Chapter 5261: Do You Dare To Have a Life-and-Death Battle?

“She is pretty,” Chu Feng replied.

“Who is prettier? Me or her?” Long Xiaoxiao asked.


“Do you mean it? You shouldn’t side with me just because I’m your friend.”

“I mean it.”

Chu Feng was being perfectly honest here. While Mo Yuhan did have a special quality, in terms of appearance, Long Xiaoxiao was definitely prettier.

Long Xiaoxiao still reserved her doubts about Chu Feng’s words. Her self-confidence seemed to falter whenever she was standing before him. Even so, she couldn’t stop herself from smiling after hearing his words.

“Chu Feng, feel free to smack anyone who annoys you. I’ll back you up,” Long Xiaoxiao told him via voice transmission.

“Can I do that to your seniors too?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course, but you should wait till either you or I are able to defeat them first.”

Long Xiaoxiao didn’t mean to make light of Chu Feng with those words. On the contrary, she believed that both of them were able to surpass her seniors in the near future, but till then, it wouldn’t be wise for them to make a move.

It was then that a woman suddenly settled down beside Long Xiaoxiao.

“Miss Long, I am Daoist Wang Xi’s disciple, Zhao Qing. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said.

She was accompanied by a man whom Chu Feng recognized. It was the man whom Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo had met up with a few days ago, Liang Feng.

“Miss Long, this is my senior, Liang Feng,” the woman said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Long Xiaoxiao turned to Liang Feng and nodded.

Liang Feng walked over to Chu Feng’s side and said, “Brother, could you give up your seat to me?”

But before Chu Feng could say a word, Long Xiaoxiao had already interjected, “He’s my friend.”

The meaning behind her words was clear: You have no right to drive my friend away. Sit elsewhere.

Liang Feng naturally understood the meaning behind her words, but he simply flashed her a smile before turning his attention back to Chu Feng. “Are you mute? Why do you need Miss Long to answer on your behalf?”


With a smack of her palm, the table Chu Feng was seated around shattered. Long Xiaoxiao rose to her feet in anger.

“Get lost.”

Long Xiaoxiao glared at Liang Feng. She couldn’t allow anyone to insult Chu Feng.

However, Liang Feng remained fearless, knowing that Long Xiaoxiao wasn’t a match for him. He continued staring at Chu Feng, “You really are mute. Or are you just too scared to speak up? I would have never thought that the people of the Holy Light Galaxy are cowards who hide behind women!”

He was no longer concealing his malice, making it clear that he was here to humiliate Chu Feng. In an instant, Chu Feng and Liang Feng became the center of attention.

However, no one stepped forward to mediate between them. They were waiting for Chu Feng to make a joke out of himself. They knew that Chu Feng was from the Holy Light Galaxy, and they felt nothing but contempt toward him.


Long Xiaoxiao suddenly emanated a powerful oppressive might comparable to a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator. At the same time, her body began emanating a peculiar aura arising from her bloodline ability.

Using her bloodline ability, her rank one Martial Exalted level cultivation had been raised by two cultivation ranks.

“Not bad, she has made considerable advancement in her cultivation,” Eggy said.

“It looks like she has further awakened her bloodline,” Chu Feng remarked.

Long Xiaoxiao was also able to raise her cultivation by two ranks back when she was at Utmost Exalted level, but she had to resort to the power of her dragon horns for that. However, she was now able to do the same without relying on the power of the dragon horns, which indicated that she had further awakened her bloodline.


A Lightning Mark appeared on Liang Feng’s forehead, raising his cultivation from rank three Martial Exalted level to rank four. He had also cultivated the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique.

No one in the crowd seemed to be surprised by that. Prodigies of their caliber were either highly talented or from remarkable backgrounds.

“It looks like the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique is commonplace here,” Eggy said.

“There’s still a difference here. The Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique he has learned isn’t as complete as mine,” Chu Feng said.

“How are you able to tell?”


“Junior Long, I acknowledge that you’re indeed a talented individual, or else Ningyu Shangren wouldn’t have taken you in as her disciple. I have no intention to insult you even though you’re from the Holy Light Galaxy too. But this man…”

Liang Feng turned his sights to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I look down on you. Why are you so cowardly? Are you actually not a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator despite your claims?” Liang Feng asked.

“Who told you that I’m a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator?” Chu Feng asked.

Long Xiaoxiao immediately turned her eyes toward Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo. Neither Chu Feng nor she had interacted with anyone ever since they arrived here, which meant that Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo were the only ones who could have divulged Chu Feng’s cultivation

Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo lowered their heads out of guilty conscience, not daring to meet Long Xiaoxiao in the eye.

“Does it matter who told me that? I’m asking you a question right now. Are you a rank three Martial Exalted level cultivator or not? Are you deceiving Junior Long?” Liang Feng questioned.

“That’s right! You should at least make things clear here instead of cowering like a coward!”

Jeers sounded from the crowd, though they were mostly from Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo’s friends.

Chu Feng smiled at the sight.

His response brought about contemptuous looks from many of the women present, especially the one who had stepped away from Chu Feng’s table earlier. They thought that Chu Feng was planning to give in despite being publicly humiliated, which further proved that he was a coward.

However, Chu Feng rose to his feet and cast a sweeping glance at the crowd.

“It’s none of your business whether I am or not.”


The crowd was shocked to hear those words. They couldn’t believe that Chu Feng was talking to them in such a manner. How could he dare to speak to them in such a manner when there was such a huge disparity in their standings?

“Do you really think that I dare not to touch you just because you have Junior Long backing you up?” Liang Feng menacingly glared at Chu Feng.

“All bark but no bite. Why don’t we just battle it out if you have guts? I don’t mind sparing some time to have a life-and-death battle with you,” Chu Feng said.

“What? Life-and-death battle?”

Another wave of shock rippled through the crowd. They thought that Chu Feng only dared to act so arrogantly because he had Long Xiaoxiao backing him up, but a life-and-death battle would require him to fight with his own strength. How could he dare make such a proposal?

“Life-and-death battle? Am I hearing things?” Liang Feng said.

Cheng Tianchan and Zhao Yunmo were more than excited about the turn of events. They were only thinking of teaching Chu Feng a lesson, but who could have thought that the latter would court his own death?

“You should turn me down if you don’t want to die a premature death,” Chu Feng said.

“What a joke. Do you think that I’d be afraid of you?” Liang Feng burst into laughter. He turned to the crowd behind him and said, “I hope that everyone here can testify that it’s Chu Feng who challenged me to a life-and-death battle. He only has himself to blame if he dies. It’s not me bullying the weaklings from the Holy Light Galaxy.”

“We’ll testify on your behalf!”

Many voices echoed in unison.

Meanwhile, Mo Yuhan quietly settled down at a table and began digging into the food. She paid no heed to the commotion around her, showing no interest in anyone at all. It was as if she had come here only to fulfill an obligation.