Chapter 3888 – Grand Defense Array

Yang Kai was shocked. Although he had been with Ma Liu and Jiang Sheng, the two First-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters before, he did not witness them battle, so he had no idea how strong they were. However, the gap between the First-Order Open Heaven Realm and the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm was too huge. Just the fallout from the opening clash between Duan Hai and Old Xu had almost cost him his life!

This was the true Open Heaven Realm! If Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters already had such power, Yang Kai could not imagine how powerful High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were.

Blood kept gushing out of Yang Kai’s mouth and nose, but his eyes were as bright as stars!

The main hall collapsed, dust and smoke scattered everywhere, and darkness shrouded the world. Yang Kai was suffering tremendous pain as the collapsed buildings fell on him, but fortunately, the array that bound him had vanished.

This place had been destroyed, so the array that was arranged here naturally lost its function. Without these shackles, Yang Kai regained his freedom.

With a shake of his arms, Yang Kai shoved away the blocks that fell on him and was able to see light again.

Before he had time to look around, he heard a light cough not far away. Yang Kai turned to it and a hint of murderous intent flashed across his eyes. He stretched out his hand and summoned the Azure Dragon Spear. The spear trembled as Yang Kai poured all his power into it. With a mighty Dragon Roar, he stabbed toward the side with the spear.


Large pieces of gravel were sent flying by an explosion, revealing Yu Lian who had been buried underneath.

Blood spurted wildly as Yu Lian widened his eyes, looking dreadfully terrified.

“Die!” Yang Kai roared as Space Principles flared, concentrating at the tip of the Azure Dragon Spear which was plunged into Yu Lian’s body.


A huge cavity immediately appeared in Yu Lian’s chest, and most of his internal organs vanished. In a desperate measure, he grabbed the Azure Dragon Spear with one hand, and reached out to Yang Kai with the other.

Yang Kai took a deep breath and blew out through his mouth. His breath shredded off layers of flesh from Yu Lian’s arms like sharp blades, exposing the pristine bones underneath.

Screams echoed from Yu Lian’s mouth as Yang Kai swung his spear up, tossing the former into the air before a barrage of spear shadows emerged.

Just three breaths of time later, Yang Kai withdrew his spear, and Yu Lian fell to the ground like a rag sack. Blood gushed out like spring water from the countless holes on his body, and his vitality rapidly faded. It seemed that he would not be able to survive this.

Before Yang Kai could celebrate his narrowly escaped death, however, a murderous intent rose behind him and he quickly turned around, swinging his spear horizontally to defend himself.

A tremendous force impacted him, sending Yang Kai flying, spurting blood mid-air.

Yang Kai hurriedly landed, looked up, and saw that not far from where he once stood, Du Ru Feng was looking over with a blank face, disbelief apparent in his eyes, “Senior Brother Yu?”

Yu Lian was moving his mouth, but he was just gasping for air like a fish out of water. Soon after, his head tilted and he breathed his last breath.

Du Ru Feng was horrified and could not accept that his Senior Brother, who was in high spirits and ready to obtain his Wood Element to final break through to the Open Heaven Realm, had died in the blink of an eye!

He knew that the root cause of all these changes was the aftermath of the battle between the unknown enemy and Venerable Duan Hai. At that moment, Du Ru Feng almost thought he was going to die. Although he narrowly escaped death in the end, the aftermath of the attack had severely wounded him still.

Obviously, Yu Lian was not any better off and in his carelessness, he was attacked again, losing his life. Du Ru Feng’s heart suddenly clenched as he could not help wondering if he would have survived if Yang Kai had attacked him instead of Yu Lian just now.

He turned to Yang Kai, who was coughing up blood and obviously not in good condition either.

“You killed Senior Brother Yu!” Du Ru Feng’s face was so cold that it could freeze over.

“You’re next!” Yang Kai pointed his spear forward and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Ridiculous!” Du Ru Feng’s face twisted in rage, “How dare you speak such big words in front of Venerable…”

After saying that, Du Ru Feng suddenly frowned. He scanned around with his Divine Sense and his face changed slightly because he found that Duan Hai did not seem to be here anymore.

He knew that Seven Wonders Land was in deep trouble. The Venerable should be in a hurry to resist the enemy, and could not care about this minor situation at all. Du Ru Feng’s heart sank as he had no idea who Xu Huang was or how much of a threat he posed.

*Hong hong hong…*

Earth-shaking noise descended from the sky as dazzling lights flashed and violent energy fluctuations rampaged. It was obvious that the two Masters were still fighting.

However, it was not up to him to worry about this kind of thing. Such matters had to be left to the Heavenly Monarch and the other Venerables to handle. No matter how powerful the enemy was, it was impossible for him to stand against the joint force of so many Open Heaven Realm Masters.

