Chapter 5259: White-haired Woman

A thousand years ago, a demon monk appeared in the Totem Galaxy. He obtained a set of demonic arts from an Ancient Era’s legacy that granted him the power to raise his cultivation by refining and assimilating the bloodline of other cultivators.

Countless cultivators were killed by the demon monk, and even the Totem Dragon Clansmen had fallen victim to him.

The Totem Dragon Clan had underestimated the demon monk, which had cost them dearly. Eventually, they had to dispatch three Dragon Warriors from their Nine Flags Dragon Warriors before they finally took down the demon monk.

One had to know that the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors were the nine strongest experts of the Totem Dragon Clan, with the exception of their clan chief. They had to clear multiple selections to prove themselves worthy of the title.

Furthermore, while the three Dragon Warriors had successfully taken down the demon monk, one of them sustained severe injuries in the battle and eventually lost his life. The one who died was none other than Lord Long Zhen’s father.

Lord Long Zhen later proved his strength and inherited his father’s position as a Dragon Warrior, but the death of his father remained a thorn in his heart.

“Impossible. That demon monk has already been killed by us. There’s no way he’s still alive. This must be the doing of his subordinate,” Lord Long Zhen said.

A moment later, he added with a frown. “But it looks like even his subordinate is not to be made light of. Take my token and report the reappearance of the demon monk’s subordinate in the Skydomain Ordinary Realm back to the clan. We’ll let Lord Clan Chief decide how we should deal with this matter.”


The middle-aged man took the token before stepping into the teleportation formation in the forbidden land.

Following that, Lord Long Zhen turned to the other clansmen and said, “Relay my orders. Activate all territorial protective formations we have on the Skydomain Ordinary Realm. Before the commencement of the Trial of the Strongest, all clansmen are to remain inside the protective formations unless they have urgent matters to attend to.”

“Father, do we have to go that far? Cultivators from all places are gathering in the Skydomain Ordinary Realm for the Trial of the Strongest. There are bound to be plenty of conflicts amongst the various powers. Rumors might spread if our Totem Dragon Clan doesn’t step forward to uphold order,” one of the juniors walked up to Lord Zhen Long and said.

He was Lord Zhen Long’s youngest son.

“You shouldn’t underestimate the demon monk’s subordinate. They are either after our Totem Dragon Clan or the Trial of the Strongest. We mustn’t let our guard down. It’d be a relief if they are after the Trial of the Strongest. We have experts stationed around, so it’ll be hard for them to cause much trouble.

“However, if they are planning to exact vengeance on us, it’s unlikely that our clansmen stationed in the Skydomain Ordinary Realm would be a match for them. They would only be killed in a direct confrontation,” Lord Zhen Long replied.

It was only upon hearing those words that Lord Zhen Long’s youngest son finally understood the severity of this matter.

The other clansmen quickly carried out Lord Zhen Long’s orders.

What the Totem Dragon Clansmen didn’t know was that there were two women looking at them from the sky.

One of them was dressed in a red robe that hardly concealed her curvaceous figure. She had a bewitching face, but her beautiful eyes reflected the vicissitudes of life. She was likely to be much older than what her appearance let show.

The other woman had a much more youthful appearance. She had fair skin and beautiful white hair, and she was dressed in a white dress on top of that. Her appearance looked reminiscent of a snow fairy. However, her eyes were extremely cold.

The white-haired woman was a lot more unapproachable than the red-dressed woman, but her clear eyes suggested that she was a junior.

“Aunt, is that really the doing of the demon monk’s subordinate?” the white-haired woman asked.

“The corpses are in an identical state to the victims of the demon monk after he had stolen their bloodlines back then. However, the demon monk is already dead, so the culprit is likely to be either his subordinate or successor,” the red-dressed woman replied.

Even her voice sounded bewitching.

“Is the culprit after the Totem Dragon Clan or the Trial of the Strongest?” the white-haired woman asked.

“I’d guess that the culprit is after the Totem Dragon Clan. There’s no reason for the culprit to alarm the Totem Dragon Clan if his goal is the Trial of the Strongest,” the red-dressed woman replied.

The eyes of the white-haired woman gleamed in contemplation.

“There’s no need for us to involve ourselves in the affairs of the Totem Dragon Clan. It doesn’t have anything to do with us anymore. Are you confident in defeating Long Chengyu in the Trial of the Strongest?” the red-dressed woman asked.

“Yes, I am,” the white-haired woman replied.

“That’s good.” The red-dressed woman nodded.

She took one last look at Lord Long Zhen with a faint smile on her lips. Her gaze was filled with the goodwill of an old friend.

Chu Feng and the others finally arrived at the gathering location.

Not everyone was present yet, so they decided to take a rest first and only gather when everyone had arrived.

While resting, Chu Feng began training his Heaven’s Eyes.

He knew that there had to be a way to open the gate that sealed off the Asura World Spirit Army, but he would have to uncover it himself. Since the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk wasn’t providing him any help on that account, he could only rely on his Heaven’s Eyes.

Unfortunately, he was constrained by his observation skill. Since he had recently made a breakthrough in his spirit power and awakening of his world spiritist bloodline, he thought that it was a good opportunity to train his Heaven’s Eyes.

Heaven’s Eyes was the crux of the Pulse Searching Method, but it had to be supported by a strong mind and heart. Only when the three were strong would Heaven’s Eyes be strong.

Just as he had expected, he was able to make great advancement in his Heaven’s Eyes within a short period of time. After training his mind and his heart, he activated Heaven’s Eyes to scan his surroundings.

Indeed, his Heaven’s Eyes was much more potent than before.


Chu Feng quickly noticed three figures inside a palace.

One of them was a junior with a decent appearance. He was emanating the aura of a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator. His strength was more than enough for him to rank as one of the top prodigies of the Holy Light Galaxy.

Other than him, the other two people inside the palace were Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo. The palace had been reinforced with an isolation formation together with a treasure to ensure privacy, just that their measures weren’t sufficient to block off Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes.

Knowing that they were up to something, Chu Feng carefully studied the movements of their lips to decipher the content of their conversation.

The name of the rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator was Liang Feng. The three of them had been good friends for many years, presumably due to their equally awful natures. They had done plenty of horrible things together.

After a casual conversation, Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo finally revealed their motive. They wanted Liang Feng to deal with Chu Feng.

Liang Feng was more than happy to do them this favor.

“Oh? It looks like they are starting to get impatient?” Chu Feng sneered.

The three of them wouldn’t be able to pose a threat to him even if they came at him together.

Chu Feng turned his attention elsewhere, and he quickly noticed that all of the palaces in the vicinity had an isolation formation cast over them. It seemed like the cultivators here were particular about their own privacy.

It was just that none of their isolation formations could keep out Chu Feng’s Heaven’s Eyes. Naturally, this resulted in him stumbling upon acts of copulation.

As a gentleman, Chu Feng would avert his eyes right away. His gaze would only linger for a moment longer for those who were good-looking.

His gaze soon fell upon a pink palace, which had an exceptionally powerful isolation formation that he was unable to see through even with his Heaven’s Eyes. The plaque hanging in front of the palace carried two words—Mo Manor.