Chapter 1208 Clues to Find the Old Master!

A young guru?

The news was widely circulated, and the whole Wulin was in an uproar.

Many martial arts practitioners were weak, and had limited friends, so they were not well informed. So, these people had never seen a guru or come into contact with the top Wulin forces.

Therefore, most people thought that there were no gurus in Wulin today!

As a result…

The appearance of Qingshan dealt a blow to the whole Wulin.

A great many people on the Wulin online forum praised him unceasingly!

Perhaps because they couldn’t stand it anymore, some people who were in touch with the top Wulin figures stood out to enlighten them about gurus on the Wulin online forum.

“Qingshan is not the only guru!”

“There have always been gurus in Wulin, such as the patriarchs of the four great families. In addition, as top forces in Wulin, the four great clans might have some other gurus who have hidden their identities. Also, the Pear Garden has gurus.”

“It’s not immensely difficult to become a guru. For example, Lin Rusheng made a breakthrough and became a guru. Unfortunately, John Doe crushed him!”

“The term ‘Guru’ may sound very powerful, but they vary in strength. This young man, Qingshan, has an enigmatic background and became a guru at such a young age, but he could not have accumulated ample sustained power. Once the four great clans or the Pear Garden set out to take strong measures against him, his straight stunning victories will end!”

An update on gurus spread.

Only then did everyone on the forum calm down a little.

“It turns out that there have always been gurus in Wulin.”

“You should have told me about this earlier. I almost believed that Qingshan was the first guru in a hundred years, and he would rule Wulin by force!”

“We seem ignorant and ill-informed.”

“The four great clans and the Pear Garden are all superior forces. How can we be familiar with them?”

The Wulin people were never bored with this topic.

Yet they felt slightly relieved.

Everyone was even more impatient to watch the battle between Qingshan and John Doe.

“John Doe has been the most talented person in Wulin in the past two years, but this mysterious Qingshan has risen in merely a dozen days and is a guru. Can John Doe win this time?”

“Qingshan came here to compete with John Doe for the title of the best man among the younger generation. He said it when he made the speech to challenge John Doe. Since John Doe’s unbroken record is so terrifyingly outstanding, Qingshan wouldn’t dare to issue his crazy challenge without having complete confidence in himself, would he?”

“No matter how extraordinary John Doe has been, Qingshan has gained higher achievements.”

“John Doe is remarkable but much less overwhelming than Qingshan, based on their individual performance. After all, one is known as the best among all under the guru level, while the other is a real guru!”

“Yun Yangzi has been defeated. Can John Doe hold on?”

“I wonder if John Doe can go on to succeed.”

In Zangjiang, Fang Qiu was still mining in the jade mine under the cold lake. Wrapped in sufficient Qi of Heaven and Earth, Fang Qiu didn’t feel tired because he could run his Qi to cultivate while mining.

Initially, it was a little hard to mine, but as time passed, Fang Qiu became increasingly proficient in digging. Beyond that, through constant cultivation, his growing strength made it easier for him to cut the jade!

Every second, the newly released Qi of Heaven and Earth cleansed his meridians. Rounds of the Qi of Heaven and Earth kept nourishing him, gradually washing away all the hidden problems in his body!

This process made Fang Qiu feel excellent.


Fang Qiu skillfully cut off a piece of jade by using his palms as blades. When he put it on the ground, he immediately withdrew his hands and prepared to dig more. But when he was about to go on with his work, he suddenly stopped.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

The phone in his trouser pocket suddenly rang.

Fang Qiu took it out and saw that it was He Gaoming.


Fang Qiu answered the call.


He Gaoming’s voice came to him. “Why didn’t you reply?”


Fang Qiu was stunned and asked, “Reply to what?”

“Qingshan issued a verbal Challenge Letter to you publicly,” He Gaoming said.

“Qingshan? Challenge Letter?”

Fang Qiu’s eyebrows shot up in surprise and he asked, “What’s going on?”

“Are you cultivating alone in some deserted place again?”

He Gaoming smiled bitterly and said, “In the past few days, an earthshaking event has happened in Wulin. A mysterious young man emerged in Wulin a few days ago. From the day he appeared, he defeated the tenth to fourth on the Young and Talented Martial Arts Practitioner List with one move in succession. Then, he challenged Diwu Qian and Yun Yangzi. In the end, he beat down Diwu Qian with only three moves. Although Yun Yangzi held on for a hundred moves, he failed after he received an ordinary palm strike from the young man in the end.”


Hearing this, Fang Qiu was surprised.

“Did he defeat Diwu Qian in three moves and Yun Yangzi so easily?

“This mysterious young man seems powerful.”

“Guess what?”

Sensing that John Doe was interested, He Gaoming immediately added, “When Diwu Qian asked him, the young man told her his name was Qingshan. Then, after Yun Yangzi asked if he was a guru, he declared before all of us in Wulin that he was a guru!”

