Chapter 5697: Chu Feng’s Limit

“Do you think you’re strong, Chu Feng? No, you’re nothing at all. The strong ones are Lord Jie Ranqing’s bloodline and the World Spiritist Immortal King’s formation! You’re just a weakling and a coward! All you can do is flaunt our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s powers. How dare you try to go against us?” the red-haired man insulted.

Other juniors and members of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion hurled insults over as well.

They dared to insult Chu Feng despite being protected like ants because Chu Feng was all alone in spite of his outstanding talent. Any other powerhouses could have easily wiped him off the face of this world, let alone the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

As long as they had the backing of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, they could keep their heads up high and say whatever they wanted to.


Suddenly, there was a loud explosion. Before the red-haired man could make sense of the situation, he saw a burst of golden light, followed by a tightening force around his neck.

It was Chu Feng! He had instantaneously breached the barrier constructed by the grand elders and flitted over to grab his neck.

The red-haired man wasn’t Chu Feng’s only target. He released countless golden chains that whizzed through the crowd, wrapping themselves around the necks of those who had insulted him earlier.

Chu Feng lifted the red-haired man up. This was the man who had insulted him time and time again, but he didn’t display the slightest hint of anger. Instead, he calmly asked, “If your Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is that incredible, I wonder if they can save you if I kill you right now.”

The red-haired man looked at his surroundings and saw the grand elders and Saint-tier elders heading his way, but they were stopped by the two warrior sculptures.

“C-Chu Feng, I-I-I…”

The red-haired man panicked. His lips quivered, and his tears flowed from his eyes.

He wanted to beg for mercy, but before he could say a word, Chu Feng exerted a bit of force with his palm.


The red-haired man’s neck was crushed into bits. He was dead.

Those who had previously insulted Chu Feng and had their necks constricted by golden chains at the moment were horrified to witness the red-haired man’s death. Some of them struggled in desperation, whereas the others howled in agony. Some of them even peed out of fright.

Their dignity had vanished without a trace.

Chu Feng turned around and looked at them with savage eyes reminiscent of a god of death as he said, “What about the rest of you? Do you think the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion can save you?”

Before those juniors could answer, fresh blood splattered here and there like blooming lotuses. Tens of thousands of people died in the blink of an eye. This group of people comprised juniors and members who were centuries old. There were talented individuals amidst them too.

“Chu Feng, I’ll tear you into shreds!”

The elders turned red-eyed when they saw the death of so many of their juniors. They wanted to tear Chu Feng apart, but the latter ignored their shouts and turned to the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master.

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master had gained the upper hand over the sculpture warriors. It was only a matter of time before he emerged victorious in that battle.

Even so, Chu Feng wasn’t worried in the least.

“Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master, you can’t stop me from killing your people. I’m going to leave now. Are you able to stop me?” Chu Feng asked.

“You lowly thing. Are you thinking of escaping?” the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master asked.

“Heh…” Chu Feng chuckled. “Remember this, Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master. Treat my mother well. I’ll take her out of this rotten place soon enough. If anything happens to her when I return, it won’t end with just the deaths of tens of thousands of your juniors. I’ll remove your Seven Realms Sacred Mansion from the face of this world.”

The ten warrior sculptures suddenly dissipated into teleportation energy that surged toward Chu Feng like a flood of blinding light.

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master and the others tried to stop him, but it was to no avail. The energy of the imprint and the warrior sculptures lingered, but Chu Feng was nowhere to be seen.

He had escaped.

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master suddenly vanished from mid-air in pursuit of Chu Feng.

The crowd around the Bloodline Square was at a loss for words. The anger and indignance they felt were useless, they would never forget what they had just experienced. To them, it was a nightmare that they would never dare confront.

That was the case not just for the juniors and the other members, but even the Saint-tier elders, the grand elders, and the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master too!

Their pride and dignity had been thoroughly trampled by the man named Chu Feng.

However, there were also people who cared about Chu Feng present, such as Fu Xing.

Fu Xing hid amidst the crowd, looking at the ruins around her, as well as the infuriated but embarrassed members of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. A glimmer of worry appeared in her eyes.

“Chu Feng, you have stood out today, but the path ahead of you will be tougher than ever.”

In a teleportation passageway that flowed much faster than ordinary ones, Chu Feng was on his knees, spewing large mouthfuls of blood. The huge puddle of blood under him suggested that he had spat out half of what was inside his body. His face was ghastly pale, his lips had turned purple, and his eyes were filled with little blood vessels.

He looked nowhere as awe-inspiring as he was in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

That imprint couldn’t withstand the attacks from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master, so it gave him two options.

One was to escape via its teleportation energy; no one in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion would be able to stop him.

The other was to summon ten formation warriors to confront the enemy, but this had a huge risk. There was no guarantee that he could awaken the formation warriors, but even if he succeeded, that was no guarantee that he could summon and control them, let alone draw out their powers.

Even controlling one of the sculpture warriors was an arduous feat reminiscent of an ant trying to order an elephant around; it was practically impossible.

Yet, Chu Feng pulled it off.

Still, the price he had to pay as a God-cloak World Spiritist seeking to control existences comparable to pinnacle True Dragon was immense.

It was not that he didn’t want to go on a massacre; he would have done it if he could.

Something snapped in him when he heard how the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master and the others insulted his father, proclaiming that they would kill his entire clan and all of his friends.

However, he had already reached his limit. He did not intentionally keep two sculpture warriors by his side to protect himself, but the most he could do was to simultaneously control eight sculpture warriors at once.

His initial plan was to first defeat the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master with eight sculpture warriors before going on a massacre, but the latter was stronger than he had expected. He could only barely hold the latter down with the eight sculpture warriors.

What was even more infuriating was the Heavenly Dome Immortal Sect’s sneak attack, which forced him to temporarily control all ten sculpture warriors at once. That hastened the depletion of his psyche.

He knew that he had to leave right away, or else his life would be at risk. Even so, he had to bear with pain beyond what an ordinary person could deal with.


Chu Feng raised his head and howled in pain. Even with his resilience, he was unable to withstand the pain coming from within. His body was in the midst of breaking down.

Just bearing this pain for an instant was enough to drive most people insane, but Chu Feng had endured it for two whole hours. By the end of it, he weakly kneeled on the floor with his mouth opened in a daze. He didn’t have a shred of energy left in him.

All of a sudden, a flame sparked inside of his body.

It disintegrated his skin, his blood, and his flesh. His skeleton was soon reduced to ashes as well, leaving his weakened soul behind. However, even his soul was also slowly becoming weaker.

Am I at my limit? Am I going to die?

Chu Feng couldn’t verify if he could survive this ordeal. He had known all along that he had to pay a price for surpassing his limits, but even if he knew that this was the fate that would have befallen him, he would still do it all over again.