Chapter 5267: What Did You Just Say?

In order not to worry Eggy, Chu Feng decided to look for a safe spot to assimilate the crystal first. Even before the crystal had been fully refined, he had already sensed an impetus for a breakthrough, but he chose to hold back till now.


Chu Feng could hear thunder outside, but he didn’t see any signs of the nine-colored lightning.

“It’s weird. I hear the thunder but I don’t see any signs of lightning. Chu Feng, did you fail in your breakthrough?”

Eggy looked at the sky but it was clear.

“What a formidable formation.”

Chu Feng was also looking at the sky, but he came to a different conclusion.

“Formation?” Eggy asked in confusion.

“Yes, there’s a formation enveloping this area from above. What we’re seeing above isn’t the real sky, so it’s only normal that we don’t see the nine-colored lightning. What a formidable disguise. If not for the thunder, I wouldn’t have been able to tell that it’s fake,” Chu Feng said.

“Does that mean that you have succeeded in your breakthrough?” Eggy asked. She was more concerned about Chu Feng’s breakthrough than the formation in the sky.

“I should be able to make a breakthrough if the divine lightning falls. I’m confident of withstanding its might,” Chu Feng said.

He placed his hands together and prepared himself, knowing that the nine-colored lightning was going to descend very soon.

Meanwhile, the crowd outside was able to clearly see the nine-colored lightning. It was furiously roaring in the sky, looking as if it would descend upon the world and devastate everything. The sheer might it commanded mesmerized every single cultivator present.

Despite being cultivators of the Totem Galaxy, this was the first time they were witnessing such an amazing phenomenon.

“What an incredible phenomenon! Who is behind it?”

“As expected of the Trial of the Strongest! It has attracted amazingly talented individuals from all over our Totem Galaxy!”

The crowd discussed amongst themselves.

“What a formidable lightning phenomenon. Chu Feng is indeed a formidable person.”

Both the mysterious woman and Ling’er knew that the lightning phenomenon was triggered by Chu Feng.

Soon enough, the divine lightning bolted downward, but it abruptly vanished halfway through due to the effects of the formation. However, in the forest, Chu Feng finally caught sight of the divine lightning.

The divine lightning crashed down onto Chu Feng, causing his face to warp in pain.

This was divine retribution, after all!

However, the divine lightning soon dissipated, indicating that Chu Feng had successfully cleared the trial.

“He managed to overcome the nine-colored lightning that easily?” Ling’er remarked in astonishment.

She had clearly witnessed the happenings through the mysterious woman’s mirror, and she was astonished by how easily Chu Feng had survived the frightening divine lightning.

“Young miss, we definitely have to take him under our wing,” Ling’er said.

However, the mysterious woman had a weird expression on her face.

Sensing that something was amiss, Ling’er asked, “What’s wrong, young miss?”

“Someone else is using the Heaven Capturing Truth Net here too,” the mysterious woman said.

Ling’er’s eyes widened upon hearing those words. The Heaven Capturing Truth Net was a treasure from the Ancient Era. It should have been impossible for those of the present era to have it.

“Is it the Totem Dragon Clan?” Ling’er asked.

“I am aware that the Totem Dragon Clan has the Heaven Capturing Truth Net too, but I’m unable to ascertain if they are the ones using it. In any case, the Heaven Capturing Truth Net cast before mine hinders my ability to uncover the truth,” the mysterious woman said.

“Doesn’t that mean that our Heaven Capturing Truth Net has gone to waste? Who’s the culprit behind this? How vile!” Ling’er harrumphed angrily.

How could she not be angry when an invaluable treasure had been rendered ineffective just like that?

“There’s no way around it,” the mysterious woman said.

She took out a red pill with an eye inscribed on it. Inside the eye was an extremely powerful formation.

“Young miss, are you going to use Heavensight here?!” Ling’er shouted in shock.

Heavensight was a treasure that was ten times as valuable as the Heaven Capturing Truth Net. It could only be forged by Qin Jiu, so there were only so few of them. It was said that consuming it would grant one the power of a fully-mastered Heaven’s Eye.

“I sense that something is amiss here. I have to get to the bottom of this.”

The mysterious woman crushed Heavensight and reduced it to a cloud of red powder. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled the powder and tightly closed her eyes. Moments later, she opened her right eye.

In her right eye was a formation identical to what was previously inscribed on Heavensight, granting her the power to peer through everything. Even the powerful concealment formation was powerless against her gaze, allowing her to see everything happening in the four fields.

It didn’t take her long to notice the experts of the Totem Dragon Clan gathered in an ancient underground palace.

“It’s indeed the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant.”

The mysterious woman saw the sphere placed on the table and recognized it to be a treasure from the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant’s first trial. Rumors had it that the second trial would only surface when the sphere was fully opened.

Even in the Ancient Era, no one had ever opened the sphere due to the extreme conditions to do so. It required one to gather four extremely talented cultivators of different cultivation ranks.

“Young miss, what did you see?” Ling’er asked.

“I see the Totem Dragon Clansmen. They have dispatched many experts for this. Five of the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors are here,” the mysterious woman replied.

“Five of them? What airs,” Ling’er said excitedly.

She knew what the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors meant to the Totem Dragon Clan.

“Long Junlin is here too,” the mysterious woman said.

“Long Junlin? Isn’t he one of the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors’ Three Masters?” Ling’er was surprised to hear that.

There was a further classification of the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors too. This title symbolized the nine strongest cultivators of the Totem Dragon Clan, which many people competed over. It was not uncommon for newer clansmen to replace the older clansmen.

However, there were three people whose positions in the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors had remained unchallenged for tens of thousands of years. They were titled the Three Masters of the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors, and Long Junlin was one of them.

