Chapter 5705: Delicious

“We wouldn’t have taken this long if only Lord World Spiritist Immortal King told us everything about this place back then,” an elder remarked grudgingly.

“Audacious!” the Saint-tier elder roared. “Lord Mansion Master said that Lord World Spiritist Immortal King must have his intention of doing what he did. Even Lord Mansion Master is going to apologize to Lord World Spiritist Immortal King when meeting him in the future.”

The elder quickly apologized for misspeaking.

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master had spent many years searching for this remnant left behind by the Ancestral Martial Realm Sect, and it was thirty thousand years ago that he finally found it. To his astonishment, his master, the World Spiritist Immortal King, had already constructed a formation around it.

The World Spiritist Immortal King had never told anyone in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion about this place, and he even constructed a complicated formation to stop the saint beast from hatching. It would appear that he was up to something.

The only problem was that the World Spiritist Immortal King was already wandering the world by then, so it was impossible to come into contact with him.

The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master knew how formidable saint beasts were, so he decided to defy his master’s wishes to hatch the saint beast. Thus, he sealed off the area and ruined the World Spiritist Immortal King’s formation so that the saint beast could continue developing inside its egg.

Who could have known that incubating a saint beast took a long time even with such a formidable incubation formation?

They had to wait for thirty thousand years before the saint beast was finally on the verge of hatching.

“Lord Mansion Master must have been frustrated by that bastard Chu Feng’s appearance. It should lift his mood if the saint beast hatches now,” the elder said.

“Chu Feng is already dead. Lord Mansion Master isn’t so weak as to have a weakling dictate how he feels. You’re underestimating Lord Mansion Master too much,” the Saint-tier elder said.

“Elder, are you certain Chu Feng is dead?” the other elders asked.

Saint-tier elders were highly influential figures in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. It was possible that they were in possession of confidential information that no one else knew about. The crowd thought that the Saint-tier elder might have received news confirming Chu Feng’s death.

“It’s already a miracle that Chu Feng channeled Lord World Spiritist Immortal King’s imprint. There’s no way he could be alive after all that. Furthermore, the Heaven Ranking would have been a good opportunity for Chu Feng to let the world know that he’s still alive, but he didn’t respond at all. That shows that he’s already dead,” the Saint-tier elder said.

“You’re right, Lord Elder,” the elders replied in agreement.


The cavern suddenly shook. The crowd was unnerved, as this cavern had been stable over the years. This was the first time it was quaking.

The crowd turned their sights over and saw a surge of teleportation energy beside the saint beast’s egg. They quickly whipped out their treasures and channeled their spirit power, ready for battle.

The crowd couldn’t believe their eyes when a figure finally emerged from the teleportation formation. It was the culprit who had wreaked havoc in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion not too long ago, Chu Feng!

“Chu Feng?”

Those from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion were stunned, but they quickly snapped out of their daze and made their moves. Powerful surges of spirit power rushed at Chu Feng from all directions, leaving no room for him to escape.

However, the incubation formation released a blinding light that blocked their attacks. Even the Saint-tier elder’s spirit power was unable to breach the blinding light.

It was a powerful protection formation left behind by the World Spiritist Immortal King back then.

The formation was so complicated that even though the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master had partially ruined the formation so that the saint beast could hatch, he was unable to do anything about the other parts of it.

Not even in their wildest dreams could they imagine that the formation would be used to protect an outsider.


Chu Feng was attacked before he could scan his surroundings, so it was only now that he realized that those from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion were here too.

From their shocked gazes, he understood that they had occupied the area, but they weren’t in full control of it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been so surprised by the protection formation.

“Audacious, Chu Feng! How dare you intrude on our forbidden land?” the elders roared.

“Cut the crap. You’re saying that this is your Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s forbidden land? But why do I see the Ancestral Martial Realm Sect’s plaque right there?” Chu Feng asked.

There were marks on the plaque indicating that someone had tried to destroy it, just that it had ended in failure.

“Regardless, it doesn’t make a difference to me. I dare to even confront your Mansion Master; do you think I’d be afraid of you?” Chu Feng sneered.

He couldn’t defeat the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion or even any of the elders here, but he wanted to anger them nevertheless. He could tell that those people were unable to do anything about him through the protection formation.


