Chapter 3900 - Reunion

It wasn’t the first time Yang Kai pretended to be someone he was not. Now that they were on the weaker side, they would be put at a disadvantage if they got into a scuffle with the other party; however, they were not familiar with the great forces in the neighbouring Great Territories, with Great Moon Province being the only one they knew, which was why he decided to pretend to be their disciple.

In any case, Ah Sun indeed had something to do with Great Moon Province, so Yang Kai wasn’t worried that they would be exposed. That was the reason he wasn’t flushing when claiming to be their disciple. On the other hand, Old Fang and the others appeared to be on pins and needles.

Upon hearing that, the young man frowned, “Are you really from the Great Moon Province?”

“Of course,” Yang Kai replied solemnly, and his expression remained calm.

In an instant, the young man’s expression turned awkward. Even though Great Moon Province wasn’t a powerful great force, he didn’t come from a formidable background either. The great force he was from and Great Moon Province were basically equals. Now that Yang Kai mentioned Great Moon Province all of a sudden, he became slightly wary. However, he would be unresigned if he had to leave just like this. It would make him look like he was afraid of Great Moon Province.

While he was in a dilemma, an elderly man stepped forward and said in a hushed voice, “Young Master, the Sun’s fire is about to die out completely. The matter over there is of utmost importance, so we shouldn’t get into any conflict at this point.”

The young man snorted and shot a cold look at Yang Kai and the others before disappearing from the deck. A moment later, the ship charged forward, moving thousands of kilometres in the blink of an eye.

After the ship was gone, Old Fang and the others let out a long breath as they were finally able to set their minds at ease. Dié You stared at Yang Kai and giggled with her mouth covered, “You’re really something.”

She admired Yang Kai for his resourcefulness as he was able to come up with this solution to get them out of trouble, which went to show that he was truly a quick-thinking person.

Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “Let’s go. Be careful.”

After bumping into such a group of people, all of them became more vigilant. They hadn’t frequently come into contact with those from the Outer Universe, so they had no idea what the people were like. Now, it seemed that the Outer Universe was the same as the Inner Universe, where strength was everything. With enough strength, one could do whatever they wanted without consequence. When one was weak, he could do nothing but choke down their grievances after being oppressed.

Fortunately, they didn’t come across another such incident again in their following journey. Even though many flight type artifacts had moved past them, none of them seemed to have the time to find trouble with them. They must be eager to reach the Sun Star quickly, which was why no one intended to make a fuss.

As the group of four moved forward, a humongous Sun Star gradually came into their sight. It was a crimson Star that was surrounded by a scorching heat that even contorted a wide range of the surrounding space.

The Sun Star was dying, which was why it was no longer glowing so brightly that one couldn’t stare at it. Otherwise, no one would have the guts to go near it. The further they moved forward, the hotter they felt and they were left with no choice but to circulate their strength to protect themselves.

After a few days, Yang Kai’s group finally arrived at the periphery of the Sun Star. From afar, they could see that countless people were standing on their flight type artifacts in the void. Apparently, they were from the great forces in the neighbouring Great Territories who intended to get a share of the treasures.

Yang Kai also saw some familiar faces that he had met in First Inn.

The Sun Star was gigantic, which was why its periphery was also expansive. Even though many people had arrived at this place, they were far away from one another. Now, all of them were waiting quietly, trying to avoid getting into conflict with others.

Given their low strength, Yang Kai and the others wouldn’t dare to get to close and stopped in a faraway spot. Turning his head, Yang Kai stared at Ah Sun, “The shop boy told me that those from Great Moon Province are here, but we’ll have to rely on you to look for them. Did that Senior tell you about any special symbol that represents their force?”

Ah Sun shook her head, “No.”

Yang Kai furrowed his brows, “Do you remember anything special about the Senior’s clothes when you met him? Are any of them here dressed up like that Senior?”

“There was nothing special… He was just wearing normal clothes. He only passed me the jade white fox and told me that I could look for him with the token when I went to the Outer Universe.”

Upon hearing that, Yang Kai and Dié You traded glances. Dié You said, “That’ll be troublesome. Without any clues at all, how are we going to look for those from Great Moon Province? It’s not like we can ask them about it one by one.”

Yang Kai shook his head. It would be a waste of time if they really asked all of them one by one. They would be fine if they came across people who were friendly; however, if they met someone ill-tempered or ill-intentioned, like those on the ship they had bumped into earlier, they might be beaten or even killed.

After giving it a thought, Yang Kai suggested by saying, “Let’s look around first. Maybe that Senior has also come to this place. In that case, Ah Sun will surely recognise him.”

Ah Sun nodded, “I can definitely recognise him if I see him.”

Once it was decided, they started looking around by circling the Sun Star. They wouldn’t dare to go near any of the great forces as they simply gazed at them from afar and ruled out those who were not the ones they were looking for.

After a few days, they still hadn’t found the people from Great Moon Province.

