Chapter 5690: The Mansion Master’s Honor

“Where’s the Bloodline Square?” Chu Feng asked.

“You need not worry about that. I’ll make sure to promptly bring you there tomorrow morning,” Ling Xinian said.

“I’ll be counting on you, big sister Xinian,” Chu Feng said as he glanced out the window.

I’ll finally be able to leave now.

There were many resources and fortuitous encounters in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, but he didn’t like this place. Thus, he was looking forward to leaving this place tomorrow.

What Chu Feng didn’t know was that someone else was looking forward to the initiation ceremony too, and he was the current master of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

He had been investigating Ling Canghai’s death in the last two days, but he couldn’t find the culprit. It was frustrating to him, but it didn’t dampen his excitement for tomorrow.

Standing above the clouds in the Sacred Mansion, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master gazed at the formations and treasures beneath him while holding onto an iridescent orb he had obtained from the crack of God’s Era.

“It’s finally time. I feel much more troubled announcing the second matter as compared to the first one,” he murmured as he looked at the orb. “God’s Era, I hope the prophecy you showed me comes true. Don’t make me sully my reputation for no reason.”

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had received a divination telling him that he had to make two major announcements to the world of cultivation, though he was not inclined to make either of the announcements.

The first matter he had to do was to recruit outstanding juniors into the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion using the Seven Realms Edict. He didn’t want to do so because he had always thought that those outside the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion were beneath them.

Nevertheless, he still did as he was told and allowed those whom he looked down on to join the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

The second matter, however, had conditions.

He had to properly hold an entrance examination, and he could only proceed if the orb was filled to the required level. Regarding this, Chu Feng’s arrival had filled the orb to the required level.

However, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion remained skeptical. In the first place, he harbored doubts about the divination he had received. He intentionally sent Chu Feng and the others to the dangerous Nine Heavens Secret Domain, thinking that he wouldn’t have to make the second announcement if all of them died.

Yet, Chu Feng and the others actually emerged from the Nine Heavens Secret Domain alive. This was a miracle!

That was when he started to believe the divination from God’s Era.

With the conclusion of the entrance examination, the champion had been decided. He would announce the second matter tomorrow. As much as he was reluctant to do so, he still decided to go through with it.

He wanted to bet on it.

Based on the divination he had received, after making these two announcements, his Seven Realms Sacred Mansion would usher in an era of prosperity like never before.

This was the reason he had chosen to do it even though it went against his will and sullied his reputation. He was willing to sacrifice everything for it.

The following day, Ling Xinian brought Chu Feng to the Bloodline Square.

The Bloodline Square was a floating platform so huge that it could accommodate hundreds of millions of people. Stationed at the center of the square was an Immemorial Bloodline Stone, though it wasn’t as big as Chu Feng had expected.

This Immemorial Bloodline Stone was indeed larger than the one Ling Xinian had produced the other day, but nevertheless, it was only around three meters in length and half a meter in height. It looked no different from a speck of dust compared to the massive floating platform.

Even so, Chu Feng knew that it was a rare treasure only the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had.

“Hm?” Chu Feng’s eyebrows shot up.

He had arrived ahead of time, but the other ninety-nine candidates who had cleared the entrance examination were even earlier. Some of them were familiar faces, such as Fu Xing, Xiao Yueyue and Chu Shanshan.

All of them were in pain. Even Fu Xing, who was coping the best of the group, was frowning. The others had gritted teeth, and their faces were scrunched together. Some were trembling on their feet, struggling to maintain their balance.

“You’re lucky I had you adapt to it ahead of time, else you wouldn’t fare much better than them,” Ling Xinian said.

“I’m thankful for your help, big sister Xinian,” Chu Feng replied.

“All right, stop your bootlicking and head there. You’re the star for today. The initiation ceremony will be commencing very soon,” Ling Xinian said.

Chu Feng made his way over to Fu Xing and the others’ side, but they were in so much pain that they didn’t notice his arrival.

“I’ll teach you a method to circulate your psyche. It’ll alleviate the pressure,” Chu Feng sent a voice transmission to Fu Xing, Xiao Yueyue, Chu Shanshan, and those whom he knew.

He knew that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had sent them here to intimidate them via the Immemorial Bloodline Stone’s pressure, so it wouldn’t do for him to explicitly teach them how to neutralize the pressure.

Chu Feng’s psyche circulation method greatly alleviated the stress the others felt from the pressure, improving their conditions.

“Thank you, young hero Chu Feng.” Some of them were so touched that they nearly burst into tears.

“Shh, don’t let others know about it,” Chu Feng reminded them via voice transmission, and those people quickly reined in their looks of admiration.

He glanced at Fu Xing, but the latter was ignoring him as if he was a stranger. He wasn’t bothered by it, since he agreed it was better for them to pretend to be strangers in a place like the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

In fact, he sent a voice transmission to the people whom he knew and said, “Keep your distance from me, or else it might bring you trouble in the future.”

“All right,” those people replied.

They thought that Chu Feng was only saying that because the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion didn’t like them forming relationships with one another. Little did they know that Chu Feng was planning to turn against the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion in the future.

Soon, the people from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion started pouring in. The first to enter were the juniors, followed by the normal members, then the elders. There were also guests from the other powers who happened to be in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion at the moment.

They entered in the order of their identities, and their seating represented their standing.

It didn’t take long for the massive Bloodline Square to be filled up. It looked as if there was a sea of people gathered here, but none of them were ordinary people. All of them would have been treated with utmost respect or even revered like gods anywhere else.

This was the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, a top power of the world of cultivation. Even a small fry here was not to be made light of.

However, Chu Feng couldn’t care less about that.