Chapter 5258: Provoking the Dragon Clan?

Chu Feng and the others soon arrived at the Totem Starfield, the largest starfield of the Totem Galaxy and the base of the Totem Dragon Clan.

There were many cultivators residing in the Totem Starfield, but not a single person here dared to start a sect. All cultivators here, regardless of their cultivation level, lived as normal civilians. There was only one power in this realm, and that was the Totem Dragon Clan.

A huge crowd was gathered in the Totem Starfield’s Skydomain Ordinary Realm, for this was where the Trial of the Strongest would be held.

That was also where Chu Feng and the others were at.

“Brother Chu Feng, what do you think of the Skydomain Ordinary Realm?” Cheng Tianchan asked.

“Not bad.”

Chu Feng took a rough look but couldn’t find anything special about the Skydomain Ordinary Realm. At the very least, there wasn’t anything worth his attention,

“Brother Chu Feng, the Skydomain Ordinary Realm might only be an Ordinary Realm, but the Totem Starfield’s Ordinary Realm is probably even more prosperous than even the biggest Upper Realm of your Holy Light Galaxy. Since you came from afar, you should take a look around. My juniors and I have an appointment with some good friends, so we’ll be excusing ourselves for a while,” Cheng Tianchan said.

“Hoh. That fellow is trying to drive you away,” Eggy said with a laugh.

Chu Feng was no fool either. He sensed that Cheng Tianchan had been growing increasingly annoyed with him over the course of the journey. Envy was flowing through his veins.

“Where do you intend to visit, Chu Feng? I’ll go with you,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

Cheng Tianchan’s face crumbled upon hearing those words. After all, he was trying to chase Chu Feng away so that they could have Long Xiaoxiao to themselves!

“Junior, the people whom we are going to meet are the disciples of our master’s friends. It wouldn’t be good for you to be absent. In particular, Mo Yuhan’s grandfather has been friends with our master for thousands of years. Our master clearly instructed us to introduce you to Junior Mo,” Cheng Tianchan said.

While he was using this as an excuse to keep Long Xiaoxiao with them, this was indeed their master’s instruction.

“Senior, I don’t like to socialize. I want to take a look around,” Long Xiaoxiao replied.

“Junior, Mo Yuhan is a highly talented prodigy too. Despite being one of the younger juniors around, her cultivation has already reached rank eight Martial Exalted level. You should be able to easily imagine just how talented she is. Without a doubt, she’ll become one of the future powerhouses of the Totem Galaxy. That’s also the reason our master hopes that you can become good friends with her,” Cheng Tianchan said.

Zhao Yunmo also chirped in too, “Junior, Mo Yuhan rarely joins any gathering at all. This is a precious opportunity for you to build connections, so you really shouldn’t miss it.”

Despite their best efforts to retain Long Xiaoxiao, the latter wasn’t moved in the least. This left the two of them feeling incredibly frustrated. In particular, Cheng Tianchan felt like giving himself two tight slaps.

Why the hell did I try to chase Chu Feng off? I’d be in trouble if Long Xiaoxiao really leaves here!

He finally realized that he had severely underestimated just how much Chu Feng meant to Long Xiaoxiao.

Surprisingly, Chu Feng suddenly spoke up at this moment, “I don’t have anything up. Why don’t we head there together?”

“Chu Feng, do you really want to go?”

Long Xiaoxiao stared at Chu Feng intently, looking determined to head anywhere Chu Feng went.

Despite her innocent exterior, she was not a naive young miss who was seeing the world for the first time. She could naturally tell that neither Cheng Tianchan nor Zhao Yunmo was fond of Chu Feng despite their amicable attitude.

She could also tell that Cheng Tianchan was trying to chase Chu Feng away with his earlier words, which hardened her determination to leave with Chu Feng.

“I also want to broaden my horizons too,” Chu Feng replied. He turned to Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo and said, “Will I be troubling you by tagging along?”

“No, of course not. We’d be happy to have Brother Chu Feng come with us,” Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo hurriedly answered.

How would they possibly dare to chase Chu Feng off anymore? If Chu Feng left, Long Xiaoxiao would follow him.

Thus, the four of them continued on their way. Their destination was a mountain peak.

A golden light suddenly shone from the clouds ahead of them. Taking a closer look, it was actually countless golden steeds dragging numerous golden war chariots toward Chu Feng’s direction. The people on the war chariots had dragon horns, and their flags carried the words ‘Totem Dragon Clan’.

“Stop! In the Totem Galaxy, all cultivators have to halt their footsteps and pay respect to the Totem Dragon Clan,” Cheng Tianchan told his juniors via voice transmission, but he intentionally neglected to inform Chu Feng.

Long Xiaoxiao had a feeling that Cheng Tianchan might try to pull tricks on this matter, so she hurriedly relayed the message to Chu Feng.

