Chapter 1207 I’m a Guru!

“A guru?”

Diwu Mingchuan’s words appalled Diwu Qian, who looked up at her father with a shocked look on her face.

“That’s right.”

Diwu Mingchuan nodded and said, “Yes, he is indeed a guru!”

Diwu Qian raised her eyebrows.

She carefully recalled the battle just now.

It turned out that the mysterious young man named Qingshan managed to suppress her in all aspects. His strength and speed were even more superior.

The last blow with his palm was a knockout.

He said that he only used half of his strength.

But if Qingshan, the mysterious young man, was a guru, all of this would be natural and make sense!

Diwu Qian was visibly shocked by this news.

It should be noted that the youngest guru in Wulin broke through in his forties, but this mysterious young man seemed to be only in his twenties. The striking difference was hard to swallow.

A guru in his twenties?

It sounded excessively terrifying!

“Doesn’t it mean that even Yun Yangzi can’t beat him? Also, John Doe …?” Diwu Qian said.

“A monstrous marvel has arisen in Wulin…”

Diwu Mingchuan frowned, his face growing grave.

The highly anticipated battle came to an end.

This mysterious young man was a hot topic among the people in Wulin.


They were curious about him and amazed at his great strength. The verbal Challenge Letter he issued to Yun Yangzi certainly received the most attention!

“Even Diwu Qian could only take three moves. I’m afraid Yun Yangzi will not be a match for Qingshan either.”

“Where does Qingshan come from? How could he be so outstandingly strong?”

“I wonder if Yun Yangzi will accept the challenge!”

“No matter how mighty Qingshan looks, he won’t dare to break into the Pear Garden, will he?”

“That’s not necessarily true. Haven’t you heard that if Diwu Qian disagreed, he would come to her place in person?”

“Yun Yangzi won’t back down. After all, his strength has always been better than Diwu Qian’s. In addition, he has been cultivating in seclusion in the Pear Garden all year round, so he should have improved a lot. There might be heavy fighting between him and Qingshan!”

In the Pear Garden, Yun Yangzi had been paying attention to the mysterious young man Qingshan. Initially, he wanted to watch the battle between Diwu Qian and Qingshan in person, but he dropped the idea because he had something urgent to do.

Regarding the challenge that Qingshan had issued in public, he had already learned about it.

Yet he hadn’t replied.

In fact, he was waiting for a formal Challenge Letter!

A serious challenge should be furnished with proof and evidence. If the young man didn’t even bother to issue the Challenge Letter, that would mean that he treated his next rival without proper respect.

Everyone waited for a whole day.

Only then did Qingshan log into the Wulin online forum again.

“Yun Yangzi, come out for a fight?”

He sent out the Challenge Letter.

Three minutes passed.

Yun Yangzi replied with a post.

“Let’s fight at the Bamboo Sea!”

The simple response composed of several words sent everyone on the Wulin online forum into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation once again.

Meanwhile, many Wulin experts also began to pay attention to him. Through this opportunity, they could closely observe Qingshan and find out what unique tricks he used and which force he belonged to. Then they could conduct a more thorough investigation.

The Pear Garden was located in the Shu’nan City of Chuan’nan Province in Huaxia.

A colossal manor was tucked away in the deep mountains and forests outside the city.

The manor was set in the north of Shu’nan City, while the Bamboo Sea was located in the south!

As its name suggested, the Bamboo Sea covered an astonishing vast area of 120 square kilometers, which included 44 square kilometers of the scenic area and 76 square kilometers of undeveloped land. Its vegetation coverage rate reached as much as 87%. More than 70,000 acres of green bamboo covered 27 lofty mountain ranges and about 500 peaks.

Yun Yangzi accepted the challenge.

In just two days, the number of visitors to Bamboo Sea grew significantly.

Of course, it was not the number of people in the scenic area but all the people within the untapped area within the range of 76 square kilometers.

Many masters in Wulin liked to arrange to have their battles here.

For this purpose, a designated war zone had been set up deep within the mountains and bamboo forests.

This zone was the battle venue Yun Yangzi had chosen.

The night Yun Yangzi accepted the challenge, Qingshan went over to the site and sat cross-legged in the center of the war zone. More and more people gathered in the area as they waited for the battle to start. In less than a day, the initially quiet and deserted Bamboo Sea turned into a sea of activity and noise.

Sure enough…

With Qingshan’s presence, everyone kept their voices as low as possible for fear of provoking him.

However, sitting in the war zone, Qingshan had no intention of sparing any of his attention on these Wulin people. Instead, he just inserted the wooden stick in his hand into the ground next to him, sat on the ground piled with green bamboo leaves, and closed his eyes to rest, as he waited for the upcoming fierce battle!

In Zangjiang, there was an area surrounded by snow-capped mountains and glaciers.

About a hundred tons of jade had been piled up around the cold pool on a high peak within this area.

In the jade mine under the cold pool, Fang Qiu was still digging frantically, seemingly never wanting to stop.

Fang Qiu was cultivating while mining, so his strength steadily improved as expected. The improvement was not about gaining fresh insights but upgrading his physical strength through earnest practice, which meant that he didn’t need to stabilize his level at all. As long as he reached a higher level, he would not be downgraded.

