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Marriage of the Di Daughter Chapter 111 Part 2: Mute Grandmother

“According to Northern Yan’s law, when the witness testimony and material evidence are conclusive, and the local official is sued, a lawsuit can be filed with a higher authority. But the higher authority in the yamen is Tong Zhi Yang, he might not necessarily willing to help. I’ve thought about it, only the power in Yanjing is complex. I wish to bring this case to Yanjing and hand it over to the Imperial Court of Judicial Review to investigate. But what I want to investigate is not the Xue family’s case, rather, Feng Yu Tang. As long as Feng Yu Tang is in a lawsuit, he cannot get involved. Then evidence through Feng Yu Tang’s hand will not be counted!”

This was to avoid suspicion. Naturally, Feng Yu Tang would have no misgivings in “fabricating” evidence. Jiang Li could also follow suit, anyway it would already be at the Imperial Court of Judicial Review. All that evidence by Feng Yu Tang would not be counted. On the contrary, it’s her, who had no relations with the Xue family, who would be the true outsider.

Ye Ming Yu was not someone from the officialdom and did not understand much about Northern Yan’s official system. He merely said, “But why would the Imperial Court of Judicial Review want to accept a case from Tongxiang?”

A case from Tongxiang, how insignificant?

“Therefore have to make it big to make it possible.” Jiang Li said.

Tong’er’s movement of overturning the teacup reminded her. To make all the people pay attention to this hot tea, it’s not enough to merely make a splash in Tongxiang.

The movements had to be big, bigger, even huge. It would be even better if it involved a certain noble person in Yanjing. In this way, it would gather all the attention, Xue family’s case would no longer be a simple case of a corrupt official. It was perhaps a set-up, or perhaps involving a long-standing court case, perhaps even a rebel scheme.

Emperor Hong Xiao would not let go of any possible opportunity to make Cheng Wang eat a loss.

Ye Ming Yu thought about it but still didn’t understand. He asked, “How do you plan to make it big?” In fact, Ye Ming Yu had nothing to do with the Xue family. But since Jiang Li had her heart set on this matter, in addition, Ye Ming Yu felt that Feng Yu Tang was too disgusting, if Xue Huai Yuan was truly accused wrongly, then it would be too pitiful. It’s in their, the people from the rivers and lakes’s character to loathe evil like foe and uphold justice. Since that’s the case, so what if they intervene when they see an injustice?

“Simply inquiring about the evidence on the case is far from enough. The weight is not heavy, it’s not passable to get to the Imperial Court of Judicial Review.” Jiang Li said, “Still need witness testimony!”

“Witness testimony?” asked Ye Ming Yu. “Are you talking about the people in Tongxiang standing up to redress their former county deputy? How is this possible, didn’t you see, these people see the officials like rats upon seeing a cat, short of fleeing. This is ‘frightened into silence’ already, they do not even dare to utter a sentence, how would they dare to stand up? Moreover, it’s not that you didn’t know, today the bodyguards heard previously, if there are people mentioning Xue Huai Yuan, the authorities would immediately let people grab their son, threatening the parents and children, so that people who had justice in their hearts would not dare to speak up and harm their wife and child!”

Jiang Li said, “That’s because Feng Yu Tang has done too much. Moreover, Feng Yu Tang gives people the feeling that a person like him can sit for a long time in the county deputy position. Thus the people can only be angry but don’t dare to say anything. Once the people believe that Feng Yu Tang can fall from power, it will give birth to courage and will come to point out Feng Yu Tang’s crimes.”

“Then? Are you going to look for witness testimony?” asked Ye Ming Yu.

“No.” Jiang Li shook her head, “What the people can say is Feng Yu Tang’s wicked conduct and county deputy Xue’s well ordered administration. These words can only be used as the last rice straw to crush the camel to death, not to be used now. At another time, the outcome will be much better.”

Ye Ming Yu was even more puzzled, “Then, Ah Li, who are you looking for as witness testimony?”

“Government officers.” Jiang Li looked deeply, “Xue Huai Yuan’s former subordinates. All the people in the county office were changed by Feng Yu Tang. Those officers have a firm temperament and are staunch; Feng Yu Tang replaced them with his own people, it’s unknown whether the former people are alive or dead. See the person if alive and see the corpse if dead. If they are still alive, they are the proof; if they are dead, the corpses are also proof. All the government officers in the entire county office died violently, it presumably will be a strange matter in Northern Yan, right?”

Ye Ming Yu was astonished as he listened.

Jiang Li had a calm look in her eyes, but when she said these words, frost came out of her eyes. Thinking about the circumstances in Jiang Li’s words, Ye Ming Yu could not help feeling numb in his back. There were very few people in the rivers and lakes who exterminated the entire family, moreover, those would be ones with deep hatred. Naturally, there was also the saying of “new emperor brings in new aides”. However, Feng Yu Tang was just a minor county deputy. Could replacing a deputy county need to pay so many lives?

“Ah Li, how do you know that these government officers have been replaced by Feng Yu Tang? Have you met before?” Ye Ming Yu suddenly remembered something and asked.

Jiang Li smiled, “A glance could see, how could proper government officers have such morality and conduct. What they said and did, their actions, even the basic government courtesy are not known. Don’t know where Feng Yu Tang found such a group of disorderly people. Perhaps previously they were the local gangsters. How could the former county deputy Xue have this kind of subordinate when was in office, unless he wanted to destroy his own reputation.”

Ye Ming Yu saw that what she said was justified and nodded. He said, “Indeed it’s like that. I looked at those government officers, they did not seem to be honorable people.”

“Ah Li, do you want our bodyguards to search for the people in the surrounding Tongxiang?”

“Actually, no. Although Tongxiang is small, it has a complex terrain. I’ll look for a map. The problem lies in case Feng Yu Tang detects that we are looking for the government officers. There’s a huge possibility that he will hide these people.”

“Then snatch the people!” Ye Ming Yu spoke without thinking.

“Yes, we want to snatch people, but not at the moment.” Jiang Li pondered for a while before saying, “Uncle, in the yamen, there’s a mute grandmother who dump night incense. Can you ask one of your people to think of a way to take the mute grandmother out and meet me for a while? But this act should not alarm anybody, and must not be found out by Feng Yu Tang’s people.”

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