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Marriage of the Di Daughter Chapter 113 Part 4: Dongshan

The male servant prostrated respectfully on the floor, not daring to stand out. It’s unknown how long had passed before Feng Yu Tang’s voice was heard. He asked, light as a feather, “You think, how about disobeying the Master?”

“That absolutely must not be done.” The male servant was startled. “Master, you are aware of this Master’s temper. If….. even life cannot be protected!”

Even the male servant knew that Princess Yongning was ruthless. Feng Yu Tang walked twice around the room in a jitter. He suddenly slapped the table and said, “Just do it! It’s better to live than die. You may die if you kill her, but if you don’t, you’ll die immediately. Kill!”

He had thought it clearly. Even if he killed Jiang Li, it would take time for the person dispatched by Jiang Yuan Bai to investigate to arrive in Tongxiang. If worse comes to worse, he would use this chance to get away. In any case he had accumulated enough silver in Tongxiang for him to not worry about food and clothing. Moreover, he was doing work for Princess Yongning, she’s bound to protect him. Even if Yongning was a blue blooded nobility and would not take him into mind, the silver she would give him must be plenty. However, if he did not do this, it’s possible that Yongning would let someone take his life.

Since that’s the case, it’s better to seek stability for now and think about future matters later.

“How many people are in Jiang Li’s group?” Feng Yu Tang asked.

The male servant replied, “eight people altogether, six bodyguards, one uncle and one Jiang Li.”

“Eight people…..” Feng Yu Tang muttered for a while before saying, “Not too many. Master left a few assassins behind. Go and invite them over, it’s their turn to make a move, we don’t have enough manpower.”

Just as he was speaking, a person ran inside in a rush and said, “Not good, Master, not good!”

Feng Yu Tang had just made up his mind and when his state was still not at ease, these kinds of words were suddenly heard. He became even more nervous and said angrily, “What’s with all the shouting, what’s not good?!”

“Master,” the servant did not dare to talk more and only said, “The people in Dongshan mine were taken away!”

“What?” Feng Yu Tang flew into a rage, “What do those people eat to see? People can be taken away right under their eyes? Drag them down! Did they see clearly who took the people away?”

Shook his head.

Hmph, I know without them identifying.” Feng Yu Tang sneered, “nowadays, the one who dares to publicly bring up Xue’s case is just that group of people. Those officers in the mine are almost the same as handicapped people, which ordinary people dare to take care of. Clearly, only Jiang Li dares to!”

“But the terrain in the mines is complicated, how did they find the way out?” The male servant asked.

“Who knows.” Feng Yu Tang snorted, a sense of unease gradually rose in his heart. Jiang Li was clearly just a young lady who didn’t know anything. However, she seemed to be awfully familiar with everything in Tongxiang. This familiarity made what she wanted to do go smoothly. On the contrary, it caused Feng Yu Tang to be at a disadvantage.

“They took those officers to help them overturn Xue Huai Yuan’s case.” Feng Yu Tang said with a dark face. “Find them! Send all the people in the office, dig three meters deep, must find those officers for me. I don’t believe that so many people just vanish into thin air!”

The male servant accepted the order and left quickly. Feng Yu Tang felt something blocked his heart, unsure of why, but he always felt that something uncontrollable was happening.

No matter what, there’s something that he still had to do, which was to kill Jiang Li.

In short, Jiang Li was the root of all the restlessness. As long as she’s dead, those officers would quickly be found. There’s nothing to fear from a group of people without a leader.

“Heard that this Jiang second sister is powerful.” A trace of fierceness flashed in Feng Yu Tang’s eyes. “But, this will be the end of it.”


There was nobody inside Tongxiang’s wine shop.

After Lu Ji gave an enormous amount of silver, since then the shopkeeper had disappeared and never appeared. Inexplicably, Ji Heng got a wine shop in Tongxiang, not that he minded.

“That’s Feng Yu Tang’s troops.” By the window, Lu Ji’s eyes were following a couple of troops downstairs. A steady flow of officers came out from the government office. Something important seemed to occur.

“They are goingt to Dongshan.” Lu Ji laughed and said, “Jiang second sister’s move is very fast.” The more he observe Jiang Li’s affair, the more astonished he felt towards this girl. Such an unfamiliar place like Dongshan but she could still carry Xue Huai Yuan’s people out within such a short time. For other people, to successfully find the mine’s exit without getting lost inside was already something hard-pressed to do.

Therefore, it’s still Jiang second sister that had a great ability.

“It’s too late to go now.” Ji Heng shot a glance downstairs and said, “The people are already hidden in a secret place.”

“How did Jiang second sister find the secret place over here?” Lu Ji was puzzled. “She had never been to Tongxiang, also never met anyone, how could she discover such a secret place?”

“Don’t you feel like she grew up in Tongxiang?” Ji Heng smiled mysteriously.

“What do you mean?” Lu Ji did not understand.


Lu Ji paused for a while before he spoke again, “Princess Yongning’s letter should have been delivered to Feng Yu Tang. Master thinks, what does Princess Yongning want Feng Yu Tang to do?”

“Her heart is vicious, unlike me that has tender feelings. Of course she will eliminate things completely from the roots.” Ji Heng turned his folding fan around and spoke lightly.

“Will Feng Yu Tang do this?”


Lu Ji was silent for a while before carefully asking, “Jiang second sister is always both wise and brave, nothing should happen to her, right?”

He didn’t know why, after observing Jiang Li for so long, initially he was just an outsider who enjoyed watching the bustling scene, but Lu Ji had watched her for so long, just like watching a child he raised. He was not willing to see the child he raised to come to an end halfway, at least not now.

“Not necessarily.” Ji Heng said.

Liu Ji: “Is Master going to move?”

Ji Heng: “Won’t.”

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