Chapter 5289: Who In the World Are You?

With a grand wave of his sleeves, Mo Chengzhou concealed the space they were in. Only those whose cultivation level was comparable to theirs would be able to see through it.

Even Chu Feng, despite being at White Dragon God-cloak and his powerful world spiritist bloodline, was no exception.

Mo Chengzhou didn’t leave right after subduing Ningyu Shangren. Instead, he turned his gaze toward the place where Chu Feng was residing. With a flick of his wrist, he threw out a little gate that expanded as soon as it left his hand.

It resembled a spirit formation gate, but it was covered with talismans.

Ningyu Shangren’s heart quivered at the sight of the talismans. If not for the fact that she had been robbed of her ability of speech, she would have definitely berated Mo Chengzhou.

She could tell that each talisman harnessed the world spiritist bloodline of a junior. From the countless talismans plastered on the gate, it was not difficult to figure just how many innocent juniors had died in Mo Chengzhou’s hands.

Her shock only deepened when the gate opened.

There was a small space beyond the gate that contained a coffin, but every single inch of the space, including the coffin, the walls, and the ceilings, were covered in layers of talismans. There were at least a thousand times more talismans inside the room than on the gate.

Every single one of these talismans represented a junior who had their bloodline stripped away!

Ningyu Shangren’s breathing hastened. She couldn’t accept this.

She thought that she had known Mo Chengzhou well, having been friends for so many years. She would have never thought that he had committed such an atrocity?

Both of them had their hands stained in blood, but they had their own principles when it came to whether they should kill a person or not. At the very least, they still embraced a moral compass in their hearts. It was very rare for them to kill the weak and innocent.

Thus, she couldn’t accept Mo Chengzhou’s deeds.

Mo Chengzhou noticed Ningyu Shangren’s reaction, which was why he didn’t enter the room right away. “You must be disgusted with me. I don’t blame you. I showed this to you to let you know that I am really cornered. I wouldn’t have hurt Chu Feng if I had any other choices. He’s my son; Yuhan’s father. I can’t turn a blind eye to his plight. You would understand it if you had a child too. If I have to, I’m willing to put down my life for him. That’s what being a parent means. It’s only unfortunate that I can’t trade my life for his…”

Mo Chengzhou stepped into the room and closed the gate. He didn’t know that there were two women in the sky, seeing what they were doing through his concealment.

One of them was the cold white-haired woman whom Chu Feng had met in the Trial of the Strongest.

Next to her was a mature woman dressed in a mandarin gown. Despite her young appearance, she had deep eyes that had seen through the vicissitudes of the world.

“Aunt.” The white-haired woman turned to the woman in a mandarin gown.

“You want me to help Chu Feng by dealing with that vermin?” the woman in a mandarin gown asked.

“I’ll be troubling you,” the white-haired woman replied with a nod.

“Both of them?” The woman in a mandarin gown glanced at Ningyu Shangren.

“Spare Long Xiaoxiao’s master.”

“All right.”

The woman in a mandarin gown smiled. She took out a white cloth and tossed it toward Long Xiaoxiao’s master, which obscured all of the latter’s senses.

Alarmed, Ningyu Shangren tried to warn Mo Chengzhou that there was someone else here, only to realize that she couldn’t speak or relay voice transmissions. An ominous feeling welled in her heart.

“What’s going on?” Ningyu Shangren thought to herself.

Meanwhile, the woman in a mandarin gown walked up to the gate and politely knocked on the door. “If you don’t open up, I’m going to destroy this recuperation space of yours.”

The gate immediately opened, and the woman in a mandarin gown walked in. The door closed behind her.

“It’s you?” Mo Chengzhou’s eyes widened in shock.

“You recognize me?” the woman in a mandarin gown asked with a smile.

“You’re one of the ex-Nine Flags Dragon Warriors, Long Suqing,” Mo Chengzhou replied.

“I didn’t think that I’d be that famous.” Long Suqing coolly swept her hair to the side.

“Didn’t you retire from the Nine Flags Dragon Warriors and leave the Totem Dragon Clan?” Mo Chengzhou asked. He thought that the woman in a mandarin gown was here because of what had happened at the Trial of the Strongest.

“That’s none of your business. I’m afraid that it’s no longer possible for you to save him.” Long Suqing glanced at the coffin.