Long Junlin was extremely powerful, but he possessed high standing in the Totem Dragon Clan too. He would only be mobilized for absolutely important matters.

Considering that this was the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant, it wasn’t surprising that Long Junlin was brought in too. Still, Ling’er couldn’t help being surprised by the appearance of this elusive elder.

“Has anyone else cleared their tests yet?” Ling’er asked.

“Chu Feng is the only one who has cleared the test thus far.”

“Was it the Totem Dragon Clan who used the Heaven Capturing Truth Net?” Ling’er asked.

“I can’t find any traces of them using the Heaven Capturing Truth Net,” the mysterious woman replied.

“It isn’t them? Who else could it be?” Ling’er was confused.

“It looks like the Totem Dragon Clan isn’t the only one eyeing the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant. There are other powers coveting it too. Let me look around and see who it is.”

The mysterious woman turned her eyes from the experts of the Totem Dragon Clan to the vicinity of the vast mountain range.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng had already successfully made a breakthrough to rank nine Martial Exalted level.


A light pillar suddenly rose from the depths of the forest. A dragon’s roar could be heard, and a dragon’s silhouette ascended within the light pillar. A word could be seen inside the light pillar—Strongest!!!

“It looks like this is the location of the final battle,” Chu Feng thought to himself as he flitted ahead.

Along the way, he saw many cultivators fighting each other, some of them even trying to kill their opponents. Many of them seemed to harbor grudges against one another.

Not wanting to get involved, Chu Feng turned a blind eye to their fights and continued on his way. However, his attention was soon captured by two fighting cultivators.

It was a man and a woman, and by a stroke of coincidence, he recognized both of them.

The man was dressed in a white robe and was holding onto a paper fan. It was the person whom Tang Xiu was acquainted with and had previously provoked him, Zhou Yan.

The woman was Mo Yuhan.

Zhou Yan was at rank nine Martial Exalted level and had a Divine Power, allowing him to raise his fighting prowess by two cultivation ranks.

Mo Yuhan was only at rank eight Martial Exalted level, but she was able to stand her ground against Zhou Yan. She was emanating a pink aura that formed flowery outlines. Her pink eyes were also glowing with fervor.

“A rank eight Martial Exalted level with heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting three ranks of cultivation. Mo Yuhan is indeed not one to be made light of,” Chu Feng remarked.

Unlike the bamboo hat elder from earlier on, Mo Yuhan’s heaven-defying battle power didn’t stem from external means but from her own bloodline.

“What bloodline is that? It’s beautiful and pleasant smelling. Is she the reincarnation of a Flower Goddess?” Eggy asked.

“Mo Yuhan does have a pleasant body scent, especially now that her bloodline has been activated. I’d rank her second in terms of her natural feminine fragrance,” Chu Feng said.

“You have smelled better feminine fragrance than this?” Eggy asked in surprise.

“I did,” Chu Feng replied.

“Who is it?”

“She’s the most beautiful woman I have ever met in my entire life.”

“I’m asking you who it is! Why do I not have any recollection of such a person?” Eggy’s curiosity was piqued.

“She’s inside my World Spirit Space right now. She was still saying something just a second ago… What’s her name again? How weird. I can’t remember all of a sudden,” Chu Feng said with a chuckle.

“You… What’s wrong with you?” Eggy berated, though her face turned as red as an apple.

“Hehehe, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m just telling the truth.” Chu Feng laughed.

“Cut the bootlicking. Mo Yuhan seems to be at her limit. Are you going to help her?” Eggy asked.

“I wasn’t intending to, but Zhou Yan provoked me first,” Chu Feng replied. He flitted up to the two of them and shouted, “Hey, do you need help?”

His sudden call caught Zhou Yan and Mo Yuhan by surprise. Zhou Yan was the first one to snap out of it and answer “No need”.

“I’m not talking to you,” Chu Feng replied as he turned his eyes toward Mo Yuhan.

“Shit!” Zhou Yan clicked his tongue.

Mo Yuhan didn’t reply.

“It looks like she doesn’t need your help,” Eggy said.

“Forget it then.” Chu Feng turned around and prepared to leave the area.

“Wait a moment,” Mo Yuhan suddenly called out.

She exerted a powerful strike toward Zhou Yan before making use of the opening to retreat from the latter. Then, she made her way toward Chu Feng’s side.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Countless giant fans suddenly manifested out of nowhere, surrounding Chu Feng and Mo Yuhan.

“Brat, you must be courting death. How dare you intervene in my duel? Since you’re such a busybody, I’ll allow you to feast your eyes on how I toy with this woman in your dying breath,” Zhou Yan sneered shamelessly.

Chu Feng immediately understood how the two of them ended up fighting each other. Zhou Yan must have been lusting over Mo Yuhan.

It was then that Chu Feng suddenly received a voice transmission from Mo Yuhan.

“Listen to me. Zhou Yan isn’t easy to deal with. You won’t be able to help me with your current cultivation level. I’ll stall him with all my strength. Find a chance to strike him with this hidden weapon.”

Mo Yuhan tried to secretly pass a dagger inscribed with runes to Chu Feng, only to see that the latter was no longer beside her. Astonished, she quickly searched for him, only to be startled by what she saw next.

Chu Feng had suddenly appeared right beside Zhou Yan. Lightning was crackling from his body. His fist moved with unbelievable speed to sink right into Zhou Yan’s abdomen, causing the latter to retreat several steps before collapsing onto the ground.

After dealing with Zhou Yan, Chu Feng turned around to look at Mo Yuhan.

“Miss Mo, what did you say earlier?”

The ‘Divine’ character Lightning Mark on his forehead was exceptionally blinding.