The only problem was that the Totem Dragon Clan’s war chariot was traveling too fast. By the time Chu Feng heard Long Xiaoxiao’s words, the war chariots had already whizzed past them.

Fortunately, the Totem Dragon Clan didn’t pursue the matter and swiftly vanished in the distance.

“There seems to be an extremely formidable figure on the war chariot. I also noticed that all of them had grim looks on their faces. It looks like something has happened,” Eggy said.

“But who would dare to provoke the Totem Dragon Clan here?” Chu Feng murmured.

“First Senior, why didn’t you send the message to Chu Feng earlier?” Long Xiaoxiao suddenly spoke up with a reproachful tone.

Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo still had their heads lowered, which showed just how afraid they were of the Totem Dragon Clan. It was only after hearing Long Xiaoxiao’s question that they raised their heads.

Cheng Tianchan looked at Chu Feng and said, “My apologies, Brother Chu Feng. It happened so abruptly that I forgot to inform you earlier that it’s a custom to pay respect to the Totem Dragon Clan upon seeing them.”

Long Xiaoxiao’s face warped in displeasure.

However, Chu Feng shrugged off the matter and asked with a smile, “Was this a rule set by the Totem Dragon Clan?”

“The Totem Dragon Clan has never issued such an order, but this is an implicit rule out of respect for the Totem Dragon Clan,” Cheng Tianchan explained.

“So, those who fail to pay their respect will be punished?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, I hear that the Totem Dragon Clan would pursue the matter,” Cheng Tianchan replied with a smile.

“That’s why, Brother Chu Feng, you’re really lucky,” Zhao Yunmo said with a slight tinge of annoyance in his tone. He was unhappy that Chu Feng had gotten away so easily.

“Yes, I’ve always been quite lucky,” Chu Feng replied with a deep smile.

The group of four resumed their journey.

“Xiaoxiao, your seniors don’t seem to be good people. You ought to be careful of them,” Chu Feng told Long Xiaoxiao via voice transmission.

“I’m aware that they aren’t good people, but they are my seniors. They have been annoying me, but I’m not in a good position to say anything as they have been with my master for many years now. To be honest, I’d have already left if not for my master treating me well,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

Chu Feng was relieved to hear that. It didn’t seem like Long Xiaoxiao would be deceived by them.

But again, Long Xiaoxiao had never been a naive person. Even on their first meeting, she had come off as a competent individual to Chu Feng.

“What about your master? Is he a good person?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s hard to say, but I sense that she’s very fond of me. She’s earnestly trying to teach me. On top of that, she’s very powerful,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

“Your master is a woman? How powerful is she?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, my master is a woman. She’s at True God level, and it doesn’t seem to be just early True God level,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

“What’s her name?” Chu Feng asked.

“We don’t know her name, but she’s known as Ningyu Shangren.”

“If there’s a chance, I’d like to meet your master,” Chu Feng said.

“That’d be great. If you don’t have anything on, we can come with us to visit her after the Trial of the Strongest.” Long Xiaoxiao was overjoyed to hear that Chu Feng wanted to meet her master.

“All right,” Chu Feng replied.

“Are you worried about Long Xiaoxiao?” Eggy asked.

“Her seniors aren’t anything good, so I’d like to meet her master to see if she’s in good hands,” Chu Feng replied.

In the depths of a forest was a forbidden land under the jurisdiction of the Totem Dragon Clan. However, this forbidden land had been breached by an invader, and the ground was strewn with the corpses of Totem Dragon Clansmen.

All of them appeared to have died in a similar fashion—ash-gray skin, emaciated bodies, and black smoke coiling above their corpses.

Some reinforcements were already there when the golden steeds and war chariots Chu Feng had encountered earlier arrived at the scene.

As the war chariots landed on the ground, all of the Totem Dragon Clansmen present bowed deeply to express their utmost respect.

“Paying respect to Lord Long Zhen!”

The doors to one of the war chariots opened, and a white-haired elder with a brawny physique stepped out. It was Lord Long Zhen.

Lord Long Zhen made a beeline for the forbidden land to examine the deceased Totem Dragon Clansmen.

“How many times has this happened?” Lord Long Zhen asked.

“This is the third case we have discovered over the past ten days,” a middle-aged man stepped forward and reported.

“The forbidden land has been breached and our clansmen were killed, but the treasures inside remain untouched… Is it the same for the other two locations?” Lord Long Zhen asked.

“Yes, milord,” the middle-aged man replied.

“Someone is provoking our Totem Dragon Clan.” Lord Long Zhen frowned as fury seethed in his eyes.

“Lord Long Zhen, could it be that person?” one of the clansmen asked.

All of the Totem Dragon Clansmen tensed up upon hearing those words. They knew whom he was referring to, and that was a person whom they never wanted to meet ever again.