Chapter 5710: Unforgivable

“I don’t know what you’re saying. My family name is not Bai, and I don’t know you. Please spare me.” The disfigured man avoided Chu Feng’s eyes while trying to struggle free from his grasp.

Chu Feng grabbed him and dragged him to a safe place. He constructed a concealment formation before taking out a pill and prying open the latter’s mouth to stuff it in.

He was taken aback by the latter’s condition. It was worse than he had imagined.

Bai Yunqing’s world spiritist bloodline had disappeared. Someone had ripped it away from him.

He only retained the spirit power of a rank five Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist thanks to the remnants of his bloodline and a special pill. The special pill was potent, but it was actually poisonous. At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before he lost his life.

“Brother Bai, will you turn a blind eye to me if I meet with a mishap?” Chu Feng asked.

The question took the other party by surprise.

“I know you won’t, and it’s the same for me too. Tell me what happened and let me help you. Even if I can’t do much now, I’ll surely be able to do something about it in the future. Surely you don’t want to let those who have done this to you get away scot-free, right?” Chu Feng asked.

Bai Yunqing’s body trembled as he spoke with a soft and hoarse voice filled with apology, “I’m sorry, big brother Chu Feng…”

He was finally acknowledging the fact that he was indeed Bai Yunqing.

“Tell me what happened, Brother Bai,” Chu Feng said.

“It’s all my fault. I didn’t listen to your advice. I trusted that bastard. I had it coming,” Bai Yunqing said in anger and self-reproach.

“Is it really Taishi Xingzhong’s doing? What happened?” Chu Feng asked.

He had long noticed that there was something amiss about Taishi Xingzhong, but he had no evidence to back those words up, so he could only offer a warning to Bai Yunqing.

Following that, Bai Yunqing told Chu Feng what happened.

Taishi Xingzhong had a son who used to be a prodigious world spiritist.

The son had committed many evil deeds, thinking that there would be no consequences as he had Taishi Xingzhong’s backing. However, the world of cultivation was vast; there were bound to be people whom he couldn’t afford to offend.

Once, Taishi Xingzhong’s son offended a madwoman. The madwoman was violent and cruel. She crippled the spirit power of Taishi Xingzhong’s son and even put him through a fire torture.

Most people would have eventually died in pain, but Taishi Xingzhong was no ordinary person. He found a way for his son to survive, but it was a cruel method—he had Bai Yunqing offer his bloodline to his son to keep the latter alive.

Initially, Bai Yunqing thought that it was right for him to do so. It was painful and it would shake his foundation, but he was willing to do it in order to repay the grace his master had shown him. However, he had underestimated the scale of Taishi Xingzhong’s scheme.

It turned out that his previous blood offerings were just preparation for a ritual, where Taishi Xingzhong would sacrifice his life in exchange for his son’s.

“That bastard has been biding his time all along. He’s waiting to obtain a treasure from the Totem Dragon Clan to complete the ritual to resuscitate his son. Not long ago, he participated in the revolt against the Totem Dragon Clan, and he obtained what he wanted from it.

“He told me the truth before the ritual. My parents had never abandoned me. Everything I saw was just an illusion he created. He was the one who murdered my parents. He ruined my family. He’s my enemy. Yet, I thought of him as my benefactor. I slaved off for him for so many years!

“I… I… I let my parents down! I let my mother down!”

Bai Yunqing became agitated as he thought about how he had hated his parents and served his enemy for so many years. It filled him with so much anger that he began pounding his chest, as if he wanted to kill himself for his foolishness.

Chu Feng stepped forward to stop him, though he made no attempt to console him. He knew that words couldn’t hope to alleviate the anger he felt.

He still remembered how Bai Yunqing, back when he was trapped in an illusory formation, had crawled on the floor, begging his parents not to leave him. His actions then showed how much he actually cared for his parents.

Chu Feng waited for Bai Yunqing to calm down before saying, “You’re also a victim here. You shouldn’t blame yourself too much for it. Blame the culprit instead. Speaking of which, how did you get out?”

