Chapter 5676: The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Tragedy

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s headquarters had tight security.

Guards dressed in world spiritist robes and wielding formation weapons could be seen patrolling the area on their formation mounts, but that was not the only security measure. There were also formations planted all around. They were discreet, but Chu Feng was still able to detect them.

Above all, the towering barrier outside was incredibly resilient. Even pinnacle True God level cultivators and pinnacle True Dragon World Spiritists would find it hard to breach it.

Entering the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion was a nigh impossible feat comparable to ascending the high heavens.

“It’s no wonder the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is known as the impregnable fortress in the world of cultivation. It’s truly impressive,” the juniors remarked.

Most of them were from formidable backgrounds, but they looked like countryside bumpkins at this instant.

Just then, Chu Feng received a voice transmission from Xiao Yueyue, who said, “There used to be fewer guards patrolling the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion as they are very confident in their barrier.”

Chu Feng knew that Xiao Yueyue had been looking at him despite having hidden herself amidst the crowd. The fact that she was taking the initiative to talk to him meant that she had dropped her grudge against him.

“What made them change their mind?” Chu Feng replied via voice transmission.

“A tragic incident happened in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion many years ago. They haven’t caught the culprit yet,” Xiao Yueyue replied.

“A tragic incident? Inside the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s headquarters?”

“That’s right. Over ten million families residing in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion were killed overnight.”

“Ten million?” Chu Feng was taken aback.

It was ten million families they were talking about here, not just ten million people. The actual death tally was probably a few hundred million people.

“Yes, and there is something special about these families,” Xiao Yueyue said.

“What is it?”

“All of them have a child who’s less than a year old.”

“Did the babies die too?”

“To be exact, they went missing. However, none of them appeared ever again, so rumors have it that they are all dead.”

“Did they find out who the culprit is?”

“Not at all. There were no clues whatsoever.”

“No wonder.” Chu Feng finally understood why the security was so tight. “Do you know when it happened?”

“Coincidentally, it happened shortly after Lord Jie Ranqing returned from the Nine Heavens Secret Domain. Ah, I’m not saying that the two incidents are unrelated to each other; I’m just giving you a rough timeline,” Xiao Yueyue replied.

Chu Feng also didn’t think that the two incidents were related.

“Chu Feng, this matter concerns the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s reputation. It’d be unwise of you to probe into it. You’ll only draw their ire,” Xiao Yueyue replied.

“I know.” Chu Feng naturally knew that there were some matters that shouldn’t be probed into. With a chuckle, he asked Xiao Yueyue, “You’re not angry anymore?”

“I’m not a petty person.”

“Miss Xiao, why do you harbor such a strong enmity against Chu Shanshan?”

Chu Feng had initially allied with Xiao Yueyue, but the latter suddenly lost her temper after Chu Shanshan struck up a conversation with him and even threatened to kill her. He didn’t think that Xiao Yueyue was an unreasonable person, so there was probably more to the story.

“I simply am not fond of flirtatious women like her. My father used to love my mother, but he was seduced by such a woman, and that ended up causing my mother’s death. Even I nearly lost my life to that woman too. However, I am thankful to you for stopping me. I later came to realize that there’s a huge difference between Chu Shanshan and that woman. I got reckless and nearly killed an innocent person.”

Xiao Yueyue was apologetic, though it was not directed toward Chu Feng with Chu Shanshan.

Chu Feng fell silent. He never thought that Xiao Yueyue would have such an unfortunate experience. It was no wonder she acted in such a way.

While he was chatting with Xiao Yueyue, a floating warship finally came to a halt, and the candidates of the entrance examination were brought somewhere to rest.

Chu Feng was personally escorted by Elder Qinghe to a palace. While he didn’t have his own private garden—it was just another palace amongst other palaces—according to Elder Qinghe, this was already a privileged treatment.

Only him and Fu Xing were entitled to it.

The others didn’t enjoy such preferential treatment.

“Young friend Chu Feng, take this token if you wish to head out, or else you might be stopped by our guards,” Elder Qinghe said as he slipped a token to Chu Feng.

Inscribed on it were the words ‘Honored Guest’.

“Is this special treatment too?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course. We wouldn’t allow so many people to roam freely on our grounds,” Elder Qinghe replied with a smile.

“Elder, when will the ranking be announced?” Chu Feng asked.

“There’s no need for any official confirmation. You’re in the first place,” Elder Qinghe said with a smile, though it was relayed via voice transmission.

“Has it already been decided?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, but the Saint-tier treasure will only be given out to you on the day the ranking is announced. You’ll have to wait a little longer.”

“Thank you, Elder Qinghe.”

“There’s no need to stand on ceremony. We’re a family now. Have a good rest,” Elder Qinghe said before taking his leave, leaving Chu Feng standing at the entrance by himself.

His mind had been in disarray ever since arriving at the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. He wasn’t even in the mood to cultivate. He knew that his mother was likely imprisoned here, just that he couldn’t tell where it was.

He couldn’t even see through an ordinary building, let alone find where his mother was imprisoned.

Furthermore, he could tell that he was only in the outer perimeter of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion; they weren’t in the main area yet. Without a doubt, the main area would be even more tightly guarded.

As much as he hated the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion for imprisoning his mother, he had to concede that they were formidable. He knew that he didn’t have the strength to save his mother now, but he still stood in a daze for a long time.

I’d have never thought that I would come to this place in such a manner.

“Hm?” Chu Feng suddenly narrowed his eyes.

He noticed a group of people. They were not juniors, but they didn’t seem too old from their auras. Most of them were between two hundred to three hundred years old. They were all from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, just that their clothes were a little special.

They were dressed not in world spiritist robes but in silver armor with a cloak draped over it, resembling soldiers. However, they seemed to be making their way over to him.