn’t done this, there’s no way he would be willing to leave Martial Mountain City on his own. I received news that the Spirit Gathering Sect had sent out a disciple to Towering Cloud City to report tonight’s matter. I bet the Bai family will have sent someone here before the sun rises. At that time, even I…”

Speaking up to this point, Dongfang Shuo could only smile bitterly. “It’s all my fault for being so useless. Even though my surname is Dongfang, I’m afraid I can’t even suppress a small existence like the Bai family. If I was to drag Luo Tian down to his death, then my sins will be beyond redemption.”

The Bai family knew everything about why Dongfang Shuo was stationed in Martial Mountain City.

This information was leaked to the Bai family from someone in the Dongfang family.

Dongfang Shuo already knew something like this would happen.

Dongfang Shuo was very clear that he didn’t have the power to stop the Bai family and protect Luo Tian!

If this was the case, then Luo Tian had to leave Martial Mountain City. Having him leave forever was probably the best solution.

But in this short period of time, they understood Luo Tian’s personality and knew he wouldn’t leave. Therefore, they could only think of putting on a show as the solution.

Dongfang Shuo then asked the doctor, “How did you suddenly come up with the Lunar Divine Grass? You are simply too crafty, hahaha…”

The doctor scratched his head and said, “The Lunar Divine Grass was something I saw in a book once.”

Dongfang Shuo was stunned briefly before asking, “You’re saying this world really has something called Lunar Divine Grass?”

The doctor replied, “Don’t worry, Young Master Dongfang. Even if there’s such an herb, there’s no way it can be found because it only exists in legends. Both Lunar Crescent Valley and Lunar Crescent Springs all exist in legends and cannot be found.”

“Are you sure about that?” Dongfang Shuo was still a bit worried. He thought the Lunar Divine Grass was imaginary and didn’t expect that such a spiritual herb really existed. He had never heard of such a herb before in his entire life.

The doctor replied, “I’m sure of it.”

“That’s good then!”

Dongfang Shuo felt relieved. If Luo Tian happens to really find it, then he will definitely come back. At that time…”

When the doctor saw how worried Dongfang Shuo was, he decided not to tell him that even though the Lunar Divine Grass was mentioned in legends, it really existed somewhere within the Martial Mountain Range a long time ago!

Except, no one currently really knows if it still exists or not.