*Shua shua shua…*

The explosive booms continued as Seven Wonders Land disciples from every direction swiftly rushed over to investigate the situation. At first glance, they could not help being shocked at the ruins here, and their faces changed drastically when they saw Yu Lian’s corpse lying on the ground. One of them stood up and questioned, “Senior Brother Du, what happened? Who killed Senior Brother Yu!?”

Du Ru Feng looked at Yang Kai coldly as he proclaimed, “Who else could it be? It’s this bastard! Kill him for me!”

“Madman! How dare you commit murder in Fire Spirit Land in broad daylight! Die!” The group of Seven Wonders Land disciples were furious, summoned their artifacts one after another, and pounced at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai already began circulating his strength as soon as these people arrived. Although he wanted to kill Du Ru Feng now, he was outnumbered, so it was better to escape first. Moreover, almost all of these people here were Open Heaven Realm Masters. Although most of them were just First-Order with a few being Second-Order, it was still more than what Yang Kai could handle for now.

With his Instantaneous Movement, as long as there were no Masters such as Duan Hai, Yang Kai was still confident that he could escape.

With a rumble, the Void shattered as countless attacks were thrown at Yang Kai; however, his figure flashed aside, stared coldly at Du Ru Feng, and rushed towards the direction of the orchard.

Du Ru Feng was infuriated, “Wastes! After him!”

Without needing his order, the Seven Wonders Land disciples immediately pursued Yang Kai as soon as he ran away. For a moment, in the sky above Fire Spirit Land, a group of people was seen pursuing one individual, making for quite the lively show.

*Weng... *

The earth shook suddenly as a dull sound reverberated through everyone’s head, causing them to shudder.

Following the noise, a glowing array abruptly emerged in the sky. The array was gigantic, covering almost the entire Fire Spirit Land.

When this scene appeared, a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering aura fell from above. Everyone in Fire Spirit Land felt like they were enveloped by an aura of death.

Du Ru Feng, who was not far behind Yang Kai, exclaimed, “The Grand Defense Array!”

Yang Kai also had goosebumps all over his body as he could sense the incoming of an imminent disaster. Although he did not understand what had happened, it seemed that the Grand Defense Array of Fire Spirit Land was activated according to Du Ru Feng.

The next moment, a roar sounded, “Xu Huang, are you insane!? Are you going to destroy Seven Wonders Land!?”

Old Xu’s laughter resounded, “So what if it’s destroyed!? Since Seven Wonders Land rebelled against this King, this King doesn’t want it anymore! All of you can die!”

At the end of his sentence, the gigantic array pattern enveloping Fire Spirit Land suddenly rotated wildly, and a series of exquisite lights shot down from above like a rainstorm, pummelling the ground below.

Without further thought, Yang Kai immediately hid inside the Sealed World Bead.

He watched the situation outside from within and saw that the world was filled with beams of light. Everything in Fire Spirit Land began to collapse as huge ravines appeared on the ground. All the disciples of Seven Wonders Land who pursued him were terrified, dodging left and right foolishly, but few successfully avoided the disaster.

Casualties were caused as the light beams appeared everywhere as body parts fell from the sky like dumplings.

Yang Kai gulped and secretly prayed that the Sealed World Bead would not be hit. Although he had no idea what the consequences would be if the Sealed World Bead was struck, they definitely would not be good.

Fortunately, although the attack was continuous and dense, the Sealed World Bead was small. As long as he was lucky, there should be no problem.

Only now did Yang Kai understand why Old Xu dared to come here alone to take revenge.

The Grand Defense Array of Seven Wonders Land was obviously not activated by the Venerable Protector. It was unreasonable that he would kill his disciples; only Old Xu would do such a thing.

From the conversation between Old Xu and the others, Yang Kai vaguely realized that Old Xu should have a close relationship with Seven Wonders Land. It could even be speculated that Seven Wonders Land originally belonged to Old Xu, but for some reason, it was stolen from him.

Even so, Old Xu retained the ability to control the Grand Defence Array of Seven Wonders Land. During his previous three months’ disappearance, he must have been quietly trying to gain control of this trump card.

With Old Xu’s abilities and the aid of the Grand Defence Array, he might just stand a chance to complete his revenge.

Now in this situation, Yang Kai naturally wished that Old Xu would cause as much trouble as possible. Only in this way could he have a chance to escape from this place. If Old Xu failed and was killed, he would definitely be buried with him, because he could never escape from Duan Hai’s wrath.

The duration of the Grand Defense Array attack was not too long, only lasting twenty breaths of time.

But after twenty breaths, the whole Fire Spirit Land had fallen silent!

Yang Kai waited until the array in the sky disappeared before he emerged from the Small Sealed World and looked around. It was a mess. Scattered all over the ground were mutilated body parts donned in Seven Coloured Robes. It looked as if the apocalypse had arrived.

A huge net suddenly plummeted from the sky, enveloping Yang Kai. Shockingly, the huge net possessed the ability to seal off space. The grip on Yang Kai’s body swiftly tightened as he shouted, “Sky Seizing Net!”