Chapter 5274: Reunion in the Remnant

Even though the sword had thoroughly pierced through Xu Tianjian’s dantian, it didn’t take his life. Chu Feng had chosen to spare him.

“Y-you dare to cripple my cultivation? My master will kill you! He’ll tear out your tendons and shatter your bones!” Xu Tianjian furiously bellowed as he sensed his cultivation dissipate.

His face was warped like a ferocious beast, looking as if he would pounce on Chu Feng and rip him into shreds if he had the strength to.

“What you said makes sense. Why should I spare you if your master isn’t going to let me off anyway?” Chu Feng asked.

Xu Tianjian was stunned to hear those words. An ominous feeling welled in his heart.

“D-don’t kill me. I’m begging you. If you kill me, my master really won’t let you off.” Xu Tianjian’s attitude took an abrupt twist.

As much as he cared about his cultivation, he was also frightened of death.

“If you don’t want to die, tell me about your master,” Chu Feng said.

He wanted to know what the background of the demon monk was. It didn’t seem to him that Xu Tianjian was bluffing, so he thought that it would be wise to make preparations in advance.

Xu Tianjian spilled out the grudge between the demon monk and the Totem Dragon Clan, as well as the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant. It turned out that the demon monk knew that the Totem Dragon Clan had organized this tournament to open the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant.

“You’re saying that this spirit formation gate leads to the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m not sure either. What I know about the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant is only speculation. Brother Chu Feng, please allow me to heal myself. I can’t allow my cultivation to seep away just like that. My master will turn his back on me if I am no longer of any use to him, and you won’t be spared from his wrath either.”

Xu Tianjian looked as if he was going to burst into tears.

Chu Feng thought that there was some sense in what Xu Tianjian was saying, especially when he said the words ‘no longer of any use’. It did fit the modus operandi of demonic sects.

“You’re a talented cultivator. A person like you shouldn’t have any reason to side with the demonic powers. You should be aware of the consequences of that,” Chu Feng said

“I had no choice either. I was forced into it. The demon monk is a vicious man who has no fear even for the Totem Dragon Clan. How could I possibly dare to oppose him?” Xu Tianjian cried.

“Chu Feng, he’s putting on an act. People like him always try to justify their sins with their extenuating circumstances. Just think about his arrogant attitude earlier. There’s no point sparing someone like him!” Eggy said.

“I’ll spare his life for now. He might just come in useful if the demon monk is as formidable as he puts him out to be. Who knows? The demon monk might just really care about him.”

Chu Feng was planning to take Xu Tianjian in as a hostage in hopes that he might come in useful later on.

Eggy thought that Chu Feng’s words made sense, so she replied, “You can decide.”

Thus, Chu Feng treated Xu Tianjian’s injuries and stopped his cultivation from seeping away. Regardless of the reason, it was a fact that the demon monk had chosen him. If Xu Tianjian lost his value to the demon monk, there would be no reason for Chu Feng to keep him either.

Even though Chu Feng stabilized Xu Tianjian’s cultivation, he still kept the latter in a severely injured state so as to ensure that he wouldn’t pose a threat. He took away all of Xu Tianjian’s treasures and bound him tightly before taking out a treasure to imprison him.

“Brother, please don’t lock me up. Bring me in with you. I also want to expand my horizons. Who knows? I might just be of help to you,” Xu Tianjian said.

“You really lack self-awareness.” Chu Feng laughed.

“Huh?” Xu Tianjian was bewildered.

“A prisoner like you isn’t worthy of challenging this remnant together with me.”

Chu Feng imprisoned Xu Tianjian in his treasure. He would have to be a fool to grant Xu Tianjian the chance to backstab him.

Following that, he stepped into the white spirit formation gate.


At the other side of the gate was a space filled with runes, reminiscent of a labyrinth. This was a test. One would have to overcome this labyrinth in order to leave this place.

Chu Feng was no stranger to this situation, and he had plenty of experience dealing with labyrinths too. On top of that, he had regained his spirit power, allowing him to utilize his Heaven’s Eye too.

It took him just a few moments to overcome the labyrinth.

Another spirit formation gate appeared in front of him.

Chu Feng stepped into the spirit formation gate and found himself standing in the midst of a forest. The forest looked identical to the one outside, to the extent where he probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference if not for the fact that he could still utilize his spirit power.

However, he knew deep down that the two forests only looked identical on the surface. He was certainly inside a remnant, though he couldn’t tell for sure whether it was really the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant or not.


