Chapter 5689: The Immemorial Bloodline Boulder

After the elders left, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master easily dispelled the sealing formation around Ling Canghai’s body with a wave of his hand. He took out a coffin from his Cosmos Sack that appeared to be made out of mahogany.

He personally laid Ling Canghai’s corpse into the coffin, making no attempts to take the latter’s treasures at all despite knowing they were valuable.

“As per your request, Lord Canghai, I’ll lay you down at your designated resting ground. I didn’t think that you’d pass away so tragically. Rest assured, I won’t spare your murderer, even if that person is a member of our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.”

Chu Feng returned to Ling Xinian’s residence.

He had thought about fleeing the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion as well, as he wasn’t sure if Ling Canghai’s action was his own decision or the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s decision. However, he decided to take a gamble since he hadn’t obtained the Saint-tier treasure yet.

The first thing he did was to enter his World Spirit Space.

An image had appeared on the Asura World Spirit Army’s gate. Judging from the image, he could summon the Asura World Spirit Army three more times before the gate closed once more. He would have to open the gate once more afterward. That would be another opportunity for him to raise the Asura World Spirit Army’s cultivation, but it wouldn’t be easy.

For the time being, he could only bide his time and pray that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion wouldn’t go after him. He had the powerful protection formation he had obtained from the Seven Stars Gravity Towers to fall back on, but it didn’t allay his worries since the protection formation was from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion too.

A day passed, but there was no news concerning Ling Canghai.

That put Chu Feng’s heart at ease.

There was no way the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion wouldn’t have noticed Ling Canghai’s death, and the fact that they didn’t come after him despite that meant that Ling Canghai had acted on his own accord, and no one else knew about it.

It was unlikely anyone would suspect Chu Feng, as his cultivation was nowhere high enough to pose a threat to Ling Canghai. Thus, he got back to his own business.

Ling Xinian and the others continued to host him with good food and drinks.

One day, someone knocked on Chu Feng’s doors while he was cultivating.

“Big sister Xinian, please enter,” Chu Feng said without getting up, knowing that no one else would visit him at this time other than Ling Xinian.

The door opened, and Ling Xinian walked in with a plate of desserts.

“Ah…” Chu Feng’s gaze lingered on Ling Xinian a little longer than usual.

Instead of her usual armor, she was dressed in a thin silk robe that highlighted her beautiful figure. The robe was so thin that it was almost translucent, allowing one to see traces of her skin. She looked incredibly alluring.

“Big sister Xinian is dressed differently today,” Chu Feng pointed out.

“That’s how I usually dress at home,” Ling Xinian replied as she placed the desserts down.

“It looks like big sister Ling doesn’t think of me as an outsider,” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle.

“Of course, you’re my little brother. Surely my little brother wouldn’t harbor lustful thoughts about me, right?” Ling Xinian said with a seductive smile.

“Rest assured, big sister Xinian. I am a gentleman,” Chu Feng replied.


Ling Xinian looked at Chu Feng with a deep smile. She picked up one of the desserts and brought it to his mouth. The latter tried to grab the dessert with his hand, but she didn’t allow him to.

“I’ll feed you,” Ling Xinian insisted.

“I’ll eat it myself. I have a big mouth. I might bite your hand,” Chu Feng replied.

“I’m not afraid…”

Before Ling Xinian could finish her words, Chu Feng took the dessert from her hand and stuffed it into her mouth. A hint of displeasure flashed across Ling Xinian’s eyes.

He’s rejecting me… Does it mean that he’s not interested in me?

However, her displeasure only lasted for an instant, as she wasn’t interested in Chu Feng either.

“Big sister Xinian, Lord Jie Ranqing possesses the Ruler’s Bloodline, right? I heard that only the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion has a way to rest for the Ruler’s Bloodline,” Chu Feng asked.

“That’s right. Do you want to give it a try?” Ling Xinian asked.

“Can I?”

“Of course. Give me a moment.”

Ling Xinian took her leave.

She soon returned with an exquisite box containing a sealing formation that had to be unsealed with another deciphering formation. She opened the box. There was an irregular crystal around the size of a goose’s egg inside.

This crystal was extremely beautiful with iridescent colors. It immediately drew Chu Feng’s attention. He could sense a tremendous power within him coming to life. His bloodline was being awakened.

It was not just his world spiritist bloodline that was resonating to the crystal; the nine lightning beasts inside his dantian were reacting too.

“Do you feel suffocated? It’s the pressure emanating from this stone. Only Lord Jie Ranqing is unaffected by the pressure. Don’t worry though, you should be able to adapt to it very soon. This is an item from the Immemorial Era called Immemorial Bloodline Stone. Only someone with the Ruler’s Bloodline can awaken it,” Ling Xinian said.

What Ling Xinian didn’t know was that Chu Feng didn’t feel any pressure or discomfort from the rock at all. If anything, he was excited.

“How do I test it? Do I just place our hand on the rock?” Chu Feng asked.

“Yes, you just have to place your hand on the rock. Are you really going to try it? Do you think that you possess the Ruler’s Bloodline?” Ling Xinian asked with a chuckle.

“Of course not,” Chu Feng replied with a smile.

He wanted to give it a try, but he dared not to do so. It would only give rise to a great deal of trouble afterward.

“I thought so too. I only brought the Immemorial Bloodline Stone here so that you can try adapting to it,” Ling Xinian said.

“Adapt to it? Why?” Chu Feng asked.

“I heard the entrance examination has just concluded, and the hundred candidates to join our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion have been decided. The initiation ceremony will be held at the Heaven Mansion’s Bloodline Square tomorrow morning. There’s an Immemorial Bloodline Stone there that’s much larger than the one I have here, so you can imagine that the pressure will be even stronger.

“To tell you the truth, we rarely hold any events at Bloodline Square. We’re only holding the initiation ceremony here to intimidate the new members. It’ll be good for you to adapt to the Immemorial Bloodline Stone a little so that you won’t embarrass yourself too much tomorrow morning. After all, you’re the champion of the entrance examination.” Ling Xinian said as she directed a mischievous wink at Chu Feng.