1515 – Shock

“The corps commander is dead!”

“That monster killed the corps commander!”


The two xilan demon corps originally were extremely fierce, and even if they were at a disadvantage, they still fought valiantly. But when they saw Yang Feng kill the two corps commanders, their ranks began to collapse, and the xilan demons escaped in different directions.

At the edge of this starfield, countless Space Rulers flew out and unleashed formidable spatial barriers, barring the way of the escaping xilan demons.

Countless Adjudicators frenziedly slaughtered the xilan demons and evolved continuously.

A steady flow of power was channeled into Yang Feng from the Adjudicators. The stream of power changed into pure energy and promoted his strength.

After Yang Feng advanced to a 7th layer Eternal, the Eternal nature he condensed was devour, which can transform any energy. At the same time, when battle robots produced by the strongholds kill enemy powerhouses, Yang Feng will be able to devour their life origin. This is the terror of Yang Feng’s devour nature.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he turned into a string of afterimages and began to kill xilan demon Eternals.

The Xilan demon Eternals were quelled and devoured by Yang Feng one by one.

Without the protection of Eternals, the xilan demons became even more vulnerable in front of Yang Feng’s mechanical legion.

Seven days later, the two xilan demon corps were completely wiped out by Yang Feng’s mechanical legion.

Angui Domain, in a luxurious palace.

A man with black hair and enveloped by light and wind is sitting on a throne made from Eternal bones. This mas is Sacred Wind, one of the three strongest young lord candidates of Azure Sacred Hall.

Sacred Wind spread the fingers of his hand, and a blue radiance appeared on the palm of his hand and radiated dazzling light. There are various messages contained in the dazzling light, “To be able to annihilate two xilan demon corps! It seems that this Yang Feng cannot be underestimated. He is quite the formidable foe.”

On a star of Chiguang Domain, there are corpses everywhere. A two meter tall man with fair skin and a pair of strange double-pupils stepped on the head of a chiguang demon 7th layer Eternal and revealed a strange smile: “Interesting. In addition to those two guys, there is another strong opponent. Things will be lively.”

In the middle of Guanglei Domain, there is a lightning field full of lightning. Even Eternals can’t bear the bombardment of this lightning.

In the middle of the endless lightning, there is a person sitting cross-legged. The person is surrounded by mysterious runes and is frenziedly absorbing the endless lightning.

All of a sudden, the lightning flashed, and Desolate Lightning opened his eyes unhurriedly, “Killed two xilan demon corps in one go! It looks like this Yang Feng isn’t simple. He’s a formidable opponent.”

“But in front of I, Desolate Lightning, he will ultimately perish and turn into dust!”

Desolate Lightning closed his eyes and continued to absorb the lightning of the lightning field.

On Molan Star, there are already munitions factories of different sizes established.

Different kinds of engineering robots collected xilan demon bones and blood and threw them into the munitions factories, where they were used to refine battle robots.

In Molan Hall.

General Lei Da and the other 10 commanders of Xilan Domain stood quietly in a hall and watched Yang Feng sitting on a throne with complicated emotions in their eyes.

Xilan Domain was originally under the control of xilan demons, and the xilan demons had nine corps that could contend against 8th layer Eternals each.

The previous governor dispatched by Azure Sacred Hall paid a great price and barely managed to establish a bridgehead in Xilan Domain.

Yet when Yang Feng took action, he wiped out two xilan demon corps, showing that there is a shocking disparity between the two side. The eyes of the eleven commanders flashed with the shade of regret.

General Lei Da hesitated for a moment and said through gritted teeth, “Sir governor, we came to say goodbye. If you want we can stay and serve you.”

Yang Feng replied indifferently, “I see! You can go!”

General Lei Da and the other 10 4th layer Eternal realm commanders constitute significant combat power. However, Yang Feng already has many experts under his command. Furthermore, he has a comprehensive cultivation system and can cultivate powerhouses at will.

After General Lei Da and them resigned, Yang Feng assigned his own people to the posts they held and took control of Molan Star.

The eyes of General Lei Da and the other commanders darkened, and they saluted Yang Feng and left.

“Now that the situation stabilized, let’s begin with the upgrade of strength.”

Yang Feng’s eyes flickered. A blue teleportation beam enveloped him, and he disappeared from this place.

Molan Star, a mountain range, in the deepest part of a cave, there is a green spring. In the green spring, there are green stones.

Along with a flash of ripples, Yang Feng appeared in the cave,

Yang Feng said flatly, “Green Origin Royal Stone! Yu’er, these Green Origin Royal Stones should be enough for you to advance to an Eternal.”

