Chapter 5704: The Immortal King’s Compensation, the Legendary Saint Beast?

Instead of being intimidated by the World Spiritist Immortal King’s gaze at all, Chu Feng responded with a strong gaze of his own as he asked, “Elder, what if I insist on exacting vengeance?”

The World Spiritist Immortal King frowned.

“I was the one who pointed you to the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. I have no right to interfere in your decision, but I’ll take responsibility for what you went through. I won’t aid you in your vengeance due to my position, but I’ll compensate you,” the World Spiritist Immortal King said as he took out a talisman.

Chu Feng’s eyes lit up upon seeing the talisman. The talisman was from the Ancient Era, and it harnessed the power of protection and teleportation, but more importantly, he sensed a familiar aura from it.

It was created by the strongest world spiritist of the Ancient Era, Qin Jiu.

“This talisman was created by a great world spiritist in the Ancient Era; there are hardly any of them left in the current era. You can invoke it if you find yourself in danger. It’ll protect you and randomly teleport you to somewhere safe. You can even select the destination if you use it well.”

The World Spiritist Immortal King waved his hand, and the talisman drifted toward Chu Feng.

Chu Feng quickly took the talisman and fused with it. It didn’t take long for the talisman to seep into his body as a whiff of smoke, appearing on his chest as an imprint. This was also what was ingenious about the talisman.

Powerful world spiritists placed their formations into talismans so that they could use them on the fly, but they would still have to whip out the talisman and form corresponding hand seals in order to activate it. However, this talisman was fused inside one’s body, allowing one to activate it at will.

And after fusing with the talisman, Chu Feng realized that he could pick those in his vicinity to teleport to safety with him.

There was no question that this talisman was an excellent defensive treasure.

Chu Feng was impressed by Qin Jiu’s means, though it also improved his impression of the World Spiritist Immortal King. The latter had known that he would harbor enmity toward the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, but he still gave him such a valuable protection treasure.

The World Spiritist Immortal King’s avatar returned to the formation monument, and a special formation surfaced on the monument. It was an extremely ingenious formation that ordinary people would struggle to grasp.

“It’s the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s loss to have turned you away. You should obtain decent cultivation resources if you find a good buyer for the talisman. This is my compensation to you.

“Young friend, we have never met before, but I admire your talent. I left this treasure in hopes of building goodwill with you, and I believe it shows my sincerity. If possible, I hope that you’ll let go of your grudge with the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion,” the World Spiritist Immortal King said.

Chu Feng looked at the formation on the monument and widened his eyes in shock.

The treasure the World Spiritist Immortal King was referring to this time around was a legendary saint beast. The monument indicated the saint beast’s location, and the formation contained the method to bring it under control. In fact, the stone monument contained a teleportation formation that could bring him to where the saint beast was.

The World Spiritist Immortal King had already prepared everything for him.

“Elder World Spiritist Immortal King sure is generous!” Chu Feng remarked.

This was a huge fortuitous encounter, though he knew that he had to tread carefully since saint beasts were only beneath god beasts. He took a day to thoroughly decipher the formation.

Following that, he began constructing a formation. As long as he succeeded, he would be able to activate the stone monument’s teleportation energy to head to where the saint beast was.

In the realm where Chu Feng was at, there was a weird mountain range that looked like a gigantic, crouching beast from afar, and a golden aura was puffing from it. It clearly contained treasures.

It was a pity that outsiders would only see a barren plain instead of the mountain range, as it had been sealed off by a powerful formation from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. On top of that, there were also guards patrolling the area.

Many True Dragon World Spiritists were stationed here, including a Saint-tier elder. The Saint-tier elder was a fatso, though his strength was not to be made light of.

The Saint-tier elder and the other world spiritists were gathered at the foot of the mountain range, before a massive cavern. Inside the cavern were many overlapping formations, and it looked incredibly complicated, but each of these formations had its own meaning.

Other than that, there were also over a hundred eggs inside the cavern. These eggs came in different shapes and sizes. Some of them resembled stones, some of them resembled glass, and some of them resembled metal. Some of them were the size of a chicken’s egg, whereas others could go as tall as a thousand meters high.

These eggs were placed in a circle like guards, and at the center of the circle was a gray egg covered with fishlike scales. It was around a hundred meters tall, and it pulsated like a beating heart.

The aura emanated by the egg was much stronger than that of other eggs, and it was clearly from a much more distant era too. In fact, the formations inside the cavern were constructed for this egg, for this was a saint beast’s egg.

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had placed the other eggs there afterward in hopes of incubating them using the formation. These eggs didn’t belong to saint beasts, but they were formidable beasts too.

“Elder, the saint beast’s egg is about to hatch, right?” one of the elders asked the Saint-tier elder.

“Soon. It’ll surely hatch within less than a year,” the Saint-tier elder said.

The faces of all the elders lit up in delight. “Is it finally going to hatch after thirty thousand years?”

It had been thirty thousand years since the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had found this place, and the saint beast’s egg was finally going to hatch after such a long time. If they could obtain this saint beast, even if it wasn’t as powerful as the legends put them out to be, it would still significantly bolster their reputation.

After all, real saint beasts had already gone extinct in the world of cultivation.