The Saint-tier elder was enraged by Chu Feng’s arrogance. He took out three talismans and formed a series of hand seals. The three talismans transformed into a massive formation that enveloped the incubation formation.

Yet, the massive formation was still unable to breach the protection formation.

“You think too highly of yourself. Do you honestly think you can breach the World Spiritist Immortal King’s formation when even your Mansion Master has failed?” Chu Feng asked.

“Audacious, Chu Feng! Do you know who you’re standing before? This is a Saint-tier elder from our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion!” an elder roared.

He was probably hoping to use this opportunity to fawn on the Saint-tier elder, but Chu Feng wasn’t intimidated. Instead, he scoffed in disdain, “A Saint-tier elder? You’re lucky you weren’t present that day, or else I’d have slapped the living daylights out of you.”

The Saint-tier elder didn’t say a word, but his anger deepened. He channeled more power into the formation, causing the entire cavern to shake. This was a formidable feat that showcased the Saint-tier elder’s strength, as this cavern had been reinforced by a powerful formation.

Even so, he was still unable to breach the World Spiritist Immortal King’s protection formation.

“What are you doing, Chu Feng?” the elders asked in fright.

They had noticed that Chu Feng was constructing a formation that was connected to the World Spiritist Immortal King’s formation, and they could tell what kind of formation it was. Chu Feng was planning to take the saint beast’s egg away from the incubation formation.

This flustered the elders.

However, there was nothing they could do in this situation. They could only watch helplessly as Chu Feng placed the formation in his hand on the saint beast’s egg.


As soon as Chu Feng’s formation came into contact with the saint beast’s egg, all of the eggs emanated a purple aura that converged together to form a giant formation. This giant formation harnessed tremendous killing intent that surged into the eggs.

Soon, all of the eggs inside the cavern began to shake violently.

“This isn’t good!”

Chu Feng tried to flee upon sensing that something was amiss, only to find that his hand was stuck to the saint beast’s egg. He couldn’t escape at all. To make things worse, the purple auras that had emerged from the eggs began surging toward him.

In this critical moment, another barrier manifested around Chu Feng. This barrier was much smaller, barely sufficient to cover Chu Feng. It was from the World Spiritist Immortal King too, so there was no question about how resilient it was.

Yet, the purple auras emanated by the eggs actually seeped right through the barrier.

“I get it! The purple auras must have been from Lord Mansion Master’s formation. He saw through Lord World Spiritist Immortal King’s formation, so he left a hand here to stop anyone from taking the saint beast’s egg away,” the Saint-tier exclaimed before bursting into laughter.

“Chu Feng, did you think that you can do as you please just because you have the Lord World Spiritist Immortal King’s protection? You’re underestimating our Mansion Master. This formation was constructed by our Mansion Master, and it’ll take your life!”

The Saint-tier elder was confident that Chu Feng would die here, as he could tell that the formation channeled the power from treasures, the incubation formation, the saint beast, and the monstrous beasts here. That was why not even the World Spiritist Immortal King’s barrier could stop it.

“Delicious!” an eerie voice that sounded like a hybrid between an old man’s voice and child’s voice echoed from the saint beast’s egg.

The elders from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion shuddered in horror.

The purple aura released by the saint beast immediately increased multiplefold. It penetrated the World Spiritist Immortal King’s barrier to seep into Chu Feng’s body.


Chu Feng was plunged into great pain. He could feel his soul, bloodline, and his life force being quickly siphoned away from him.

“As expected from a saint beast.” The elders looked at Chu Feng with a gloating expression.

“I have to escape!” Chu Feng murmured with a frown, knowing that he would die at this rate.

“It’s indeed delicious.”

Just as Chu Feng was about to use Qin Jiu’s talisman, he suddenly heard a voice echoing in his ears, but this voice wasn’t from the saint beast’s egg.

All of a sudden, the purple aura surged out of Chu Feng’s body and entered his Cosmos Sack, where it was devoured clean. In fact, all of the purple auras released by the eggs flowed toward his Cosmos Sack.


The eggs quivered as they howled in agony. Even the saint beast’s egg was no exception.

“What’s that?” The elders were startled.

They could tell that something within Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack was devouring the eggs’ life force, and even the saint beast’s egg was helpless before it!