“Which dog bastard is cursing me?!”

Ouyang Ye was shuttling through the jungle and finally relaxed when he arrived at the outer periphery of the Martial Mountain Range. Looking back at the depths of Martial Mountain, a cold smile appeared on his mouth as he said, “Humph~! Bai Lingling? Bai Xiong? The Bai family’s two most talented disciples? It’s best if you guys die in there because that’s the greatest news for my Ouyang family!”

“As for that piece of trash…”

“Consider it being your good fortune to be torn apart by the zombies. If you were to fall into my hands, this daddy would definitely let you die a more miserable death.” Ouyang Ye was filled with hatred whenever he thought of Luo Tian. If he had the opportunity, he would definitely humiliate Luo Tian for a while before killing him.


“It hurts!”

Ouyang Ye touched his crotch area and felt a crazy amount of pain. It was almost damaged by the several stomps Luo Tian made. His two small eggs were red and swollen, and his penis seemed to be completely dead and didn’t have the strength to rise up. He couldn’t help but start worrying about its state.

If his thing could no longer be used, then he…

“No way, it won’t happen! This daddy is majestic and strong down there and was only briefly frightened. Once I get back to the city, I will get a few girls to break my fast, and then I will once more become a towering pillar!” Ouyang Ye comforted himself. When he thought of Bai Lingling, he started feeling this event was such a pity. “I was going to take advantage of this opportunity and open up that bitch Bai Lingling. It’s such a pity that it didn’t happen. But dying was good for her, too. I kept giving her face, but she wouldn’t accept it. It was your honor for this daddy to set his eyes on you, but you fucking acted all pretentious and ostentatious in front of me. Who the hell do you think you are?!”

“Now that you’re dead, you finally realize the consequences of not being mine!”

“Back to the city! I need to rush back!” Ouyang Ye could feel his crotch area filled with pain. The pain was so bad that he almost couldn’t endure it. When he thought of the possibility that his little brother wouldn’t rise up anymore, a chill went through his heart.

Back inside the ancient cave.

Luo Tian didn’t tell them it was Ouyang Ye who had lured the second group of zombies to them.

It was useless to tell them.

At most, Bai Lingling and Bai Xiong would both hate Ouyang Ye, but they would never dare to kill him.

Luo Tian was not going to spare that damn mongrel.

Ouyang Ye almost got him killed!

If Luo Tian was given the chance, he would definitely play that guy to death. The fiery rage was smoldering from his heart to his head, and that kind of feeling was very unpleasant.

Bai Lingling didn’t ask further, but she felt that this incident might have something to do with Ouyang Ye. She didn’t ask about Ouyang Ye’s whereabouts either and only asked, “What should we do now?”

Luo Tian looked at her and replied, “It’s really up to you.”

Bai Lingling furrowed her brows, “The Flying Zombie was already so exhausting to deal with for us… If we continue on, I’m afraid it will only get more difficult.”

After saying that, Bai Lingling bit her lips and looked at Luo Tian with her large, pitiful eyes.

She needed Luo Tian’s help.

She felt that as long as Luo Tian was willing to go with them, they would definitely find the Dark Yin Crystals. She could then detoxify the poison that’s been plaguing her father.

Bai Xiong was a straightforward person and said, “With Big Brother Expert leading us, what do we need to be afraid of? Let’s just kill our way forward. If we can’t find any Dark Yin Crystals, we will have no face to return, and our father won’t be able to be cured. How do you think the uncles from our clan would see us then?”

Bai Lingling stared at Luo Tian once more with a pleading look.

Luo Tian then said, “If that’s the case, then we should keep killing our way forward.”

Bai Lingling immediately broke out into a smile. “Are you sure? You really want to go with us to the second level of this ancient cave?”

She was a bit surprised by his response.

After all, this first level was already so dangerous. Therefore, the next level should be even more dangerous. If they encountered more than one Flying Zombie, then there’s no way they would be able to handle it. Luo Tian was not a friend or relative of theirs, so it would be normal for him to refuse.

One’s own life is always the most important, yet Luo Tian agreed to it!

Bai Lingling felt a sense of gratitude in her heart once more.

Luo Tian said with a smile, “For my 1000 xuan coins, I have to go even if I don’t want to. If I don’t go, will you guys still give me the money?”

Bai Lingling replied, “Of course, I won’t give it to you! My mission hasn’t been completed yet, so why would I pay up?”

She felt some disappointment as she said to herself, “So this guy is doing it for the money. What a hateful guy. But that’s fine too, so I won’t owe him anything.”

Sometimes, one’s life depends on how good they can act.

Luo Tian wasn’t going to let them see through his thoughts. He was actually the one that was the most eager to continue. Even if those two weren’t going to go, he would go by himself in secret. Having a three-person battle group was much more efficient for him in regard to leveling.

The important point was that the siblings Bai Lingling and Bai Xiong were quite strong. Just their high damage alone would make Luo Tian not refuse their help.

There were a lot of experience points here!

This was basically a perfect map for him to grind experience points. Where else was he supposed to find such a good place?

Another important point was that this place definitely had a boss. Who would have the audacity to leave when there was still a boss alive here somewhere?

Even the Poisoning Skill exploded out. What if the Summon Shinsu Skill exploded out as well?

This was a super cool skill!

Luo Tian couldn’t sit still just thinking about this.

Right after that, the three of them headed toward the entrance to the second level.


Ancient World, Sacred Mountain, Phoenix Sky Mountain.

A sacred light was burning while immortal birds surrounded it. An immortal-like world shrouded in a peaceful holy light.

In the Phoenix Great Hall, a group of elderly people from all parts of the Sacred Mountain had gathered. Their clothes were embroidered with a large life-like Phoenix Deity. Each one of them was surrounded by a holy light that made them look extremely strong.

“The Phoenix Bloodshed Bracelet has appeared!”

“It’s finally here! We have waited for so many years, and it has finally appeared!”

“We cannot allow it to leave the Sacred Mountain this time!”

“We have to find it! Even if we have to pay a heavy price, we have to find it!”

“The current question is who should we send to look for it?”

“This, this, this… We old fogeys haven’t moved about in a long time. I don’t think it’s good for us to appear on the continent.”

Suddenly, a pleasant-sounding voice similar to a clear spring was heard coming from outside the great hall.

“I’ll go!”

The great hall became quiet as an extremely beautiful girl walked in. There was not a single flaw on her, and she could be considered a girl with looks capable of toppling cities. She was so beautiful that one could barely breathe at the sight of her. She was just like a beautiful and majestic phoenix.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

They all looked at the woman clad in a seven-colored phoenix divine robe at the front of the hall.

That woman and the girl who had just entered the great hall looked about 70% similar to each other.

The beauty of those two belonged to two different kinds of beauty.

The woman was in thought for a while.

The girl walked forward and said, “Mother, maybe it’s really big sister…”

The woman was still silent in thought. She then looked at the girl and said, “Fine. Just be careful and don’t cause any trouble in the secular world.”


She nodded in excitement while saying to herself, “Big sister, I promise I will definitely find you! I will bring you back to our Sacred Mountain!”