Chapter 5680: Seven Stars Gravity Towers

“Jie Feng, which Psyche Gravity Tower are you referring to?” Ling Xinian asked.

“Which else can I be referring to other than the Seven Stars Gravity Towers?” Jie Feng asked.

Ling Xinian and the others weren’t surprised. They had already known that Jie Feng was referring to the Seven Stars Gravity Towers. All of them sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng at the same time, saying, “Let’s go, Chu Feng.”

“Are they secretly advising you not to go with me?” Jie Feng asked Chu Feng with narrowed eyes.

Ling Yunhao and the others immediately stiffened up, and they dared not to even send voice transmissions anymore.

“Is the Psyche Gravity Tower a place to temper one’s psyche?” Chu Feng asked.

“Indeed,” Jie Feng replied with a nod.

“I am an outsider, after all. I’m unfamiliar with the area, so I appreciate you showing me around,” Chu Feng replied.

“Heh…” Jie Feng scoffed. “Of course, I’ll accompany you in. Follow me.”

Jie Feng rose into the air, and Chu Feng followed him.

Ling Yunhao and the others looked at Ling Xinian. The latter hesitated for a brief moment before following Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, you shouldn’t have gone with him. There are many Psyche Gravity Towers in our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, but the Seven Stars Gravity Towers is one place you shouldn’t go,” Ling Xinian said via voice transmission.

“Why?” Chu Feng asked.

“That tower was completed ten years ago. The Seven Stars Gravity Towers consist of seven towers, but all of them are so ridiculously difficult that it’s clear that they haven’t been properly calibrated yet. It isn’t suited for juniors at all. Many juniors fainted as soon as they stepped in, and some of them even went into a coma,” Ling Xinian said.

“It’s not a place suitable for juniors to cultivate in?” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. Even Ling Xiao was only able to clear five of the towers, and he fainted as soon as he stepped out of the fifth tower. It took him ten days before he regained consciousness, and it took even longer for him to fully recuperate.

“Little sister Sheng’er has cleared four towers. She didn’t faint as Ling Xiao did, but her face had already turned pale by then, which was why she didn’t challenge the fifth tower,” Ling Xinian said.

“Little sister Sheng’er? Are you referring to Ling Sheng’er?” Chu Feng asked.

“Ah?” Ling Xinian was taken aback. “Do you know little sister Sheng’er?”

“I have heard of her. Are you familiar with her?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course, I watched her grow up! She’s currently cultivating outside and isn’t back yet, or else I could have introduced you to her. Thinking about it now, it’s peculiar that she isn’t back yet,” Ling Xinian said.

“Where did she go to cultivate?” Chu Feng asked.

“I’m… not sure,” Ling Xinian replied.

From the slight pause, Chu Feng could tell Ling Xinian knew where Ling Sheng’er went to cultivate, but that she didn’t want to tell him. He didn’t blame her for that, since it would be ridiculous to expect her to tell him everything when they had only just met.

“Little brother Chu Feng, aren’t you focusing on the wrong thing here? I just told you how dangerous the Seven Stars Gravity Towers is, but you’re more concerned about little sister Sheng’er. I didn’t think you’d be such a lustful man,” Ling Xinian said.

“Ah, I didn’t mean it that way.” Chu Feng felt indignant. He was acquainted with Ling Sheng’er, which was why he was curious about her.

“I already told you about the situation with the Seven Stars Gravity Towers. Why aren’t you intimidated by it?” Ling Xinian asked.

“What’s there to be intimidated about? Ling Xiao and Ling Sheng’er have cleared multiple towers as juniors, right? Besides, Jie Feng is leading the way for me. If he can enter the tower, I’m confident that I can do so too,” Chu Feng said with a smile.

“Little brother Chu Feng, you shouldn’t underestimate Jie Feng. He has already reached Immortal Dragon God-cloak ten years ago, and he has challenged the Seven Stars Gravity Towers many times after Ling Xiao cleared the fifth tower. He has never reached the top before, but his tenacity is praiseworthy. Most people wouldn’t want to enter a second time. He must have accrued quite a bit of experience over time.

“I know that you’re trying to get him to lead the way so that you can avoid any traps, but in truth, you have fallen for his trap. He specifically chose a trial he excels in to beat you. You’re playing to his tune,” Ling Xinian said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine,” Chu Feng replied.

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the Seven Stars Gravity Towers. There were seven towers of around thirty meters tall with a star inscribed at their top. They looked unimpressive compared to the Psyche Forging Boulder they had seen in the stone forest earlier.

“Is this it?” Chu Feng asked.

“Is this it? What arrogant words. Did no one fill you in on how formidable this Psyche Gravity Tower is while we were making our way here?” Jie Feng looked at Ling Xinian and the others mockingly. “You should have advised your new friend lest he make a joke out of himself.”

“Jie Feng, you’re the one who’s trying to make a joke out of Chu Feng. I know that you have been to the Seven Stars Gravity Tower many times before. You might not have reached the top before, but you have plenty of experience in it. You brought Chu Feng here to flaunt your skills, but you’re just trying to beat him in your specialty,” Ling Xinian scoffed.

“Ling Xinian, you really don’t know your place. How dare you, a mere vice commander, dare to speak to me in such a disrespectful tone? You’re speaking nonsense. I just wanted to see what Chu Feng, as the champion of the entrance examination, is capable of,” Jie Feng said.

He then looked at Chu Feng and taunted, “You can choose not to enter if you’re afraid; I won’t force you. If you wish to challenge the trial, I’ll accompany you. I’ll even rescue you if you reach your limit, so you don’t have to worry about losing your life.”

“Are you certain that it isn’t against the rules for me to enter this place?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course,” Jie Feng replied.

“I’ll be counting on you to lead the way,” Chu Feng said.

“You have guts!” Jie Feng replied with a triumphant smile.

He entered the first Seven Stars Gravity Tower, and Chu Feng followed closely behind him.

As soon as Chu Feng stepped in, he could feel considerable pressure weighing down on him, though it was not enough to make him stumble. He had been to similar places before, but the pressure here was slightly different.

Thus, he closed his eyes and focused on adapting, not just to the pressure on the first floor but the entire tower.

Seeing how Chu Feng had stopped at the entrance when he had already reached the stairway, Jie Feng smiled gleefully as he said, “I’ll be heading up first, Chu Feng. Feel free to scream if you reach your limit. I’ll rush down to rescue you.”

“That’s all there is to the champion of the entrance examination,” he murmured under his breath.