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Marriage of the Di Daughter Chapter 110 Part 4: Rescue

Ji Heng, “Since that’s the case, why should you be so persistent?”

“Persistent?” Jiang Li asked softly, as if asking herself, also unknown who she was asking. She laughed softly for a while, “Maybe, but sometimes, there’s no meaning of being alive without anything to persist for.” She became Jiang second miss not to enjoy the life of luxury, nor to experience being the honorable daughter of the chief assistant. Rather, she came back to personally send the former self’s enemy to the guillotine and to offer sacrifice to the spirit of her deceased relatives.

Ji Heng took in Jiang Li’s expression in his eyes and an unusual color flashed in his eyes.

The young girl was in her prime, born beautiful and lovely. She had a pair of quick-witted, limpid eyes. Different from other aristocratic family daughters, she was always serene, always calm. Even if she was surprised, her pair of eyes continued to be like a deep pool hit by a small stone, only causing a tiny ripple which quickly disappeared.

In Yanjing, she’s unlike others, very different from other girls. Just like a strange plant growing in a flower bed full of precious flowers. It looked docile, not the least harmful, standing there calmly, evoking affections. But when a prey entered, she would immediately extend her branch, grab the prey firmly and not let go, with an absolutely brutal attitude and swallow cleanly.

Under her seemingly mild exterior, a cool-headed ferocity was hidden. And the biggest danger of this plant was precisely because it was not afraid of its opponent. Whether it was a sharp tongue or ferocious beast, her attitude in gobbling them up was ruthless and without any fear.

She was the most unusual existence in the flower bed, if the mansion raised such a fierce and destructive plant, the whole house would be peaceful. This idea emerged inexplicably inside Ji Heng’s mind.

And at present, Jiang Li actually looked a bit pitiful with her drooping eyes. This violent plant could also have such a sad look, making people amazed, also making people doubtful, whether she used pretense to trap her prey or the truth was accidentally revealed in that short instance.

Seeing Ji Heng looking at her thoughtfully, Jiang Li restrained the emotions in her eyes, smiled and said, “Able to meet the lord here is my honor. Everytime I enter the stage to perform, the lord is present. Perhaps we are indeed brought together by fate.”

Ji Heng almost laughed out loud. Really interesting, the little girl is clearly clenching her teeth hatefully but her face doesn’t change and still shows a sincere look.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’m going to disturb this play of yours?” Ji Heng said leisurely.

Jiang Li looked at him and said, “Is it? But after thinking about it, the duke has no reason to.”

“Can’t you think of a reason?” Ji Heng asked with a smile. “It seems that second miss held me in too high regard and forgot the relationship between the Li family and I.” It’s as if he was deliberately reminding her, “In the garden, during the palace feast, didn’t you see me with a person from the Li family?”

Jiang Li’s heart was surprised for a moment. That time, she indeed recognized that the person who was talking with Ji Heng was Li Jing’s subordinate. But she didn’t show it. Moreover, the Jiang family and the Li family were not on good terms. She, a daughter in the backyard, had not been in Yanjing all year round, and should not be able to recognize Li Jing’s subordinate. Thus no one should have any doubt.

Unexpectedly, Ji Heng knew that she recognized the other party already. Perhaps her brief surprise was seen by Ji Heng during that brief moment. From then on, Ji Heng was already aware that she knew and therefore, at that time, watched at the side as she put on a play.

Jiang Li said, “So?”

“So?” Ji Heng asked the question back.

“Being in the same place with the person from the Li family, does that certainly mean standing on the side of the Li family?” Jiang Li laughed, “On the contrary, I feel that the duke and I might be grasshoppers on the same leaf in the future.”

Wen Ji was so shocked that his always tranquil expression couldn’t help stretching tautly. Jiang second miss even dared to go as far as saying this to the master? These words, even Cheng Wang did not dare to say when he wanted to rope in Ji Heng to his side.

Ji Heng watched Jiang Li quietly, the smile at the corner of Jiang Li’s lips never swayed. Gentle, proper, looking at him like the breeze on a spring day.

“Are you really smart, or a fake smart?” He asked softly.

Jiang Li laughed, “Who knows.”

No one spoke and the room fell into silence.

Jiang Li looked at the tea in front of her. The boiling white hair silver needle had quickly turned warm in the cold weather. Much time had passed.

“Let’s stop the exchange of pleasantries today.” Jiang Li smiled and said, “My uncle is still waiting for me outside, I have to go back. Many thanks for the reminder, duke.” She smiled and said, “I hope I can sing my best in this play, to let the duke watch with all your heart.”

Between her words, it was as if she was an opera singer providing amusement for people, not carrying the slightest ego. But in people’s eyes, compared to those noble daughters in Yanjing who adjusted their tones to pose as respectable young ladies, she actually made people’s hearts give birth to more respect.

Jiang Li’s bones were not soft at all, but very strong and hard. Perhaps she bowed for the purpose of standing even taller in the future.

Ji Heng looked at her profoundly, “Until we meet again.”

Jiang Li saluted Ji Heng, then left the wine shop.

She walked in a hurry, but this eagerness was not because she wanted to avoid Ji Heng, thus her hurried steps. She walked in a hurry as if there’s a more important matter that she urgently needed to do, afraid of wasting even a bit of time, nearly jogging as she walked outside.

In front of the window, Ji Heng looked at Jiang Li crossing the street. The crouching Ye Ming Yu stood up, took a glance at Ji Heng’s way before walking away with Jiang Li.

“Seems that she’s really anxious.” Ji Heng laughed.

“It’s because Xue Huai Yuan will be sentenced seven days later.” Wen Ji said. “It’s a pity, there isn’t any place where the relationship between Miss Jiang second and Xue Huai Yuan can be found.”

“Not Xue Huai Yuan, it’s the Xue family.” Ji Heng said.

“Shen Ruyun was Xue Fang Fei’s younger sister-in-law. Jiang Li schemed against Shen Ruyun. Xue Zhao was Xue Fang Fei’s younger brother. Jiang Li paid her respect to Xue Zhao. Xue Huai Yuan is Xue Fang Fei’s father, now Jiang Li wants to rehabilitate Xue Huai Yuan.” Ji Heng’s voice turned very serene. “Don’t you think it’s extremely coincidental? Each one was a person from the Xue family.”

Wen Ji said, “Xue family’s case is related to Her Highness the princess.” Other people did not know the connection, but it could not be concealed from them.

“Haven’t you seen it?” Ji Heng said, “She knows from the start. She knows, but she is not afraid.”

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