There were many red candles surroundings the coffin, which made the talisman-filled room look even more sinister. It looked as if some kind of vile ritual was being conducted.


Mo Chengzhou tossed out a treasure, which quickly manifested into a protective barrier that protected both the coffin and the red candles.

“You’re acquainted with Chu Feng?” Mo Chengzhou asked Long Suqing with sharp eyes.

There was no way he would let the woman leave this place alive, but he was determined to get to the bottom of their relationship. He had to know what connections Chu Feng had lest it land him into trouble in the future.

“A dying man shouldn’t be so talkative. Remember to sin less if there's an afterlife.” Long Suqing flashed him a dangerous smile.

Without any warning, she swiped her hands, which had morphed into dragon claws at some point in time, at Mo Chengzhou.

Mo Chengzhou quickly leaped into the air to dodge the attack. At the same time, he threw out an item and quickly formed a series of hand seals. “Release formation!”


The item exploded, releasing a huge flood of spirit power into the room. It altered the small room into a vast mountain range—no, it would be more exact to say that it was a realm, an extremely huge realm. The vast mountain range was nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.

“A spatial realm? You can’t even protect yourself, but you still want to protect your son?” Long Suqing chuckled.

She knew that Mo Chengzhou had brought them here because he was afraid that the shockwaves from their fight would affect his son. As long as the realm wasn’t destroyed, their attacks wouldn’t affect the outside world.

“I have never fought a Nine Flags Dragon Warrior before. I’m interested to know what you’re capable of,” Mo Chengzhou said.

“I’m no longer a Nine Flags Dragon Warrior, but you can be sure that what I’m capable of is beyond your means to deal with,” Long Suqing replied as she made her move.


The two of them began clashing with each other, producing massive shockwaves.

An hour passed quickly amidst their clashes. The furious shockwaves they had stirred completely ravaged the realm. The entire mountain range had been flattened, and countless racks covered the land. Even the sky was filled with cracks.

It looked as if the realm was reaching its limit.


All of a sudden, a spatial formation manifested, and Long Suqing left the formation. She quickly bolted out of the room and headed over to the white-haired woman’s side.

“Quick, activate the teleportation formation to get out of here,” Long Suqing instructed.

“Aunt!!!” The white-haired woman was worried upon seeing Long Suqing’s condition.

Long Suqing had lost an arm, and blood was trickling down her leg. There were many glaring lacerations all over her body. She had sustained considerable injuries.

“He has left a tracking imprint on me, so we’ll have to escape separately. Otherwise, you’ll be implicated as well,” Long Suqing said.

She took out a talisman and firmly pressed it on the white-haired woman’s body. The talisman morphed into teleportation energy that took the white-haired woman away from this place. Then, she hurriedly flitted away from the area herself.

“Nine Flags Dragon Warrior Long Suqing, I guess that’s all you’re capable of despite your resounding reputation. Do you think that I’ll allow you to escape after getting in the way of my plans?” Mo Chengzhou’s contemptuous voice could be heard from the realm inside the room.

Teleportation energy enveloped him as he prepared himself to chase after Long Suqing, but much to his surprise, the teleportation energy circled him twice before abruptly dissipating without doing anything. He was still standing in the same position inside the realm.

Perplexed, he tried it once more, but the outcome was the same.

He was forced to conclude that the space inside the realm had become too distorted by the earlier battle that it was impeding his teleportation. Thus, he formed a series of hand seals to dispel the realm.

To his horror, it didn’t work either.

“What’s going on?” Mo Chengzhou was shocked.

“Heh…” Laughter suddenly echoed inside the realm.

Mo Chengzhou hurriedly turned around, only to see a person seated not too far away. It was an extremely ugly old man dressed in tattered clothes. Despite the old man’s unflattering appearance, his heart still jolted in fright.

The fact that the old man was able to silently appear inside his realm likely meant that he was a troublesome person to deal with. And if the old man was the one who had impeded his means, that would spell even greater trouble.

Not daring to recklessly make a move against the enigmatic enemy before him, Mo Chengzhou first greeted the other party with a respectful bow.

“May I know who you are? I’m humbled by your visit. Is there anything you need from me?” Mo Chengzhou asked.

“I am Chu Feng’s master. What do you think I need from you?” the Ox-nosed Old Daoist replied with a smile.

Mo Chengzhou’s body immediately stiffened up. His face turned as white as a sheet of paper, and cold sweat drenched his body.