Ripples surged, and Shi Yu appeared behind Yang Feng and looked at the green stones with excitement in her pretty eyes, “Many thanks, big brother!”

After Yang Feng joined Azure Ring, he used his alchemy to exchange for countless precious resources of Zhenji Sacred Firmament.

At this time, powerhouses in the world of Warlocks who are close to Yang Feng and possess extraordinary talent have already advanced to the Emperor realm.

Shi Yu has long since advanced to an Emperor, but she was stumped by the pinnacle stage Emperor realm and could not make any progress. When she saw the Green Origin Royal Stones, she became overjoyed. After all, Green Origin Royal Stone is a rare treasure that can enable her to advance to the Eternal realm.

Yang Feng specially chose Molan Star as his trial by fire site because of Green Origin Royal Stone.

Mysterious runes appeared in Shi Yu’s eyes, and she beconed at the Green Origin Royal Stones.

The Green Origin Royal Stones flew out of the spring and merged into Shi Yu’s body one by one.

Green threads flew out from Shi Yu’s body, wound around her, and formed a green stone, and terrifying aura slowly formed in the green stone.

“Yu’er has begun evolving! I should also begin evolving!”

A teleportation beam surged, and Yang Feng disappeared from this place. He appeared in another cave.

In this cave, there is a purple stalactite, below which there is a purple stone bowl. In the purple stone bowl, there is a thin layer of purple liquid.

“Xilan Nectar! A most precious treasure of Xilan Domain. It’s good that those commanders left, or else I would have to share it with them. Now it’s all mine!”

Yang Feng glanced at the purple stone bowl, and the corners of his mouth rose into a smile.

The most important reason Azure Sacred Hall sent a large army to attack Xilan Domain was in order to seize Xilan Nectar. For powerhouses with 7th layer Eternal realm cultivation base and above, Xilan Nectar is a great tonic.

During the 50 years Yang Feng stayed in Azure Ring, he worked hard to obtain contribution points and was able to redeem one drop of Xilan Nectar. But the commanders of Xilan Domain can obtain one drop of Xilan Nectar every 10 years. Now that they left, he won’t have to share the Xilan Nectar with them.

In addition, there are many other precious resources in Xilan Domain that Eternals can use. After the 11 commanders left, these resources fell into Yang Feng’s hands.

Although in the short term, Yang Feng has lost the great combat power that is the 11 4th layer Eternals, but in the long run, this is also the best opportunity for Yang Feng to run Xilan Domain as his foundation.

Yang Feng inhaled, and a drop of Xilan Nectar flew out from the purple stone bowl and entered his mouth.

When the drop of Xilan Nectar entered Yang Feng’s body, his body trembled, and the structure of his body transformed in the direction of the white jade phalanx bone’s structure.

Ling emerged from the void and pointed with her hand, and Eternal true spirit force obtained from smashed Eternal imprints flowed into Yang Feng’s body.

“Eternal World is full of powerhouses. Even if it’s a 7th layer Eternal, he can just rule over a faction. I need to wield formidable offensive secret methods!”

Yang Feng willed, and the structure of his entire body stopped changing. Next, with his Eternal nature, the essence of devour, as the core, the structure of his right hand slowly transformed in the direction of the structure of the white jade phalanx bone.

Drops of Xilan Nectar entered Yang Feng’s body one by one and enabled his right hand to become more and more formidable.

Half a year passed in a flash.

“There’s no more Xilan Nectar! If there was enough Xilan Nectar, I would surely be able to complete the transformation!”

Yang Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes flashed with the shade of regret.

Xilan Nectar is a top resource of Xilan Domain, and even Eternal tycoons will use it to cultivate. If there was enough Xilan Nectar, Yang Feng would be able to complete the transformation and evolve into an 8th layer Eternal.

“How are the war preparations?”

Yang Feng willed, and Ling sent him pieces of information one after another.

Ling said, “At present 36 1st layer Eternal realm Adjudicator Rulers and 13,600 Emperor realm and 100,003,000 Holy realm Adjudicators have been refined.”

After wiping out the two xilan demon corps, Yang Feng gathered the xilan demon remains and used them to forge a massive number of Adjudicators.

Yang Feng spent a large amount of contribution points to purchase the knowledge of various civilizations regarding machinery and invested a massive amount of resources to enable Ling, Xingji, and Ying to evolve. They can already mass-produce Holy realm Adjudicators and can even mass-produce Eternal realm Adjudicator Rulers.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed icily, “Since my forces are large enough, let’s get started!”