1514 – Slaying 7th Layer Eternal Realm Demons

“Are you done talking? If that’s the case, then you can go and die!”

Yang Feng was very calm. Countless runes appeared in his body, and numerous rune ribbons emerged and fluttered.

A strange phenomenon appeared around Yang Feng. He suddenly disappeared from everyone’s perception. He then appeared in front of Xilan Mufeng, and his fist turned into a terrifying star that shot towards Xilan Mufeng.

A spell attached to Xilan Mufeng’s body suddenly activated, and defensive barriers appeared in an instant and protected him.

The dazzling star knocked into the defensive barriers, crashed them one after another, and then slammed into Xilan Mufeng.

The 10,000 meter long dragon body of Xilan Mufeng was blows into piece in an instant.

Along with a flash of light, Xilan Mufeng was instantly reborn. However, the number of heads he has changed from 11 to five, yet his strength remained unchanged.

“Perfect rebirth nature! Impressive!”

When he saw this, Yang Feng raised his eyebrows and exclaimed.

After Eternals promote to the 7th layer Eternal realm, their strength will undergo a shocking transformation. These top Eternals will produce an Eternal nature belonging to them.

The Eternal nature xilan demon 7th layer Eternals produce is perfect rebirth. Once they are killed, they can be reborn in an instant. As for his 11 heads, attacks with different amounts of power will lead to a different number of heads to disappear.

Six of Xilan Mufeng’s heads disappeared, which is equivalent to him being killed six times by Yang Feng.

“Let’s kill him together!”

Xilan Mufeng’s eyes flashed with dread. He suddenly unleashed demonic light, and sent his had barreling towards Yang Feng.

Xilan Luosheng’s eyes flickered coldly. He broke out with layers upon layers of demonic light, and sent his hand, which suppressed the void, shooting towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled calmly. He broke out with countless runes, turned into a terrifying devour black hole, and knocked into the two xilan demon corps.

In the wake of the terrifying black hole, xilan demon soldiers were devoured and turned into dust that wafted away with a gust of wind.

The attacks launched by Xilan Mufeng and Xilan Luosheng were distorted, neutralized, and devoured by the devour black hole.

The demon soldiers of the two xilan demon corps disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Guangyan Lord was struck dumb when he saw this, and his eyes flickered with shock, “So strong! So this is a young lord candidate! Truly formidable! No wonder he dares to come here and compete with those three over the position of young lord.”

As a vice-governor of Azure Sacred Hall, Guangyan Lord has witnessed 7th layer Eternals taking action. But he has never seen such a terrifying 7th layer Eternal.

In the hall where the 11 commanders have gathered.

The commander with a dragon horn was dumbfounded, “So strong! This governor is really strong!”

The commander blind in one eye looked at the screen with a dignified shade in his eye, “I’m afraid he can suppress the two xilan demon corps by himself! How scary! So this is a young master candidate! I heard that every young master candidate is a monster. I wasn’t convinced before. But now I can only admit that it is true.”

General Lei Da watched the xilan demon army being demolished with complicated emotions in his eyes, “Young lord candidate! 7th layer Eternal! Truly powerful!”

“Universe Seal Disc!”

Xilan Mufeng’s eyes shimmered fiercely, and he opened his mouth. A mysterious black disc flew out and entered the void.

In an instant, the energy in the void was removed completely, making it impossible for Yang Feng to mobilize tremendous amounts of universe power.

The reason why Eternals are so terrifying is that they can destroy a star with a strike. That is because they have comprehended the laws of the universe. By only using a small portion of their power, they can mobilize great power of the universe and easily destroy a world.

Eternals grasp all kinds of essences and can easily extract the power of the universe using their Eternal origin, so they aren’t afraid of powerhouses of lower levels swarming them.

The Universe Seal Disc can sever the laws of the universe, making it so Eternals can only use their own power to fight and can’t replenish their power. This makes it possible for powerhouses of lower levels to swarm Eternals and kill them.

When the Universe Seal Disc appeared, the black holy Yang Feng constructed became 10,000 times smaller. The attack power of the other powerhouses also became many times lower.

The two xilan demon corps found it much harder to break the barriers of Molan Star. But at the same time, the rate at which Yang Feng killed the xilan demons became much lower.

Guangyan Lord’s complexion changed drastically, and he murmured, “Universe Seal Disc! This is terrible!”