“In the end, before many people, he challenged you to a duel to see who is the best in the younger generation!”

“No wonder.”

Hearing that, Fang Qiu immediately frowned.

Anyone who could easily defeat Yun Yangzi and Diwu Qian should be a guru at least.

Fang Qiu was as astonished as everyone else in Wulin.

It had never occurred to him that a young guru would emerge in Wulin!

The news instantly brought Fang Qiu a lot of doubts.

“Who raised such a peerless young guru?”

Fang Qiu was well aware of this.

No matter how highly talented a person was, he needed a prestigious master in order to become a guru at such a young age. Without a good supervisor’s guidance, it was impossible for him to become a guru at such a youthful age.

“Could the young man’s master and the old master be the same person?”

Fang Qiu thought to himself.

In the past two years, he had been quite familiar with the situation in Wulin, but he had never seen a person who was similar to the old master. At least, no one could reach the high level of the old master, let alone foster a young guru.

Even Yun Yangzi, the most talented martial arts genius, could hardly be regarded as a young man when he was close to being a Half-step Guru.

Besides, this young man named Qingshan was already a guru.

Therefore, this young man should be like him. He must have a master as his teacher!

“If this is the case, I may find some clues about the old master from him.”

A bright idea occurred to Fang Qiu.

His eyes lit up.

“Wait a minute. I’ll call you later,” Fang Qiu said to He Gaoming on the other end of the line.


Hearing this, He Gaoming immediately became anxious, thinking Fang Qiu would hang up the phone and respond to Qingshan’s challenge. Without wasting any time, he tried to stop him. “Master, are you ready to accept the challenge? Don’t do that. That guy is a guru. Why don’t you continue practicing and pretend you don’t know about it? You should avoid the trouble first.”

Hearing his words, Fang Qiu smiled slightly.

Then he pondered about it secretly.

He was a guru, and after re-cultivation, he had reached the ninth-class and gained two opened meridians. If he broke through again, he would be a guru. Though he hadn’t become a guru, he could progress much faster than ordinary Half-step Gurus in all aspects because he was re-cultivating. He had even killed quite a few top-notch Half-step Gurus.

Now that he thought about it, he might be able to fight against a guru with his ninth-class strength and two opened meridians!

“I think so.”

Fang Qiu replied with a smile.

“Ah? You’re going to take up the challenge! No kidding?”

He Gaoming was dumbfounded.


Fang Qiu nodded with certainty.

“Oh, that’s great! But if you fail, you will lose your invincible reputation!”

He Gaoming was speechless.

“I’ll call you later.”

Fang Qiu answered briefly and immediately hung up the phone.

Hearing the busy signal, He Gaoming muttered gloomily, “A great man knows when to yield and when not. Your opponent is a guru, but you’re not. Why must you bring disgrace on your own head?”

Fang Qiu remained in the jade mine.

He did not continue to mine after hanging up the phone. Instead, he began to flip through the telephone directory. As soon as he found the name of the person from the Sword Sect, he dialed the number.

When Fang Qiu started selling Heaven Dew, like the representatives of the other Wulin forces, the man from the Sword Sect also left Fang Qiu his contact information to make it convenient for them to deliver wine and contact him to order more wine secretly.

Soon the phone was connected.

“John Doe?”

A voice came from the other end of the line.


Fang Qiu nodded and said, “I want to ask you something. Is the man named Qingshan who appeared in Wulin recently your man?”


A brief answer came to his ears.

“I see. Thank you.”

Fang Qiu thanked him and rang off.

He found Li Ji’s number and called him.


Li Ji answered in no time.

“Does the young guru Qingshan who showed up in Wulin belong to the military?”

Fang Qiu asked candidly.

“I can confirm that he is not.”

Li Ji immediately replied, “We are also investigating him. It’s certain that Qingshan is not from any other forces in Wulin either.”

He answered Fang Qiu’s question adequately.

Immediately, Fang Qiu got an idea.

Very likely, this young man named Qingshan was trained by someone like the old master.

This young man was indeed a clue.

“Alright, I see.”

Fang Qiu ended the call.

The old master had required him to produce two Dantian flowers. Although he hadn’t made it and still wasn’t capable enough to assist him, he had obtained sufficient strength after his re-cultivation to find out more about the mysteries of the old master.

The only clue he could grasp was the young guru named Qingshan!


He had to meet the challenge!

Only by following this lead could he continue to look for the answer that he wanted to find out.

Fang Qiu was sure of this.

Without any hesitation, he called He Gaoming again.


He Gaoming took the call quickly.

“When he publishes the Challenge Letter, accept it on my behalf and tell him we’ll fight in ten days because I’m pretty occupied lately.”

Fang Qiu made the arrangement.


Hearing that, He Gaoming became anxious immediately and asked helplessly, “Are you going to fight with him for real?”