The spirit formation gate suddenly closed up, leaving a bundle of white light behind. The white light floated toward Chu Feng before abruptly dissipating to reveal a golden token within. There was a dragon silhouette moving on the surface of the token, and it emanated an imposing air.

It felt like the dragon was able to destroy everything in the world even though it was nothing more than a silhouette.

“What a formidable token. Chu Feng, do you think that we’re really in the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant?” Eggy asked.

While Xu Tianjian didn’t know much about the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant, he did mention that it was a formidable remnant with a history tracing back to the Ancient Era. That was also why Eggy was extremely curious about it.

“I can’t say for sure yet. There aren’t any clues here.”

Chu Feng also wanted to know whether he was in the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant or not. After all, he would be the benefactor of the Totem Dragon Clan if he helped them open the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant. That should entitle him to generous rewards from them.

He had offended too many people thus far, so it would be of great help if he could bring the Totem Dragon Clan over to his side.

Chu Feng stowed away the token and began carefully exploring the area. He found that the forest had boundaries despite its massive size, which meant that he was trapped here. Thus, he looked around for clues to escape from this place, but he was unable to find anything at all.

This confused him.

It was abnormal for a remnant to teleport a challenger to an unknown location without offering them any clues.


Chu Feng suddenly sensed another aura inside the forest. He had already searched through the forest once but didn’t find anything, so the aura must have only appeared a moment ago.

He quickly made his way over.

The aura belonged to a woman. She had fair skin and white hair, and she was dressed in a white dress on top of that. She looked like a fairy walking out from a snowfield.

“Elder, you have finally appeared!”

Chu Feng’s first thought was that the woman was the person controlling the ancient remnant. After all, the glowing silhouette he had encountered in the ancient palace for his first test was a woman too.

While the woman here was neither glowing nor emanating the aura of the Ancient Era, her outline resembled the ancient palace's glowing silhouette. Furthermore, she felt unfathomably powerful.

However, the white-haired woman was shocked to see Chu Feng. A moment later, her face reverted to its previous coldness. Without saying a word, she spared a glance at Chu Feng before turning around and leaving the area.

“Why is she walking away? Chu Feng, did you get the wrong person? Are you sure that she’s the person controlling the remnant?” Eggy asked.


Just then, the space quivered and another white spirit formation gate formed.

A monk walked out from the spirit formation gate. He had a huge physique and a well-defined face with stubble. He didn’t look old, but his mature features suggested that he wasn’t a junior either. He was dressed in the same kasaya as the little monk, which left Chu Feng wondering if the two of them were related.

While he didn’t reveal his cultivation, the monk felt even more powerful than the white-haired woman.

Shortly after the monk appeared, the spirit formation gate morphed into a token that floated toward the monk.

Chu Feng noticed that the token was bronze in color, which spurred some conjectures.

Considering that the monk was teleported here in the same manner, it could only mean that he was here to undergo a test too. Going by this logic, the chances were likely that the white-haired woman was here to take the test too.

That would explain the cold attitude the white-haired woman had taken to him.

The monk walked up to Chu Feng and asked, “Excuse me, may I ask where we are?”


Before Chu Feng could answer the question, another white formation gate surfaced. A beautiful lady stepped out from it.

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up in joy. It was Long Xiaoxiao!

He noticed that Long Xiaoxiao had made significant progress in her cultivation.

“Xiaoxiao.” Chu Feng quickly made his way up to her.

“Chu Feng, you’re here too?”

Long Xiaoxiao was delighted to meet Chu Feng too.

After a quick conversation, Chu Feng learned that Long Xiaoxiao had been through the same experiences as him. She had cleared the ancient palace’s test and emerged victorious in the tower duels before she was brought here by a white formation gate.

“The two of you are the strongest for the early Martial Exalted level and late Martial Exalted level categories? Doesn’t that mean that my junior has lost to you?” The monk looked at Chu Feng in astonishment.

“Your junior lost to someone else,” Chu Feng replied.

“What? Haha! He didn’t even get a chance to cross blows with you? He’s worse than I thought. I’ll have to make full use of this opportunity to mock him!” The monk laughed heartily.

“Are you the strongest for the late Half-God level category?” Chu Feng asked.

“That goes without saying,” the monk replied with a triumphant smile.

Chu Feng glanced in the direction the white-haired woman had headed off to and murmured, “That would make her the strongest for the early Half-God level category then. Does that mean that she has defeated Long Chengyu?”