Chapter 5677: Acquainting with Nobles

This group consisted of ten people, and they weren’t hiding their auras. The weakest of them was at Purple Dragon God-cloak, whereas the strongest was at Immortal Dragon God-cloak.

While none of them were juniors anymore, the oldest in the group was only close to three hundred years old. Judging by the tens of thousands of years of lifespan cultivators enjoyed, they were considered very young.

They were heading in Chu Feng’s direction, but they were only passing by the area. Most of them didn’t even see him, and those who did merely glanced at him. There was no disdain in their eyes, but their attitude felt arrogant. They put on such a lofty air as if they were gods passing by the mortal world.

And their standing matched their attitudes.

Wherever they passed by, those in the vicinity would quickly kneel down and kowtow to them. This included the patrolling guards as well.

“There’s bound to be hierarchy wherever humans live, and I guess the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is no exception too,” Chu Feng murmured with a sigh before closing the gates.

He adjusted his state of mind as he prepared himself for further cultivation. He wanted to continue practicing the Immemorial Meditation Method as he could already sense an impetus for a breakthrough. It would still require some time, but it was only a matter of time at this rate.

However, after cultivating for an hour, someone suddenly knocked on his door. He looked out his window and saw the earlier silver-armored group of ten. He opened his door.

The leader of the group was a slightly tanned woman. She wasn’t exceptionally beautiful, but she had a powerful and confident disposition that gave her a certain allure. She was also the strongest of the group, being at Immortal Dragon God-cloak.

“Chu Feng?” the woman asked.

“It’s me,” Chu Feng replied.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Ling Xinian from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Ling Clan. I am the vice commander of the Ling Clan Heaven Crushing Army. Is it convenient if we talk inside?” Ling Xinian asked.

“Of course,” Chu Feng replied as he invited them into his temporary residence.

“I am Ling Yunhao from the Ling Clan. I am a member of the Ling Clan Heaven Crushing Army too, but I’m a normal member,” a man with a bright smile first introduced himself after entering the house.

Despite his humble introduction, he was the second strongest person in the room right behind Ling Xinian, being at Royal Dragon God-cloak.

The others also introduced themselves to Chu Feng too with an amicable attitude that sharply contrasted to how they carried themselves earlier.

“May I know if there’s something you require from me?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m here to befriend you.” Ling Xinian got straight to the point.

“May I know why?” Chu Feng asked.

“You should have seen us passing by earlier. We were summoned by an elder of the Ling Clan. That elder told us you received a black imprint from the Nine Heavens Secret Domain and is first in the entrance examination. That’s a formidable feat. With your talent, you’d stand out amongst this outstanding generation of juniors in our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion,” Ling Xinian spoke with an earnest attitude.

Their spirit power indicated that they were outstanding individuals in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion despite not being juniors. The fact an elder from the Ling Clan had told them to bring him over to their side showed how much the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion valued him.

“It’s my honor to know all of you,” Chu Feng clasped his fist and said.

Regardless of whether they were sincere or not, he had no intention of crossing them since they were being polite, not to mention he was in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s turf.

“Chu Feng, it’s your first time at the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. I understand that you might be unfamiliar with this place, so why don’t we bring you around?” Ling Xinian offered.

“That would be wonderful,” Chu Feng replied.

Thus, Ling Xinian’s group brought Chu Feng on a tour, and they caught quite a bit of attention along the way.

In particular, the passers-by were shocked when they saw how amicable Ling Xinian and the others were to Chu Feng. While they had heard about the entrance examination, the results weren’t out yet. They were curious about Chu Feng’s background to deserve such treatment from Ling Xinian.

Through Ling Xinian and the others’ introduction, Chu Feng gained a deeper understanding of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion was founded when world spiritists from all around the world of cultivation came together to form a power.

There was initially no Jie Clan or Ling Clan; it was only when the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion decided not to take in any new members that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master then decided to bestow upon its members family names. Those who had been bestowed a family name would cast away their previous identity. That was how the Ling Clan and Jie Clan came about.

However, only those who had made significant accomplishments could receive a family name. That was when a hierarchy started to be established in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, with the Jie Clan and the Ling Clan towering on top.

Since then, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master had been either a member of the Jie Clan or the Ling Clan.

