20-03 Supersonic

Jin and Reiko realized they wouldn’t be able to accomplish much more that day, so they decided to land and return to the research facility.

With Reiko’s assistance, Jin proceeded to create the basic data for three-dimensional maneuverability, which could be applied to other golems and aircraft. This would eliminate the need to start from scratch.

The memory bank of the old lord stored the data, completing the work.

Furthermore, Jin began to modify Reiko.

“Hmm, with the current method, it would probably only work with Reiko…”

Sudden acceleration, rapid deceleration, and sharp turns would all generate tremendous acceleration.

“Maybe not just dozens of Gs, but hundreds…? Acceleration?”

Jin suddenly remembered the operational method of the force field generator.

“In the end, force is equal to the acceleration it imposes on mass. In other words…”

If used properly, it might be possible to avoid the generation of acceleration pressure known as “Gs.”

“Deformation Forming” could be it… Since it’s applying force only to the necessary object…

“I think it’s doable.”

With that idea in mind, he began to refine the force field generator.

“With this method, there should be complete freedom in both rotation and linear movement.”

He adjusted it to recognize Reiko as an “object” that the effect would be applied to. This would include things that Reiko was holding (within a certain size limit) or wearing.

By doing this, every atom of the material composing Reiko would receive the same force, eliminating the effect of inertia.

The three-dimensional maneuvering from earlier was possible because of Reiko’s robust body. If a living being attempted it, they’d likely be flattened by inertia.

It took about an hour, but the modification was completed.

A specialized magic reactor called the “Magilia Reactor” was added.

Having an independent energy source like this led to improved reliability.

In addition, Jin conducted the customary overall review, maintenance, and adjustment. To further adhere to his specifications, he succeeded in changing the materials to increase strength by 5%, while returning Reiko’s weight to her original 30 kilograms.

“Alright, Reiko, ‘start.'”

“Yes, Father.”

Reiko, who had risen, reported that her condition had not only remained the same but had improved further.

“Please conduct an operational test.”

“Understood. Here I go!”

Reiko, having left the research facility, slowly ascended and freely soared through the twilight sky.

“Father, this is amazing. My body feels as light as a feather, yet I’m overflowing with power!”

“Indeed, it’s a great success.”

Landing, Reiko spoke somewhat excitedly. It was probably the first time she had experienced such sensations as Reiko.

“With this, even when pushing something heavy, you won’t be overwhelmed by your weight.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

With her weight being only 30 kilograms, Reiko would have been physically unable to push something as heavy as 300 kilograms without firmly anchoring her feet to the ground due to the laws of physics.

Now, the force field generator called the “Force Generator” would support her.

Reiko had become even more powerful.

“Alright, today’s work is done. Let’s have dinner.”

Beneath the early evening sky, where the quick-to-twinkle stars had begun to appear, Jin and Reiko headed for the house guarded by Soleil and Luna.

The dinner that Soleil made consisted of white rice, miso soup with wakame seaweed, nikujaga (beef stew), tamagoyaki (rolled omelette), hiziki and aburaage simmer, and pseudo pickled napa cabbage.

It was all his favorite dishes, so Jin ate to his heart’s content.

Today, it was unusual for only Jin to be at home. Hanna and Elsa weren’t present. Reiko, Soleil, and Luna were usually quiet as long as Jin didn’t talk, so the house was quite silent.

All that could be heard were the sounds of insects, and Jin couldn’t help but feel a little lonely in this setting.

“…Shall I take a bath?”

It was already pitch dark outside, and the moon was rising. Jin headed to the open-air bath.

“Ah, relax.”

Stretching out his limbs, Jin relaxed in the hot spring. Reiko joined him.

“Father, you’ve been quite busy recently.”

Reiko seemed to be in high spirits, as her condition had not only remained the same but had improved.

(Thinking back to the past…)

When Jin visited Blue Land and Potlock in the past, Reiko had supported him. Even now, Jin’s trust in her remained unchanged. Reiko, the automaton he trusted the most, was still the same.