In this case, Fang Qiu had no time to check on the news in Wulin, so he didn’t know about Qingshan’s appearance.

Time flew by fast.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the battle.

Early in the morning, Yun Yangzi made his way to the war zone in the Bamboo Sea early, thinking he would be the first to turn up here. But when he arrived at the battlefield, he found his rival had been waiting there for a long time already.

Qingshan was not alone.

About a thousand people thronged the war zone, and even the patriarchs of the four prominent families were waiting there.

However, unlike the Diwu Great Family, no one else from the Pear Garden was there to watch Yun Yangzi fight!

All the people present saw Yun Yangzi.

And they were stunned.

“A Half-step Guru?”

“He well deserves his reputation as Master Numinous’s disciple.”

“This brat’s strength has improved unbelievably fast!”

“Amazing. He is a Half-step Guru already!”

When the four patriarchs gathered together and looked at Yun Yangzi, they were all slightly startled.

Sitting cross-legged in the war zone, Qingshan suddenly opened his eyes with a smile, stood up, and watched Yun Yangzi, who had walked to the opposite side.

“Not bad.”

With his eyes on Yun Yangzi, Qingshan smiled and said, “You’re almost a guru.”

“Not even close.”

Yun Yangzi answered with a smile.

“Come on.”

Qingshan called out and urged him. “Let’s have a good fight.”

Promptly, Yun Yangzi got in position and launched a full-out attack on Qingshan. His ethereal movements were surprisingly fast.


Qingshan sniggered and made a counterattack.

They collided against each other in an instant.

“Clap, clap, clap…”

Sounds of a fierce collision were heard.

The people around instantly goggled at the two experts on the battlefield.

The intense fighting was on: three moves, five moves, ten moves!

Yun Yangzi, who threw himself wholeheartedly into the fierce battle, wasn’t at a disadvantage at the start, but he fought with great caution. In contrast, Qingshan handled him with great ease and no stress.

Seeing this, everyone felt quite baffled, wondering if Yun Yangzi stood a chance to defeat the tough opponent. Judging from the present situation, Yun Yangzi should at least be able to hold on.

However, against their expectations…

As they engaged in more fierce attacks, Qingshan, who fought unhurriedly from beginning to end, gradually gained the upper hand. Yun Yangzi had been very cautious, and his face gradually became serious.

“So great.”

Yun Yangzi felt tremendous pressure from Qingshan’s palm attacks that continuously charged at him in great waves. It was even much greater than the pressure he felt when confronting John Doe face to face.

“He must be a guru already!”

As if he had thought of something, Yun Yangzi’s face changed. Then he suddenly gathered all his internal Qi and threw a punch at his opponent.

Opposite him, Qingshan also narrowed his eyes. As composed as before, he gave Yun Yangzi an ordinary slap, but this time, it carried great force. When the two energy flows collided, Qingshan’s palm strike instantly shattered Yun Yangzi’s power and sent him flying.

Another Wulin master lost!

Yun Yangzi was also defeated!

Seeing Yun Yangzi being sent flying far away, the eyes of the thousand onlookers who were there widened instantly, their faces full of shock!


After stabilizing himself with difficulty, Yun Yangzi paled slightly — he seemed to have suffered some internal injuries. As he looked at Qingshan in shock, he struggled to ask, “You’re a guru?”

His question made the eyes of all the people present shift onto Qingshan in a twinkling.


Qingshan took it for granted and replied with a smile, “I’m a guru!”

He answered with certainty.

Everyone was struck dumb.

“A guru!

“This mysterious young man named Qingshan is actually a guru!

“How could a young guru show up in Wulin out of the blue?

“What the hell is going on?”

All the others were deeply shocked.

“John Doe is next.”

Qingshan, who had just won against Yun Yangzi, grinned and pulled out the wooden stick inserted into the ground. He wiped off the dirt and carried it on his shoulder, announcing to everyone, “Just like the last time, since you’re all here, don’t waste your time. If anyone knows John Doe, please tell him I’ll give him five days to prepare. At that time, I’ll let everyone see who is really the best among the younger generation of Wulin today!”

He completed his heroic statement.

The spectators burst into an uproar!

There was no doubt about it.

Qingshan was going to fight with John Doe!

He had challenged all the other experts, but according to what he said, John Doe was his ultimate target!

Qingshan turned around and left.

However, all the viewers left at the scene began to talk about the final which would take place in a few days.

At the same time, some people posted the news on the Wulin online forum at the first opportunity they had. After all, in addition to the people watching the battle on the spot, many more people were waiting for the result online.

The news that after Yun Yangzi’s stunning defeat, Qingshan would fight with John Doe in five days instantly spread throughout Wulin like a hurricane.

The most shocking news was Qingshan’s strength!

He was a guru.

He admitted in person that he was a guru!

In a twinkling, it caused a buzz of excitement throughout the Wulin online forum!

“But I heard there were no more gurus in Wulin?”

“There hasn’t been a guru for a hundred years, but a young guru abruptly came into the limelight. Isn’t it all very sudden?”

“A legendary guru? That sounds terrifying!”