1516 – March

Xilan Domain, Seventh Starfield, Carna Star.

In Carna Star’s outer space, there are giant black nests with countless tentacles suspended in the void.

The countless tentacles glittered with black light and madly absorbed the energy of the universe.

Tremendous whirlpools rose above the black nests and distorted the surrounding void.

Along with flashes of light, a large fleet suddenly appeared in the void.

“Enemy attack!”

“Azure Sacred Hall’s people have come!”


Strange fluctuations transmitted from the black nests and spread to Carna Star.

100 meter long monsters with dragon wings and snake heads flew out out from the black nests, each emanating fluctuations of power at the Infinity realm or above.

“Nests of winged snakes! Destroy them!”

Yang Feng swept the black nests with his eyes, smiled coldly, and ordered.

Eternal Devastator Cannons of 10,000 kilometer long Eternal warships glimmered, and beams that can wipe out Eternals shot towards the black nests.

Under the bombardment of the terrifying beams, the black nests collapsed and disintegrated one after another.

Countless winged snakes were devoured by the terrifying beams. At the same time, countless winged snakes flew out from the black nests and darted towards Yang Feng’s fleet.

A nest suddenly split open, and a terrifying hole appeared in the void. A 10,000 meter long winged snake emanating 4th layer Eternal realm aura flew out from the terrifying hole and belched a green beam full of the essence of toxins barreling towards an Eternal warship.

There aren’t many Eternal warship that can wound 4th layer Eternals with a shot in Yang Feng’s possession. In fact, there are only 13. For Yang Feng, the loss of such an Eternal warship is a big blow.

Countless strands of starlight glimmered, and Xingji operated the Shield of the Ruler, appeared in front of the green beam, and activated a giant starlight barrier.

When the green beam collided with the starlight barrier, it raised ripples on the barrier and disappeared.

Along with a string of afterimages, Ying jumped out from a shadow and stabbed the 4th layer Eternal realm winged snake in the head with the Lance of the Ruler.

A black beam broke out, pierced through the defenses of the winged snake, and blasted it into countless pieces.

After the winged snake was killed, drawn by a mysterious law, a 10,000 kilometer long pale face with countless strange eyes emerged in the void.

The countless eyes opened, and a strange fluctuation spread in all direction.

“Pale face, one of the most dreadful phenomena of Xilan Domain. It can deprive all intelligent life forms below the Eternal realm of their life. It’s a shame, but my mechanical legion is not composed of intelligent life forms!”

Yang Feng looked at the strange giant face with a peculiar gleam in his eyes and spoke slowly.

In Eternal World, in addition of countless formidable powerhouses, there are strange and terrifying phenomena. Eternal is just the benchmark in regards to powerhouses. Once many strange beings and phenomena appear, they can easily deprive intelligent life forms below the Eternal realm of their life. Only Eternals won’t be deprived of their lives by that kind of strange large scale phenomenon.

The pale face is one of the most dreadful phenomena of Xilan Domain. When it appears, it can absorb the power of intelligent life forms below the Eternal realm and become more terrifying.

“I’ll go! And purify it!”

Michaelia flew out of an Eternal warship, unfurled the six pair of beautiful angels wings on her back, and pointed at the pale face with the angel sword in her hand.

A pure and sacred white beam emerged out of the blue and slammed into the pale face.

The pale face distorted and issued strange wails, and twisted holes spread in the area.

Ling’s beautiful eyes flickered frostily, and a white jade disk on her forehead appeared. The moment when the pale face seized to exist, the mysterious power that dissipated from it was directly devoured and turned into pure power.

After Yang Feng advanced to a 7th layer Eternal, the Eternal nature he formed is devour. Although it has no way to deal with the perfect resurrection of xilan demon corps commanders, but it still possesses tyrannical power.

Influenced by Yang Feng’s devour nature, Ling, Ying, and Xingji are becoming increasingly more tyrannical and possess incredible Eternal powers.

After the pale face was wiped out, Yang Feng’s fleet flew towards Seventh Starfield’s Carna Star.

Small forces appeared one after another and attempted to stop Yang Feng’s fleet.

The small forces just approached, when they were torn to shreds by the artillery barrage of Yang Feng’s fleet.