Of course, there were other powerful clans too, with the strongest ones being the Jiang Clan, Yao Clan, Ying Clan, and Ji Clan. These four clans were only a rank beneath the Jie Clan and the Ling Clan in the Seven Realm Sacred Mansion.

Other than that, there were other surnames too.

All in all, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion was divided into four areas, namely the Sacred Mansion, Upper Mansion, Ordinary Mansion, and Lower Mansion.

The Lower Mansion was where Chu Feng and the others were currently residing. It had the biggest population, numbering in hundreds of millions, but the people who lived here had the lowest standing. They couldn’t even freely enter and leave the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion as they pleased; they needed to ask for permission first.

To put it bluntly, those in the Lower Mansion were indeed Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s members in name, but they were subordinates to the stronger clans. They weren’t allowed to roam around as they wished lest they sully the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s reputation.

The Ordinary Mansion was where the Jiang Clan, Yao Clan, Ying Clan, and Ji Clan resided.

The Upper Mansion was where the Jie Clan and the Ling Clan resided.

The Sacred Mansion was a forbidden area containing the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s most precious treasures, potent cultivation formation, and forbidden areas. Ordinary civilians could never hope to enter this place, and members of the Jie Clan and the Ling Clan needed permission to access it.

Ling Xinian led Chu Feng deeper into the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, heading from the Lower Mansion to the Ordinary Mansion, and finally the Upper Mansion.

Chu Feng realized that the most populous Lower Mansion actually had the smallest land area. The Ordinary Mansion was much bigger, whereas the Upper Mansion was vast.

The Lower Mansion was filled with palaces, with people to be seen everywhere. It was both noisy and bustling.

The Ordinary Mansion’s palaces were grand and had their own gardens, which indicated that those residing in those places were of higher standing than those living in the Lower Mansion.

The Upper Mansion was filled with mountains, streams, immortal deers, and spirit beasts, looking almost like a paradise in the mortal world. It was only every now and then that one would spot a building, but the buildings varied greatly.

Some of them were simple huts located at the top of a mountain peak, whereas others were massive cities spanning the size of a country. There was plenty of land in the Upper Mansion, so those who resided there could construct their residences as they wished.

Those from the Ordinary Mansion and Lower Mansion were willing to serve those from the Upper Mansion.

This reminded Chu Feng of Ling Sheng’er and her personal maid, Yao Luo. Yao Luo was born with a silver spoon, but she chose to serve Ling Sheng’er in view of her identity. Ling Sheng’er was the granddaughter of the Ling Clan’s Clan Chief, after all.

Chu Feng had previously only known that Ling Sheng’er had a formidable background, but it was only sinking in after listening to Ling Xinian and the others’ explanation.

Ling Xinian brought Chu Feng to a vast lake with clear water that allowed one to see everything within. There were schools of fishes emanating iridescent light, as well as ten-thousand-meter-long marine creatures that resembled flood dragons.

Lakes as deep as the one before Chu Feng shouldn’t have been so clear as to allow one to see everything within, but it was not a difficult feat for a world spiritist to alter the properties of water. That was also why Chu Feng wasn’t surprised in the least.

There was a white jade palace above the lake, looking reminiscent of a sculpture. This was Ling Xinian’s residence, and she had constructed it not out of spirit power but real materials. She had brought Chu Feng here to host him.

She even went to the extent of manually whipping up a feast for Chu Feng.

On the dinner table, someone poured Chu Feng a cup of wine, and someone else piled his plate with food. It was truly a warm reception.

Ling Yunhao chewed on a chicken thigh as he exclaimed with a hearty smile, “It’s all thanks to Brother Chu Feng that we’re enjoying this feast. It has been a long time since I last tasted our vice commander’s cooking. Delicious!”

“Indeed. Brother Chu Feng, you should have more!” the others agreed.

“It’s delicious. I didn’t expect Miss Xinian to be so good at cooking,” Chu Feng complimented.

While people of their cultivation level wouldn’t die of starvation or thirst, they would still enjoy the delicacies of the mortal world every now and then. Ling Xinian’s cooking was superior to many restaurants.

Yet, Chu Feng’s words caused everyone to freeze up. Even those who were chewing their food stopped moving altogether. The smiles on their faces were replaced with horror. In an instant, the joyous atmosphere turned heavy.