In the Ten Sacred Firmaments, apart from Eternal Kings, with to the power of the Universe Seal Disc, even Eternal tycoons can be surrounded and killed by an army.

Molan Star originally had elite armies with Eternals as backbone. But since the commanders of 11 elite armies chose to leave their post, it basically became impossible to mobilize a large army to support Yang Feng in a short time.

“Universe Seal Disc!”

“What now? Do we help him?”

“But our request for transfer was already approved. We are no longer commanders of Xilan Domain!”


In the hall, when the 11 commanders saw the Universe Seal Disc, their eyes flashed with an enigmatic shade.

Even if it’s an 8th layer Eternal, if the power of the Universe Seal Disc is used, his ability to shake the world will be reduced by more than 50%. Under such circumstances, if he is besieged by the two xilan demon corps, only death will await him.

At this time, spatial ripples surged in the void, and a swarm of 8th generation battle robots emerged and shot towards the xilan demons from all directions like a tide.

These 8th generation battle robots are battle robots that Yang Feng refined after purchasing all kinds of precious minerals when he joined Azure Ring, and the weakest among them are Holy grade battle robots.

These 8th generation battle robots are a new type of battle robots led by Adjudicators. Adjudicators succeeded Yang Feng’s Eternal nature. Every time they kill an enemy, they will devour the enemy’s power. Part of the power will be sent to Yang Feng, while the other part will be absorbed by the Adjudicators themselves, promoting their evolution and enhancing their strength.

The Adjudicator army composed of 10 meter tall units equipped with swords and ray guns rushed into the middle of the xilan demon army and raised a storm of flesh and blood.

Under the cover of the mechanical legion, the two Kings of Rulers, Ying and Xingji, easily cut down xilan demon Eternals.

Along with strings of afterimages, Ying killed one xilan demon Eternal after another.

Along with flashes of mysterious light, the moment when the xilan demon Eternals died, their Eternal imprint collapsed, and their Eternal true spirit force was absorbed by Ling, who is hiding in the middle of the mechanical legion, and turned into pure Eternal origin force.

“To be able to force me to use my trump card, the Universe Seal Disc is a pretty good treasure! You guys are quite arrogant! As a reward, let me send you to meet your maker!”

Yang Feng dispelled the devour black hole he turned into, and then surged with mysterious runes and took a step.

Along with a flash of afterimages, Yang Feng appeared in front of Xilan Mufeng and unleashed a punch.

“Since I was caught off guard before, your surprise attack went smoothly! But now you’re courting death!”

Xilan Mufeng’s eyes flashed coldly, and he extended his hand, and a terrifying hand tore the firmament, suppressed the void, and shot towards Yang Feng.

Xilan Luosheng’s eyes flickered with a ferocious shade, and he silently appeared behind Yang Feng and bit at him.

“A dummy!”

Xilan Mufeng’s hand slammed into Yang Feng. In an instant, Yang Feng’s body collapsed. At the same time, an alarm went off in Xilan Mufeng’s mind.


A fearsome fist emerged behind Xilan Mufeng and slammed into him, and terrifying force broke out and blasted him apart.

A devour black hole appeared and devoured the corpse of Xilan Mufeng.

“Eternal King trait! Luosheng, run! He has Eternal...”

In the devour black hole, Xilan Mufeng’s Eternal imprint appeared and disintegrated. Xilan Mufeng unleashed world-shaking screams.

“Eternal King trait! He’s just a 7th layer Eternal, so how can he possess Eternal King trait! Damn it!”

Xilan Luosheng’s eyes flickered with horror. He surged with countless runes, turned into a black ray, and ran away. He abandoned the two xilan demon corps without hesitation.

“As expected of a xilan demon corps commander! It’s a pity, but you’re a step too late!”

Yang Feng smiled indifferently and took a step. Following a string of afterimages, he appeared in front of Xilan Luosheng like a ghost and punched him.

Terrifying force erupted and blasted Xilan Luosheng into countless pieces.

Along with a flash of distorted light, Xilan Luosheng was reborn. He only has five heads remaining.

“Stop! Yang Feng, if you stop, I will tell you who leaked your information!”

Xilan Luosheng’s eyes shimmered with dread, and he revealed miserable screams.

“I don’t want to know that! I just want to kill you!”

A distorted shadow appeared behind Xilan Luosheng, and a fist stabbed into his body, blasted him apart, and frenziedly devoured his Eternal origin.