It seemed unlike Taishi Xingzhong to let Bai Yunqing go, regardless of whether the ritual succeeded or not. Something else must have happened.

“It’s Li Ta’er. She still has a conscience. She secretly released me while her father and Taishi Xingzhong weren’t around,” Bai Yunqing said.

“It’s her?” Chu Feng was surprised.

Li Ta’er was the daughter of Bai Yunqing’s senior uncle. He remembered her to be a selfish person who cruelly treated Bai Yunqing. Who could have thought that she would save him?

“Why did you return when it wasn’t easy for him to escape from them? Are you seeking vengeance?” Chu Feng asked.

Bai Yunqing had tried to participate in the examination earlier to get into contact with Taishi Xingzhong, but he appeared to have failed the examination due to how weak he had become.

“I know it’s unlikely I’d be able to exact vengeance on Taishi Xingzhong, but I have to at least try, even if it spells my death,” Bai Yunqing said.

“There’s still hope for you. You can regain your spirit power, but you need to stop forcefully reinforcing your spirit power,” Chu Feng said.

“Really?” Bai Yunqing turned to look at Chu Feng with hopeful eyes.

“I wouldn’t lie to you, but you need to do as I have said.”

Chu Feng first constructed a formation to extract the poison pill from Bai Yunqing’s body before stabilizing his injuries.

“Stay here until I return. Make sure you don’t go anywhere else,” Chu Feng said.

Bai Yunqing grabbed Chu Feng’s wrist and asked, “Where are you heading to? Are you going to look for Taishi Xingzhong’s son? Are you intending to take my bloodline back?”

Chu Feng didn’t answer. He knew that it was impossible to hide the truth from Bai Yunqing.

“That won’t do, big brother Chu Feng. I can’t let you risk your life for me,” Bai Yunqing said.

“Do you think that you can persuade or stop me? Or do you intend to expose me so that Taishi Xingzhong can lay his hands on me?” Chu Feng asked.

Bai Yunqing was taken aback. There was no way he would want Chu Feng to be captured.

“Trust me if you want me to stay safe,” Chu Feng said.

Bai Yunqing hesitantly released Chu Feng’s arm, but he quickly took out a map and said, “Big brother Chu Feng, Taishi Xingzhong’s son is currently residing here.”

This was the only help Bai Yunqing could offer him now.

Chu Feng looked at the map before asking, “Brother Bai, do you know where the Totem Dragon Clan’s Clan Chief, Long Chengyu, and the others are at?”

“Big brother Chu Feng, I know that you have close ties with Long Chengyu and the others, so I tried investigating the matter after hearing about the revolt. I couldn’t gather much information about it as Taishi Xingzhong was already after my life then, but I heard that Long Chengyu and the others are still alive,” Bai Yunqing replied.

“All right. Wait here for me,” Chu Feng said before returning to the examination ground.

By the time he arrived at the examination ground, he had already disguised himself. He had decided to take a risk for the sake of his brother.

If the mysterious man was that powerful as to be able to keep an eye on him at all times, he should respond right away to Chu Feng’s disguise. Otherwise, it was probably just an empty scare, and Chu Feng could continue disguising himself.

Chu Feng was able to clear the examination without a hitch despite hiding his cultivation and spirit power. Following that, a group of world spiritists who appeared to be Taishi Xingzhong’s subordinates brought him and the other successful candidates toward a sealed city.

He was still wondering how he could slip away, but he quickly realized that they were making their way toward where Taishi Xingzhong’s son was residing. It dawned on him the true nature of this examination, and he couldn’t help but glance at the excited candidates with sympathy.

“It looks like I don’t have to look around at all.”

Taishi Xingzhong had never intended to take in new disciples; those who cleared the examination were to become fodder for Taishi Xingzhong’s son. Taishi Xingzhong was truly a sinful man who didn’t deserve a second chance.