Chapter 5703: The Ruler’s Bloodline, Partial Awakening

Chu Feng felt as if something was tearing his body from within from the moment he opened his eyes. His body had fully recovered while he was in hibernation, but that didn’t stop the pain from assaulting him.

Nevertheless, Chu Feng was overjoyed. This confirmed that he was still alive.

“This feeling?”

Before Chu Feng could scan his surroundings, he noticed something that made his face light up in delight. He even burst into hearty laughter.

For unbeknownst reasons, his Ruler’s Bloodline had partially awakened, allowing him to tap into more of its power. He immediately capitalized on this golden opportunity to practice the Immemorial Meditation Method.

Through the benefits brought about by the partial awakening of his Ruler’s Bloodline, as well as the foundation he had previously built up, he made a breakthrough in his spirit power and reached Royal Dragon God-cloak, which was comparable to rank six Half-God level.

But this wasn’t the only benefit brought about by the partial awakening of his Ruler’s Bloodline.

Had his Ruler’s Bloodline not partially awakened, Chu Feng’s current fighting prowess would have been comparable to Immortal Dragon God-cloak World Spiritists, whereas his ability to breach formations would have matched Exalted God-cloak World Spiritists.

But now…

Both Chu Feng’s fighting prowess and ability to breach formations were actually comparable to that of Exalted God-cloak World Spiritists.

This was equivalent to a rank six Half-God possessing strength comparable to a rank eight Half-God.

While the strongest prodigies in the world of cultivation, such as Long Chengyu, Long Muxi, and the others could raise their cultivation level through their bloodline, there were very few who could do the same when it came to world spiritists.

Even raising one’s spirit power by a single rank was an inconceivable feat, let alone two ranks.

But Chu Feng accomplished it. This was the benefit brought about by the partial awakening of the Ruler’s Bloodline.

This benefit was permanent, unlike the power of the nine dragons, which would inevitably become obsolete as he grew stronger. On top of that, he was still a long way off from fully awakening his Ruler’s Bloodline.

No wonder the Ruler’s Bloodline was thought to be the strongest world spiritist bloodline!

“I wonder how many old coots from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion will have a heart attack if they learn that I’m alive and even got something out of it,” Chu Feng murmured.

He didn’t know the reason behind his Ruler’s Bloodline awakening, but it must have been related to the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. It could be due to the Immemorial Bloodline Stone, or that he had forcefully channeled a formation beyond his means to control.

That might have prompted the awakening of his Ruler’s Bloodline in that desperate situation.

Regardless of the reason, the outcome was good. It was what he urgently needed right now.

Chu Feng was previously so frail that he had to make his breakthrough lying down, but the breakthrough significantly improved his condition. Even the pain he felt greatly lessened. Thus, he got up and saw a formation stone monument in front of him.

The formation stone monument activated as soon as his gaze fell on the stone monument, and a silhouette emerged from within. It was the World Spiritist Immortal King.

“It looks like the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion has refused to accept you,” the World Spiritist Immortal King remarked.

Chu Feng didn’t immediately answer the question. He first scanned his surroundings and saw that he was inside a cavern. Aside from the formation stone monument, there were two teleportation formations in the vicinity. One was functioning, whereas the other was closed.

It just so happened that the closed one was right behind Chu Feng, suggesting that the teleportation formation had closed after transporting him here.

It was only after scanning the surroundings that Chu Feng turned his attention to the World Spiritist Immortal King. The latter had been looking at him all this while, awaiting his answer. This verified Chu Feng’s guess that the World Spiritist Immortal King before him was just a projection prepared beforehand.

The World Spiritist Immortal King must have known that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion might not accept an outsider even though they had obtained his imprint, so he prepared a way out for them. This was evident from how the teleportation formation behind him closed on its own accord, presumably to stop those from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion from chasing him here.

“Elder, you are very considerate,” Chu Feng said.

“It was not my wish for the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion to make a move on you. If you intend to exact vengeance on them, I can impart to you some confidential secrets about it. However, if you wish to just spend the rest of your life in peace, I’ll compensate you for what you have been put through. What will you choose?”

The World Spiritist Immortal King opened his hand, revealing two spheres. These spheres contained the words ‘Kill’ and ‘Peace’ respectively.

Chu Feng unhesitatingly picked ‘Kill’.

The two spheres vanished as soon as his hand came into contact with the ‘Kill’ sphere, but he didn’t receive anything.

“Young friend, I know that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion has done you an injustice, and you harbor strong enmity against it. However, the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion is a legacy created by generations of world spiritists. Could you spare them on my account?” the World Spiritist Immortal King asked.

Despite knowing that the person before him was just a formation projection, the World Spiritist Immortal King’s gaze was so different from before that it unnerved Chu Feng.

He hadn’t expected the World Spiritist Immortal King to concoct such a scheme. The latter didn’t intend to tell him confidential secrets about the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion in the first place. He was trying to test Chu Feng to see if he intended to exact vengeance on them.

Ultimately, he was from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion too.

Even though he knew that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had done wrong, he wouldn’t allow it to be destroyed. This was understandable, as who would destroy their own home for a mere stranger?

Chu Feng didn’t blame the World Spiritist Immortal King for doing this, just that he didn’t know how he should answer the latter.