Chapter 5260: A Ploy Against Chu Feng

“Mo Manor. That should be the palace that Mo Yuhan is residing in,” Eggy said.

She shared sight and hearing with Chu Feng, allowing her to see everything he saw.

“That should be the case.” Chu Feng had also realized that the owner of the manor was an exceptional individual, or else they wouldn’t have been able to guard against his Heaven’s Eyes.

However, he wasn’t too bothered by it.

He headed into his World Spirit Space and focused his attention on the massive gate sealing off the Asura World Spirit Army. If his deduction was right, the picture imprinted on the middle of the gate should be the lock, and the method of opening the gate was hidden in it.

He had examined it many times before but to no avail.

This time around, he was able to gather some clues from it thanks to his strengthened Heaven’s Eyes. Just as he had deduced, the picture did contain the method to unsealing the gate, just that its content grew increasingly difficult to decipher the deeper he explored it.

So, he alternated between strengthening his Heaven’s Eyes and deciphering the picture on the gate. He soon hit his current limit for Heaven’s Eyes, but he was still unable to decipher the picture on the gate.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t worried at all. His Heaven’s Eyes would continue to grow stronger as he raised his cultivation. It was only a matter of time before he deciphered the picture.

Tok tok tok!

Someone knocked on Chu Feng’s palace doors.

Long Xiaoxiao would deliver desserts to Chu Feng every day, but knowing that Chu Feng was in closed-door training, she would always leave right after delivering the food. However, she was accompanied by Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo today.

It turned out that their friends had already appeared, so they were going to gather today.

“I think I shan’t go after all since I don’t know any of your friends,” Chu Feng said.

“What are you saying, Brother Chu Feng? You should get to know them now that you’re already here. Rest assured, my friends are all easygoing people,” Cheng Tianchan said.

“Indeed, we should attend the gathering together. If you aren’t going, we shan’t go either,” Zhao Yunmo persuaded.

In truth, the two of them had met with some of their friends over the last few days, but they had never invited Chu Feng to any of them. It was obvious why they were much friendlier today.

“Seniors, we shouldn’t force Chu Feng if he doesn’t wish to join us,” Long Xiaoxiao said.

Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo revealed conflicted looks. They had made preparations for someone to deal with Chu Feng, and it would put them in a spot if he didn’t join them.

To their relief, Chu Feng eventually relented and said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll join you.”

“That’s wonderful! Brother Chu Feng, I’m sure the gathering would be much more vibrant with you around. After all, you’d be a representative of the Holy Light Galaxy!” Cheng Tianchan exclaimed in excitement.

Zhao Yunmo couldn’t stop himself from smiling in glee either.

Chu Feng smiled along with them.

He didn’t want to get involved with such matters because he wanted to focus on unsealing the gate and freeing his Asura World Spirit Army, but since Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo were so intent on it, he didn’t mind sparing some time to play with them.

The gathering location was a spacious palace.

There were already seven hundred cultivators gathered inside the palace, but less than a hundred of them were juniors. Casting a sweeping glance across the room, almost everyone was a Martial Exalted level cultivator, though the majority were at early Martial Exalted level.

Neither Cheng Tianchan nor Zhao Yunmo could be considered juniors either. They weren’t old, but they were over a hundred years of age. That was the conventional definition in the world of cultivation.

The entrance of Chu Feng’s group drew countless eyes from the crowd, especially when it came to Long Xiaoxiao. Few had seen her yet as she hadn’t attended any of the smaller gatherings, so it was inevitable for them to be amazed by her looks.

The revelation of her background sparked further interest in her. Many people approached Long Xiaoxiao to introduce herself.

In contrast, Chu Feng was completely ignored by the crowd. If anything, the crowd squeezed him away from Long Xiaoxiao’s side.

It was not that they didn’t see him but they were feigning ignorance. They didn’t want to be associated with Chu Feng in any way. Disdain could be seen in their eyes whenever they cast a cursory glance in his direction.

Those who were present in this palace were of notable standing and possessed considerable talent. To them, the Holy Light Galaxy was no different from a rural village, and their cultivators were all countryside bumpkin.

Of course, Long Xiaoxiao was from the Holy Light Galaxy too, but no one dared to underestimate her due to her master.

On the other hand, Chu Feng didn’t have anyone to fall back on. This made it much easier for others to disregard him.

“It looks like region discrimination is truly rampant in the world of cultivation,” Eggy said with a chuckle.

“This is fine with me too.”

Chu Feng was also glad to have his peace. He casually headed toward one of the tables and found a seat to settle down on. There were ten seats in total around the table, and a man and a woman were already sitting there.

“Brother, are you Chu Feng from the Holy Light Galaxy?” the man asked.

He had heard about Chu Feng, but he wasn’t certain of the latter’s identity.

“Yes, I am,” Chu Feng replied with a polite smile.

The man smiled as well, but there was contempt in his eyes. He rose to his feet and switched to another table.

Upon seeing that, the woman stood up as well. She glanced at Chu Feng and sneered, “Those from the Holy Light Galaxy aren’t worthy of sharing a table with me.”

Then, she shifted over to the man’s table.

“Let me out. I’ll give her two tight slaps. What’s that ugly thing acting so arrogant for?” Eggy was affronted by their attitude.

“Forget it, Eggy. There’s no point losing your temper at small fry. They aren’t worth your time,” Chu Feng said.

He had long gotten accustomed to such situations that he couldn’t be bothered with it anymore. While he didn’t kick up a fuss about it, someone else was directing a cold glare at the man and the woman—Long Xiaoxiao.

Despite being surrounded by a crowd, she had been keeping an eye on Chu Feng, fearing that he would feel uncomfortable. If not for the fact that she was representing her master, she would have long ditched them to accompany Chu Feng.

However, when she saw that Chu Feng wasn’t uncomfortable in the least, she knew that she was worrying over nothing.

While those present here might not know Chu Feng well, she knew what he had gone through and achieved over the years. To him, the people gathered here were probably no different from little children.

All of a sudden, a waft of fragrance drifted into the room.

Chu Feng cast a glance toward where the fragrance was coming from and saw a woman dressed in pink walking over.

The woman had fair skin that was as smooth as jade, and she had a sweet, adorable appearance. What particularly stood out about her was her pink eyes, as well as the fact that the fragrance was coming from the woman’s own body..

“Body fragrance?”

Chu Feng had met plenty of women who had body fragrance, but it was rare for one to be so strong yet pleasant-smelling. He swiftly realized that the woman likely possessed a unique constitution or bloodline.

“Miss Mo, you’re here.”

The crowd quickly turned their attention toward Miss Mo and gathered around her, even those who were still surrounding Long Xiaoxiao a moment ago. It was the same for Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo too.

This showed just how popular Miss Mo was.

However, Long Xiaoxiao wasn’t unhappy with the situation at all. If anything, she felt liberated. She quickly made her way toward Chu Feng’s side.

“She should be Mo Yuhan. Do you think she’s pretty?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.