The Flying Zombie was smashed into a dazed and confused state.

It couldn’t react under Luo Tian’s wild and random punches.

Its chest was shattered.

Its nails were ripped out.

Even the two long fangs in its mouth were smashed to pieces by Luo Tian’s random punches. It looked at Luo Tian on its dying breath and coldly said, “You, you, you’re fighting with too much effort! It wasn’t even you that I tried to hurt!”

“This daddy can care less who you were trying to hurt!”

“As the boss of these zombies, you naturally need to play the role of a boss! Now, die for me!” Luo Tian’s right fist gave it an uppercut to the chin, sending it up into the air before smashing into the ground.

The Flying Zombie convulsed a few times before dying.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for killing a Flying Zombie. You have gained 1080 experience points, 300 yuan energy…”

“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for gaining the Poisoning Skill. Do you wish to learn it?”


“What skill was that?”


“Poisoning Skill? Isn’t that a skill that only Taoists in Legend of Mir can have?” Luo Tian felt a sense of familiarity when he heard the Poisoning Skill. He was very knowledgeable when it came to the Legend of Mir because it was one of his favorite online games.

The best ability of a Taoist was their poison.

Any boss would be exhausted to death with the poison skill applied to them.

Luo Tian immediately opened up his system interface and saw an ancient-looking book sitting there quietly. There was a system prompt floating above, “Do you wish to learn it?”

“Learn it!”

“Of course, I’m going to learn it! With this skill in my arsenal, I can exhaust anyone I want to death in the future!” Luo Tian excitedly chose to learn it without any hesitation.


“Congratulations to player Luo Tian for learning the new Poisoning Skill.”

There was a new entry to his skill page.

Martial Skill: Poisoning Skill

Grade: Three

Proficiency: 0/500

Cooldown: 10 seconds

Description: This skill is a poison application skill. You must have poison on hand to use it. The poison lasts for thirty seconds on the target’s health bar (leveling up will increase the time). Every second will cause 15 damage to the target’s health (leveling up will increase the damage).

“So awesome! It’s really the skill that only Taoists can learn in Legend of Mir!” Luo Tian was exceptionally happy due to this. He then glanced around the surroundings and said to himself, “I kept having a feeling that this place looks kind of familiar. So, this place strikes a similar resemblance to the zombie caves inside the Legend of Mir. The zombies in the game always dropped skill books. And the Zombie King would usually explode with an even stronger skill. Flaming Sword? Shoulder Dash? Or the most awesome Summon Shinsu…”

“If those can explode out, then…”

Luo Tian stood to the side with a lewd expression on his face while drool was coming out of his mouth. He then gave a cheap laugh, “That’s too awesome, isn’t it? Heh heh heh…”

“Little sister, do you know what he’s laughing about?”

“It can’t be that he’s thinking about doing something special with the Flying Zombie that just died, right? Just like what Ouyang Ye did not long ago to the female zombie?” Bai Xiong couldn’t help asking this as he looked at Luo Tian’s lewd expression. “Could it be that all experts have some kind of weird fetish?”

Bai Lingling was also unable to tell what Luo Tian was thinking with the expression he had on his face.


Bai Lingling walked over and asked, “What are you thinking about? Your smile is so… uhh… so joyful…”


“Slurp~” Luo Tian sucked his drool back in and recovered. He immediately said with a smile, “I’m not really thinking of anything. I’m just very happy that we were able to kill all these zombies. None of them can harm you anymore, hahaha…”


Bai Lingling’s face turned red as she was shocked and touched by those words.

Her feelings toward Luo Tian had changed for the better.

Bai Xiong went over and asked, “Brother Expert, how did you know the bracelet had such a strong power inside? We had no clue about it. If it weren’t for you, I think we would all be dying here today.”

Bai Lingling looked at Luo Tian with all seriousness as she waited for his reply.

She really wanted to know. If she had known about this early on, perhaps none of the troublesome events would have happened to her family.

Luo Tian smiled as he took out the Phoenix Bloodshed Bracelet. “I just coincidentally found out about it. In the realm where I’m from, there’s a person I know who inherited the bloodline of the Phoenix. She told me about some things, and she taught me how to activate the power inside the bracelet. Everything is just a coincidence.”

“But I do want to know who your mother is and how she came to possess this bracelet?” Luo Tian felt like this could be a clue for him to find Li Xue’er’s biological mother.

Bai Lingling replied, “My mother never told us where it came from and only told us to take care of it and not to lose it. She said that someone will come for it in the future. As long as they are from the Phoenix clan, we can give the bracelet to them. As for whether there is anyone left from the Phoenix clan in the Ancient World? We have no idea.”

“As I expected!”

Luo Tian was in joy as he was now sure that this bracelet had something to do with Li Xue’er’s mother. “Phoenix clan? There are many unfathomable things in the Ancient World, so they might still exist here. Let me give you back the bracelet first.”

“The power inside has already been used up, and it will take a very long time for it to recover.”

Luo Tian didn’t hide the information.

He just needed to know the person that was going to come for the bracelet. He, too, wanted to keep this divine artifact, but he had a feeling that this bracelet could only be unsealed by Li Xue’er. There’s a chance that she’s the only person left who had the phoenix essence blood!

Bai Lingling then said, “You don’t need this as collateral anymore? You’re not afraid of us cheating you? This bracelet is definitely not normal after displaying its powers just now. Don’t you want to possess it?”

She didn’t know the Phoenix Bloodshed Bracelet had reached the divine grade.

If she did, she would definitely be shocked to a complete mess.

It wasn’t just her. Even the Bai family, an overlord of tens of thousands of kilometers, didn’t know about it. If the Bai family were found to have one in possession, most likely, they would be wiped out by an even more powerful existence.

Divine artifacts were items that even Honorable Emperor experts would like to have!

There would be a bloodbath if anyone found out.

Bai Lingling wasn’t a bad person, and Luo Tian didn’t want the Phoenix Bloodshed Bracelet to cause a disaster for her. So he smiled and said, “Currently, it is no different from a normal bracelet without any usefulness. Even if you sell it to me for one xuan coin, I wouldn’t take it.”

Bai Lingling’s mouth curled into a disdainful sneer. She rolled her eyes at Luo Tian before saying, “No wonder you were so generous! It turns out that this bracelet is no longer useful to you. But don’t worry, I, Bai Lingling, am a person of my word. When I return to the city, I’ll be sure to give you 1,000 xuan coins. I can still take out this kind of money!”

After saying that, she put away the Phoenix Bloodshed Bracelet. It was her memento from her deceased mother, so until she met someone from the Phoenix clan, it was considered the most precious thing to her.

Bai Xiong looked around at the mess and said, “What just happened anyway? Didn’t the zombies we were dealing with get killed by you? How come there were so many more zombies all of a sudden?”

Luo Tian gathered his thoughts and thought of Ouyang Ye’s hateful looking face. He then said with a smile, “I have no clue.”

In his mind, he was saying, “You damn fucker better wash your butt and wait for this daddy!”