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Marriage of the Di Daughter Chapter 115 Part 3: Mine

Afterwards, Cheng Wang unexpectedly joined hands with the Right Minister, and the balance in the court was broken. Cheng Wang’s forces incited disharmony between Jiang Yuan Bai and Emperor Hong Xiao. The teacher and student relationship was still there, but trust was no longer there. Jiang Li believed, if one day in the future there was proof of the Jiang family’s betrayal, Emperor Hong Xiao would imprison Jiang Yuan Bai without the slightest hesitation.

It’s impossible for Emperor Hong Xiao to join hands with Jiang Yuan Bai despite his power gradually diminishing. However, based on the last time Jiang Li saw Emperor Hong Xiao, whose birth mother, Imperial Consort Xia, died early, he did not seem easy to fiddle with, unlike the ordinary appearance shown on the surface. Perhaps Ji Heng had seen Emperor Hong Xiao’s ambition, therefore decided to stand in Emperor Hong Xiao’s faction.

There were people in the world who did their best but only managed to turn into a name among Emperor Hong Xiao’s subjects. Evidently, it’s not something Ji Heng wanted. The situation that Ji Heng actually wished for was for him to become Emperor Hong Xiao’s confidant, to be Emperor Hong Xiao’s most trusted person. Although she didn’t know why he wanted such a situation, Jiang Li was certain that Ji Heng assisted Cheng Wang for this particular purpose.

That’s to say, from the beginning, Ji Heng had thought of ways to help Cheng Wang, to make Cheng Wang and the Right Minister join hands and caused the Jiang family to feel threatened. With Cheng Wang’s instigation, Emperor Hong Xiao and Jiang Yuan Bai would be at odds. Thus the imperial court would turn into the three divisions that Ji Heng was hoping for. The isolated Emperor Hong Xiao would choose to trust Ji Heng and make Ji Heng his trusted aide.

Thinking of this, Jiang Li felt a bit fearful. Nobody would believe that it was Ji Heng’s strategy when exposed. After all, this needed a long term sight, a precise plan and a huge courage. Yet against reason, he did it, moreover, he did it well.

When this secret dawned on Jiang Li, she knew that she must keep this secret forever in her heart and must not tell anybody. She knew what idea Ji Heng was planning, and did not mention it at all whenever she had a confrontation with Ji Heng. Because she knew, once Ji Heng was aware that she had pried into his secret, the first thing he would do was to silence her to keep her mouth shut.

A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble. There’s no ailments when you select food and there’s no disaster when you have no words. This was Jiang Li’s decision. However, one’s plan was not as good as heaven’s plan. She never thought that she would be forced into a dead road this evening. Ji Heng was at the side, yet he did not have any plan to take action. As a result, she could only borrow a knife to kill.

Revealing Ji Heng’s secret in front of those assassins, Ji Heng absolutely would not allow the people who knew his secret to be alive. Those killers were destined to be silenced.

“Miss Jiang second, you should know,” Ji Heng slowly started talking, “this matter of silencing people to keep them from speaking out, not a single mouth will be left.”

He could slay those assassins, he could also kill her. First, she was aware of Ji Heng’s secret. Second, she unexpectedly used Ji Heng’s secret to count Ji Heng. Just these two charges were enough, there’s no reason for her to keep on living.

The icy cold fan pressing against her frail neck. Ji Heng’s gaze lingered on Jiang Li’s neck as if carrying a trace of sentiment. However, with a careful look, there was only ruthless indifference. The fan pressed forward inch by inch, the feeling of death was very clear. Jiang Li heard the sound of her heartbeat, but her voice was very calm.

“Duke, I don’t want to die, otherwise I would not have said those words,” said Jiang Li.

“Give me a reason why you should not die.” Ji Heng looked at her.

“If the duke wants the Majesty’s trust, it’s imperative for Cheng Wang and the Jiang family to fight. Supporting Cheng Wang is not the goal, support is for an even better solution.” Jiang Li said, “I can make it impossible for the Jiang family and Cheng Wang to get together, also able to wear down Cheng Wang’s power.”

Ji Heng laughed, “How are you going to do it?”

“In the Xue family’s case, Feng Yu Tang was just a cover and the person behind is Yongning.” Jiang Li’s pupils lowered. Ji Heng had probably known from an earlier time that this case had something to do with Yongning. She also did not have to hide anything and continued, “I want to dip my hand in Xue family’s case, and sooner or later I will face Yongning, and Cheng Wang also will not rest. No matter how my father regards me, my surname is still Jiang, Cheng Wang will definitely put this account on the Jiang family’s face. Cheng Wang and the Jiang family turn into opponents, I am a member of the Jiang family, I will definitely help the Jiang family to deal with Cheng Wang.”

“How are you going to deal with Cheng Wang?” Ji Heng asked, “now you are only 15 years old.”

Jiang Li only said five words, “by hook or by crook.”

Ji Heng was silent for a while, then said, “Whether it was the Jiang family or Cheng Wang, in the end, neither can remain.”

This was something Jiang Li had guessed before. Ji Heng helping Cheng Wang, instigated the Jiang family, all for the two people to confront each other and wear each other down. Only then would Emperor Hong Xiao’s power grow. She dealt with Cheng Wang wholeheartedly, but the Jiang family was also approaching a crisis.

In all fairness, though she wasn’t the genuine Jiang second miss, by borrowing Jiang Yuan Bai’s reputation, she had also managed to accomplish many things. Aside from Ji Shuran mother and daughter and Jiang Yu’e, the other people in the Jiang family, though they were not harmonious with her, they did not injure her. If the Jiang family truly collapsed, when the nest was overturned, all the eggs would break; she also would not have the opportunity to live.

She had to preserve the Jiang family and take revenge on Yongning and Shen Yurong.

“Duke, I don’t know what your final goal is, but when the Jiang family collapses, sooner or later, there will be a second Jiang family.” Jiang Li spoke quietly, “Preserve the Jiang family, in case the Jiang family can help you in the future, and become your ally, right?”

Her earnest persuasion did not move Ji Heng. Ji Heng laughed, I don’t need help, also don’t need allies.”

Jiang Li: “…..”

But instead, she felt it was right. Because it was truly too difficult to imagine Ji Heng having a friend and the comfort of a family. A viper living together with a flock of sheep, just thinking about that scene made people feel incredible.

“You still haven’t persuaded me,” Ji Heng reminded her. “The reason for not killing you.”

“I can’t find a reason.” Jiang Li looked at him calmly. “Because these reasons can’t even convince myself. But I have things that I haven’t completed yet, and I can’t die now. If duke insisted on not letting me go, I hope that the duke can give me some time. Leave my life here, wait until I finish all the things that I should do, then I will personally send this life over. I hope the duke can kindly accept.”

Ji Heng looked at her, smiled and said, “If I say no?”

Jiang Li was silent again.

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