“Tomorrow, I want to apply the Force Generator to the engine.”

If applied to aircraft, they would be able to fly even in a vacuum. Jin immersed himself in hot water while contemplating various possibilities.

“But… air resistance would become a problem.”

As Jin’s thoughts revolved around this issue, he moved his hands in the water, feeling the resistance in his palms and trying different things.

Soon, he grew tired of that as well and dipped the hand towel he had placed on his head into the water. No one would call it a breach of etiquette here. The hot water at this place continuously flowed from the bottom, ensuring cleanliness without the buildup of impurities.

Jin decided to revisit a childhood game called ‘Octopus Monk,’ using a towel, more than a decade since he’d last played it.

As the air encased by the towel transformed into bubbles with a fizzing sound before vanishing, Jin, captivated by the spectacle, had a sudden revelation.

“Hmm? Wait a minute.”

He recalled something he’d read about in a manga, a futuristic technology known as ‘Super Cavitation.’

It was a hazy memory, involving the use of air bubbles to surround torpedoes or submarines, effectively reducing water resistance and enabling them to travel at speeds of several hundred kilometers per hour underwater. Even though his knowledge was vague, Jin felt a surge of inspiration.

“If I implement the Force Generator for propulsion, it should work!”


Jin exclaimed, catching Reiko’s puzzled gaze.

“Oh, right. I just had a great idea for minimizing air and water resistance.”

“Of course, Father! What’s the plan?”

“Well, I knew I could reduce air resistance using a wind-deflecting barrier. However, with the magic-based jet propulsion engine, the Magi Jet Engine, which inhales and expels air, it wasn’t feasible. But…”

“If we use the Force Generator for propulsion, it won’t be an issue, right? That’s brilliant! So, can we apply this to the magic-based water propulsion engine, the Magi Water Jet, too?”

“Exactly, even for creatures like mermaids.”

Their underwater maneuverability would significantly improve.

“I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Jin mumbled happily, and Reiko smiled with excitement.


The following day, Jin promptly decided to install the Force Generator on Pegasus 1.

With a wind-deflecting barrier in place, traditional aerodynamic control was no longer possible. Therefore, the Force Generator was necessary to alter the direction.

This adjustment consumed more time than Jin was used to, occupying the entire morning. Naturally, he also installed a new type of wind-deflecting barrier.

“Alright, let’s test-fly it before lunch.”

“Father, considering the potential danger, please leave it to me.”

As Jin prepared to board the aircraft, Reiko interjected.

“Well, I suppose I can’t argue with that.”

Jin accepted Reiko’s offer without protest. He knew it would be safe, and it would also expedite their progress.

“Then, go ahead.”

Reiko climbed into Pegasus 1 and took off using the conventional magic-based jet propulsion engine, the Magi Jet Engine.

Jin hurried to the laboratory’s magical image communication device, Mana Telecom, and connected to Reiko’s channel.

“Reiko, how’s it going?”

“Yes, Father. I’m about to activate the Force Generator.”

She flipped the switch.

Even through the Mana Telecom, Reiko’s appearance remained unchanged.

“Father, it’s incredible speed. I’m going to activate the wind-deflecting barrier now.”

Reiko pressed another button.

Once again, Reiko’s appearance remained the same through the Mana Telecom, but Old Man reported, “Master, based on the readings from the magic power detection device, the Magi Radar, she’s reaching approximately 2500 kilometers per hour.”

This was roughly Mach 2. She easily broke the sound barrier, and there was no sonic boom.

“Reiko, any issues with maneuverability?”

“No, it’s perfectly fine. The control system is functioning without problems. I’ll now conduct some maneuverability tests.”

For a while, though not visible through the Mana Telecom, Jin knew Reiko was putting the aircraft through various maneuvers and received her report later.

“I performed rapid ascents, rapid descents, turns, somersaults, rolls, and several other maneuvers, and there were no issues. I’ll return now.”

“Excellent work. Please return home as soon as possible.”

Impatient to try it himself, Jin instructed Reiko to head back.