Nevertheless, they had come across many strange-looking flight type artifacts. Ships were the most common ones, while some looked like palaces. This wasn’t so strange as the Flowing Time Temple was also an extraordinary artifact. After it was refined by Yang Xiao and Yang Xue, they could fly it around. Some people here were riding on very rare beasts which looked sturdy and tough. It wasn’t certain how they were tamed. Old Fang and the others were jealous because if they could also tame such beasts, they could go anywhere in the world without fear.

Ah Sun felt disappointed at the fact that their effort was futile. Yang Kai also found it pointless to look around aimlessly, so after giving it a thought, he said, “Ah Sun, can I have a look at the jade white fox?”

Ah Sun nodded and fished it out. After they passed through the second Territory Gate, many cracks appeared on the jade white fox, as though it would break apart at any moment. Furthermore, no illusory phantom would appear after it was infused with Spiritual Energy.

With the jade white fox in his hand, Yang Kai carefully infused his strength into it and he could feel that the fox was absorbing it, but no changes could be seen on it.

After trying for a while, he shook his head and passed the fox back to Ah Sun. Staring at the three of them, he said, “There’s no other choice now… We have to ask around. I reckon that we don’t need to ask many people. There must be people who know those from Great Moon Province or have met them before. As long as we can find someone to help us, we’ll be able to determine where those from Great Moon Province are.”

Dié You nodded her head, “That’s the only thing we can do now.”

While they were having a discussion, a bearded man, who was meditating inside a great ship’s room in the Sun Star’s periphery, suddenly opened his eyes, a glint of surprise flashing across his gaze as he grunted.

Then, he emerged on the deck and looked at a particular spot in the void.

“Martial Uncle Wei!” When the disciples on the ship saw the man appearing on the deck, they quickly cupped their fists at him. The man surnamed Wei waved his hand to motion for them to return to their own business as he kept staring in a certain direction.

A woman approached him from behind and followed his gaze as she asked curiously, “Senior Brother Wei, what are you looking at?”

The man turned to look at her and grinned, “Junior Sister Tao, do you remember that Junior I told you about before?”

The woman surnamed Tao gave it a thought and recalled something, “The one from your Universe World?”

The man nodded, “She’s should be the only survivor…”

The last time he returned to that world, it was already beginning to collapse. Now, the world must have ceased to exist, and after the Universe World was gone, he and his Junior were the only proof that it had once existed.

“What happened to her?” Junior Sister Tao asked in puzzlement, “Why do you mention her all of a sudden?”

Senior Brother Wei beamed, “She has come to this place. She must be somewhere near us.”

Junior Sister Tao covered her mouth, “Are you serious? How do you know?”

Senior Brother Wei said, “I just know that she must be here. Junior Sister Tao, will you please take care of everything here? I’ll be right back.” After he finished speaking, he stepped forward and disappeared into the distance.

On the other hand, Yang Kai and the others were wrapping up their discussion. Just when they were preparing to enact their new plan, a burly figure suddenly approached them.

A shocked Yang Kai quickly stood in front of the others and stared vigilantly at the bearded man. His outfit was quite casual and his muscles that were exposed appeared strong. He was the very definition of a scruffy, burly man. After scanning him with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai realised that this man was an Open Heaven Realm Master so with his chest tightening, he cupped his fists and greeted, “Senior, how may I help you?”

Senior Brother Wei shot a look at Yang Kai and grinned meaningfully. Then, he tilted his head and gazed at Ah Sun, who was behind Yang Kai, “Xiao Sun’er, stop hiding. I can see you!”

Ah Sun shuddered, then she appeared pleasantly surprised as she stepped away from Yang Kai and looked forward in disbelief. Upon making out the man’s face, she called out in a shaking voice, “Senior?”

“Hahaha. You’ve really come to this place. You’re really quite something.” Senior Brother Wei guffawed as his beard shook. It seemed that he was truly overjoyed.

Ah Sun’s eyes reddened in an instant as she recalled the grievances she had suffered recently, then her tears slid down her face like pearls breaking off from a string.

Senior Brother Wei’s face twitched when he saw that, then he put on a bitter expression, “Why are you crying? Please stop crying… Did Uncle Wei scare you?”

Right after he spoke, Ah Sun broke into tears and hung her head low before spreading her arms and crashing into the man’s embrace like a little bird returning to its nest. In an instant, her tears soaked the man’s clothes.

“Ah… em…” Senior Brother Wei’s big hands froze in the air as he had never expected that Ah Sun would react in such a way upon their reunion, which made him feel slightly uneasy.

Then, he coughed and said in a hushed voice, “Why are you crying? Has anyone bullied you? Tell Uncle about it and he will seek justice for you.”

Then, he shot a glare at Yang Kai and the others.

As they felt their skin tightening, Old Fang hurriedly waved his hands, “Senior, don’t get us wrong. We have never bullied Sister Ah Sun. Instead, we’ve been protecting her along the way.”

Senior Brother Wei snorted, “I don’t think you’d dare to bully her!”

“Senior…” Ah Sun uttered in a choking voice, “O-Our homeland is gone.”