Shortly after, Yang Feng’s fleet crushed the defenses in Carna Star’s outer space and appeared in a starfield 3,000 light-years away from Carna Star

In the starfield, there are tens of thousands of stars modified into fortresses by xilan demons.

Monsters flew out from the modified stars and engaged with Yang Feng’s mechanical legion.

As if a sharp knife, Yang Feng’s mechanical legion, which is composed of Holy realm battle robots or above, easily slaughtered the monsters in its way.

The Eternal realm monsters were dealt with the 36 1st layer Eternal realm Adjudicator Rulers.

“Yang Feng, for you to attack my Seventh Starfield, do you want to become a mortal enemy of the xilan demon seventh corps?”

Xilan Mo, a xilan demon corps commander with 11 wolf heads, flew out from Carna Star and stared at Yang Feng with wary in his eyes,

Xilan Mo was followed by a 10 billion strong xilan demon corps.

“If you submit to me, you can live! Otherwise, you can die!”

Yang Feng walked out of the void, gazed at Xilan Mo with an indifferent look on his face, and spoke coldly.

“Very well! Yang Feng, I will repay you for today’s disgrace a hundred-fold in the future! I will remember today’s hatred! The next time we meet will be the day you die.”

Xilan Mo greeted his teeth. Six pairs of dragon wings spread behind him, flapped wildly, and raised a terrifying hurricane, and he escaped into the distance.

Since xilan demon eighth and ninth corps have been wiped out by Yang Feng, Xilan Mo doesn’t believe that he can stop Yang Feng’s troops.

Along with flashes of light, xilan demon powerhouses escaped in different directions.

“You want to escape?”

With a glimmer of derision in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step, surged with countless abstruse runes, and instantly disappeared. He then strangely appeared behind Xilan Mo and punched him, and terrifying force erupted and blasted Xilan Mo into pieces.

Along with flashes of light, Xilan Mo appeared 1,000 kilometers away, looked at Yang Feng in horror, and unleashed screams of disbelief, “How is this possible? How can you be so strong?”

The structure of Yang Feng’s body has begun to change in the direction of the structure of the white jade phalanx bone. Although he hasn’t advanced in realm, but his strength has been increased a hundred-fold.

After Yang Feng harvested the origin of Shenguang Universe and Duyun Universe, he could already advance to a pinnacle stage 8th layer Eternal. But he used all that power to revise the structure of his body, which is how he has become so fearsome.

I am the future young lord of Azure Sacred Hall! If I’m not strong, how will I convince others?”

Yang Feng smiled calmly. In a flash, he appeared in front of Xilan Mo and sent a fist barreling towards the other party.


A furious bellow sounded in the area.

Five 7th layer Eternal realm auras broke out abruptly, and five 7th layer Eternal realm powerhouses tore the void and hurled attacks at Yang Feng.

Three terrifying wolf paws, an ogre horn, and a black beam full of the aura of annihilation shot towards Yang Feng.

Five 1st layer Eternal realm Adjudicator Rulers appeared, raised their giant shields, activated defensive barriers, and met the five attacks head on.


Along with five shocking explosions, the five 1st layer Eternal realm Adjudicator Rulers were blown apart by the five xilan demon corps commanders.

At this time, Yang Feng’s fist collided with Xilan Mo and blasted him apart, and a devour black hole appeared and devoured the other party, not even sparing his Eternal imprint.

“You wanted to ambush me? It’s a shame, but you’re going to die today! Once I kill you, no one in Xilan Domain will be able to resist me anymore!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng broke out with countless runes, and the Xi Shen Armor entered its final form, covered him head to toe, and unfurled a pair of exquisite mechanical wings.

The mechanical wings flapped, and mysterious power containing the essences of time, space, and fate enveloped Yang Feng.

Yang Feng suddenly disappeared from this place.

“That’s the essence of time!”

“No, he disappeared from our perception! This is the doing of three essences!”

“Time, space, fate! He employed three essences!”

“He’s an Eternal who had a perfect Eternal realm advancement!”


The countenance of the five xilan demon corps commanders changed dramatically, and they cast various investigation secret methods. Strange ripples spread in all directions.

“Found you!”

The eyes of Xilan Yan, the fifth xilan demon corps commander, flickered with delight. But in the next moment, the delight gave way to horror and despair.